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Cygnotel Prueba 01

  1. 1. Carrier Ethernet Introducción y Arquitectura
  2. 2. Resumen del Curso • Module 0 - Carrier Ethernet Introduction and Architecture • Module 1 - Carrier Ethernet Services • 1-1 Carrier Ethernet Services Definitions • 1-2 Carrier Ethernet Services Attributes • 1-3 Carrier Ethernet Certification • Module 2 - Carrier Ethernet Interfaces • 2-1 User Network Interfaces • 2-2 External Network to Network Interface • Module 3 - Carrier Ethernet OAM and Protection • 3-1 Link OAM and E-LMI • 3-2 Service OAM • 3-3 Protection Mechanisms • Module 4 - Circuit Emulation, Synchronization and Mobile Backhaul • Module 5 - Carrier Ethernet Transport Technologies • 5-1 Native Ethernet Transport • 5-2 MPLS Transport • 5-3 SONET/SDH and Optical Transport • Module 6 - Carrier Ethernet Access Technologies • Module 7 - MEF CECP Boot Camp Course Review
  3. 3. Ethernet as a Service • Ethernet as a networking protocol dominated Local Area Networks (LANs) • Around 1998 a few innovative Service Providers wanted to differentiate themselves started to deploy Ethernet as a service • • At the time Ethernet was lacking the 5 Attributes of Carrier Ethernet • • Cogent, Telsion, Yipes… NTT Services based upon Enterprise-Class Ethernet Switches MEF defined Ethernet Services to improve existing service offering • • Frame Relay Internet Access • • TDM Leased Lines ATM Transparent LAN MEF defined Ethernet Services E-Line, E-LAN and E-Tree
  4. 4. MEF 5 Attributes of Carrier Ethernet MEF – Accelerating the Adoption of Carrier Ethernet
  5. 5. Carrier Ethernet Attributes • Ethernet Service Definitions • • Non existent prior to the MEF Expansion of the subscriber ID address space Reliability • Protection mechanisms for Carrier Ethernet Services Quality of Service • • Scalability • • • • • Definition of Classes of Service Standard marking Traffic management Service Management • • Link OAM and Service OAM Service activation testing tools
  6. 6. President Technical Committee Co-Chairs MEF Board of Directors Operations COO Chairman Marketing Committee Regional Co-chairs Certification Committee Co-chairs Member Support MEF Organization Administration Committee Support Professionals Volunteers
  7. 7. MEF Technical Committee
  8. 8. Technical Committee Mandate Develop technical documents that promote the world wide adoption and deployment of Carrier Class Ethernet networks and services
  9. 9. Technical Committee Technical Committee Services Architecture Management Services Attributes Reference Model Information Model and MIBs Services Definitions User Network Interface (UNI) NE and Service Mgmt Legacy Services (CES) External NetworkNetwork Interface (E-NNI) Eth Local Mgmt. Interface (E-LMI) Mobile Backhaul IA (MBH IA) Ethernet Services Constructs (ESC) Service OAM FM IA Class Of Service IA (COS IA) Network Interface Device (NID) Service OAM PM IA Testing Service Provider ad-hoc Abstract Test Suites for Ethernet Services Abstract Test Suite for CES Abstract Test Suites for UNI and ENNI Abstract Test Suite for Ethernet Access Services Operational Tools for Carrier Ethernet
  10. 10. Technical Document Types Technical Specification Implementation Agreement Abstract Test Suite MEF 10.2 MEF 22 MEF 14 Ethernet Service Attributes Phase 2 Mobile Backhaul Implementation Agreement Abstract Test Suite For Traffic Management Phase 1 Also, position statement or ‘Liaisons’ with other SDOs
  11. 11. Typical Life of a Project Informal Discussion Idea N Project Proposal Y TC Approves Ad Hoc group? N N Stable Document Significant Straw Ballot Comments? Y Y TC Approves Letter Ballot? Approved Draft TC Approves Project Proposal? Contributions, Conf Calls, Email, Meetings N Published Document Y Document Editor
  12. 12. MEF Marketing Committee
  13. 13. Marketing Leadership Structure MEF Board Marketing Subcommittees Marketing Leadership Council Marketing Working Groups APAC Co-chairs EMEA Co-chairs Americas Co-chairs Global Programs & Regional Support Kevin Vachon (COO) & Contractor Team
  14. 14. Regional Marketing Activities • Market monitoring, trends, challenges, opportunities for growth • Regulatory considerations • Press & Analyst activities • Membership recruitment • Events participation
  15. 15. MEF Web Sites and Member Resources
  16. 16. Web Sites and Distribution Lists  MEF Public Site   Members Web Site   MEF mailing lists     
  17. 17. - Public
  18. 18. – Members • Managing your account • Meeting registration • Technical and marketing documents • Technical and marketing calendars • Group participants (Roster) • Analyst reports • Document balloting
  19. 19. Professional Certification Deliverables
  20. 20. MEF Certification Programs
  21. 21. MEF Certification Programs …..that equipment conforms to MEF specifications and can deliver compliant services and meet performance objectives ….that service providers deliver MEF compliant Carrier Ethernet services to their subscribers ….that individuals have the knowledge and skills to work with equipment and services to support the Carrier Ethernet industry
  22. 22. MEF Approved Specifications and Basic Concepts
  23. 23. Approved MEF Specifications Specs Title MEF 2 Requirements and Framework for Ethernet Service Protection MEF 3 Circuit Emulation Service Definitions, Framework and Requirements in Metro Ethernet Networks MEF 4 Metro Ethernet Network Architecture Framework Part 1: Generic Framework MEF 6.1* Metro Ethernet Services Definitions Phase 2 MEF 7.1* EMS-NMS Information Model MEF 8 Implementation Agreement for the Emulation of PDH Circuits over Metro Ethernet Networks MEF 9 Abstract Test Suite for Ethernet Services at the UNI MEF 10.2* Ethernet Services Attributes Phase 2 MEF 11 User Network Interface (UNI) Requirements and Framework MEF 12 Metro Ethernet Network Architecture Framework Part 2: Ethernet Services Layer MEF 13 User Network Interface (UNI) Type 1 Implementation Agreement MEF 14 Abstract Test Suite for Traffic Management Phase 1 * MEF 6.1 replaced MEF 6 * MEF 7.1 replaced MEF 7 * MEF 10 .2 replaced MEF 10.1.1, MEF 10.1, MEF 10 which replaced MEF 1 and MEF 5
  24. 24. Approved MEF Specifications Specs Title MEF 15 Requirements for Management of Metro Ethernet Phase 1 Network Elements MEF 16 Ethernet Local Management Interface MEF 17 Service OAM Framework and Requirements MEF 18 Abstract Test Suite for Circuit Emulation Services MEF 19 Abstract Test Suite for UNI Type 1 MEF 20 User Network Interface (UNI) Type 2 Implementation Agreement MEF 21 Abstract Test Suite for UNI Type 2 Part 1: Link OAM MEF 22 Mobile Backhaul Implementation Agreement Phase 1 MEF 23 Class of Service Implementation Agreement Part 1 MEF 24 Abstract Test Suite for UNI Type 2 Part 2: E-LMI MEF 25 Abstract Test Suite for UNI Type 2 Part 3: Service OAM MEF 26.1 External Network Network Interface (ENNI) – Phase 2
  25. 25. Approved MEF Specifications Specs Title MEF 27 Abstract Test Suite For UNI Type 2 Part 5: Enhanced UNI Attributes & Part 6: L2CP Handling MEF 28 External Network Network Interface (ENNI) Support for UNI Tunnel Access and Virtual UNI MEF 29 Ethernet Service Constructs MEF 30 Service OAM – Fault Management IA MEF 31.1 Service OAM – Fault Management Managed Objects Definition MEF 32 Requirements for Service Protection Across an ENNI MEF 33 Ethernet Access Service Definitions MEF 34 Abstract Test Suite for Ethernet Access Service Definitions MEF 35 Service OAM – Performance Management Managed Objects Definition MEF 36 Service OAM – Performance Management Managed Objects Definition MEF 37 Abstract Test Suite for External Network Interfaces (ENNI) MEF 38 & 39 Service OAM FM & PM YANG Modules MEF 40 UNI and EVC Definition of Managed Objects
  26. 26. MEN Network Layered Model Ethernet layer (ETH Layer) provides L2 connectivity between any application over any transport layer • Transport layer (TRAN Layer) agnostic Application Services Layer (Internet, Voice. Video) Ethernet Services Layer (MEF Services) Transport Services Layer (IEEE 802.1, SONET/SDH, MPLS.) Mgmt Plane • Control Plane Application layer (APP Layer) agnostic Data Plane •
  27. 27. MEF Architecture Framework • UNI: User Network Interface  • ENNI: External Network to Network Interface  • • The physical demarcation point between the responsibility of the Service Provider and the responsibility of the Subscriber ENNI is the demarcation point between the service provider and the operator or between two operators EVC: Ethernet Virtual Connection OVC: Operator Virtual Connection UNI-N UNI-C UNI-N UNI-C ENNI-N ENNI-N UNI-N OPERATOR MEN OPERATOR MEN OVC OVC EVC UNI-C
  28. 28. Carrier Ethernet Academy MEF CECP EXAM
  29. 29. CECP Exam Details • Exam consists of 80 questions, 70 of which are scored • 10 Topic Areas • • • • • • • • • • • Carrier Ethernet Service Definitions Access Transport Basic Definitions UNI & ENNI, EVC & OVC Service Attributes Service Certifications Applications Comparing Ethernet with other L2 and L3 Services Circuit Emulation Services Service OAM Candidates must achieve 63% to pass
  30. 30. Example Question - Section 1 A customer with three locations requests Ethernet service for very transparent connectivity between the locations. Which service would best meet this requirement? A. B. C. D. A single A single A single A single Ethernet Ethernet Ethernet Ethernet Private LAN (EP-LAN) Virtual Private LAN (EVP-LAN) Private Tree (EP-Tree) Virtual Private Tree (EVP-Tree)
  31. 31. Example Question - Section 1 A customer with three locations requests Ethernet service for very transparent connectivity between the locations. Which service would best meet this requirement? A. B. C. D. A single Ethernet Private LAN (EP-LAN) A single Ethernet Virtual Private LAN (EVP-LAN) A single Ethernet Private Tree (EP-Tree) A single Ethernet Virtual Private Tree (EVP-Tree) The requirement for a multi-point service with very transparent connectivity makes the EP-LAN the best choice due to the full mesh connectivity, the Service Provider being prevented from CE-VLAN ID or CoS manipulation and the ability to Tunnel Layer 2 Control Protocols
  32. 32. MEF Professional Certification  Designed for technical professionals 775 MEF-CECPs  from 160 Companies  Network Engineering In 55 Countries  Network Operations  Product Managers  Test Engineering   Technical Sales and Marketing Technical Support MEF membership not required in order to obtain the CECP certification
  33. 33. MEF Post Exam Assessment
  34. 34. Outline of the Course Delivering Carrier Ethernet MEF Concepts Architecture MEF 4 Ethernet Transport IEEE 802.1 Ethernet Services MEF 6.1 MEF 10.2 Other Transport IETF ITU Ethernet Interfaces MEF 13 MEF 20 MEF 26 Ethernet Access IEEE ITU Circuit Emulation Services MEF 8 MEF 18 MEF 22 Practice Exam CEA
  35. 35. Summary • MEF is composed of 3 Committees • • Marketing Committee • • Technical Committee Certification Committee MEF Technical Committee develops 3 types of documents • • Implementation Agreements • • Technical Specifications Abstract Test Suites The Carrier Ethernet Network Model or MEN Model is: • Agnostic to the Application Layer • Focused on Ethernet Layer • Agnostic to the Transport Layer