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Shaklee product

  1. 1. PERFORMANCE OptiLyte (patentedformula) helps to rehydrate BEST faster than water CHOICE FOR Instant energy booster ACTIVE PERSON!!Increase the endurance and stamina Balance the electrolyte
  2. 2. MEAL SHAKESProvide 19 essential vitamins and minerals Suitable for people Excellent source of dietary having a fiber and protein busy life and don’t even Rich source of calcium have time for breakfast
  3. 3. ESP SOY PROTEIN ISOLATE POWDER Promote heart and prostate health Helps to maintain normal blood sugar. Maintain muscle tone, tissue repair, retain normal cholestrol levels
  4. 4. VITA-LEA IRON FORMULA Taken daily , Vita-Lea can: • Promote overall healthy andSpecially formulated to provide you vitality with 28 essential minerals and • Support long-term heart, colon vitamins and eye health • Provide strong bone and healthy immune system • Provides protection against free Gone through more than 340 radical damage quality control test to ensure the quality
  5. 5. VITA-E COMPLEX Selenium–vitamin E supplementation in infertile men: effects on semen parameters and pregnancy rate 690 infertile man eat vitamin E- Powerful fat-soluble Selenium supplement antioxidant Sperm quality improved Spontaneous prenancy No response1 softgel = 400IU VITAMIN E & 10mcg Selenium to complement the activity of Vitamin -E
  6. 6. SUSTAINED RELEASED VITAMIN C 1 shaklee Vita-C = 1.5 orange X 5hours BECAUSE WE LOSE IT EASILY and POWERFUL CONTINUOUSLY, THEREFORE ANTIOXIDANT to WE SHOULD CHOOSE delay aging SUSTAINED-RELEASE VITAMIN CForm collagen to protect skin,skin, tendons, ligaments andblood vessel Helps to prevent flu… Helps to reduce damage done by toxic chemical substances
  7. 7. PEPPERMINT-GINGER PLUS 1. Reduce bloating and gas 2. Ginger and peppermint isClinical studies show that effective on Irritable Bowelsupplementing the diet with Syndrome (IBS)ginger may help maintain acalm stomach.1. Unique 4 herbs formulation2. Great for travelers who get Ginger queasy stomachs in a car, boat, or aeroplane Peppermint
  8. 8. HERB-LAX Gental laxative for occasional useA diet rich in fiber, plenty ofliquids, and regular exercise all Encourages a mild cleansingcontribute to bowel irregularity action to aid the body’s natural processes.For occasional periods ofirregularity, gentle Herb-Lax can Senna leaf has been usedhelp. traditionally for many years as a natural laxative Senna leaf
  9. 9. ALFALFA COMPLEXAlfalfa complex is a ShakleeSignature Formula originally Alfalfa is a storehouse ofdeveloped by Dr. Shaklee in the nutrients. Its tap root reaches1950s down as deep as 6 meters, searching outWe use only the finest alfalfa nutrients and minerals fromgrown in California, ensuring a deposits in the soil.wide range of nutrients. Its leaves gather large amounts of chlorophyll through the photosynthesis Calcium of 1 serving (10tablets) = calcium of 1
  10. 10. B-COMPLEX B Vitamins are VITAL for proper bodily function from heart health to DNA synthesis ! to stress management Depleting your B-vitamin to energy metabolism stores!!! Shaklee offers a perfect all 8 Bvitamins to fortify your body and help power heart, lungs and other essential organs!! Some drugs
  11. 11. OSTEMATRIX Build strong bones and teeth Helps to retain normal blood pressure Assist in muscle contraction and nerve transmission Helps reduce PMS symptoms
  12. 12. CAROTOMAX anti aging and nourish skinAstanxanthin Alpha carotene Improve night vision and eyeBeta carotene health Lutein Lycopene Quercetin Zeaxanthin Enhance heart health Enhance immune system Increase respiratory system health
  13. 13. OMEGAGUARD Promote heart health, Reduce heart disease risk Triple The world’s FINEST molecular fish oil, no Lead and Promote brain distillation mercury healthy function High Helps to improvePharmaceutical quality allergic skin grade fish oil Maintain healthy joint function 1 serving (1000mg) OMEGA GUARD = 990mg EPA and DHA Anti-inflamed for joint You can compare our content with other company such as RA
  14. 14. GLA COMPLEX GLA act as the precursor for the production of the protective and calming prostaglandin PGE1GLA is used by many women tomaintain a sense of well-beingthroughout their monthly cycle Borage oil contains Promote well-being during highest potent natural menstrual cycle concentration of GLA in easily absorb form Reduce menstrual crampsSources of omega-6 fatty acid Support menopausal health
  15. 15. GARLIC COMPLEX Promote cardiovascular healthRosemary Natural antibiotic antioxidants Spearmint Maintain healthy “good ally” in our body
  16. 16. ZINC COMPLEX Enhance wound healing High zinc Increase attentioncontents in span and memory sperm Prevent prostate enlarge Impotence…
  17. 17. ADVANCED JOINT HEALTH TABLET How joint health promote healthy joints? 1.Boswellia Serrata Inhibits the 2 3 1 formation of cartilage-attacking chemicals 2.Corn Extracts Glucosamine helps to maintain cartilage3.Zinc, Copper, Manganese and Vitamin C Extra!
  18. 18. LECITHIN Consists of Choline for healthy brain and nerve development Helps toPromote burn fatcardiovascularhealth Support reproductive health
  19. 19. DTX COMPLEXMilk thistle seed Helps maintain bile flow and eliminate toxic Dandelion Reishi mushroom extract Schizandra chinensis seed Turmeric Antioxidant and helps body to regenerate liver cell Artichoke extracts
  20. 20. NUTRIFERONsafe and free from toxic Proven effective clinically Helps to increases body’s guard production in our Patented! body More body’s guard, more powerful
  22. 22. VIVIX Anti-aging effect: repair DNA Anti cancer Reduce risk of heart disease Reduce complication of diabetes Reduce risk of Alzheimer disease Anti inflammation