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Webinar Best SEO Practices for 2013


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- SEO is an important piece in the digital marketing puzzle. It has an ever shifting focus as something that worked well yesterday will not work today. Online marketers need to continuously keep track of search engine algorithm changes and adapt their SEO activities.
Cygnet is organizing a webinar of 45 minutes on "Best SEO Practices for Year 2013. This webinar will throw light on some of the best current methods for SEO and Internet Marketing Trends. After attending this webinar, you will be able to carry forward your SEO activities in a better and more productive way.
In addition to providing guidance in properly implementing core SEO techniques, this webinar will also introduce you to the emerging concerns and practices related to Mobile SEO.
Our expert SEO consultant will also share his personal SEO experience and will gladly answer your queries.
Ingredients of Webinar
Who Survived Panda and Penguin
7 Recommended SEO Practices for 2013
How to Earn your Links
What you must know about Mobile SEO
Case Study

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Webinar Best SEO Practices for 2013

  1. 1. Best SEO Practices for Year 2013
  2. 2. About usCygnet Infotech We are a global IT services & solutions provider. We provide custom software development services across technologies and domains to our clients in over 23countries. We are ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and CMMi Level III Certified Learn more about us at www.cygnet-infotech.comSEO First SEO-First is division of Cygnet Infotech. At SEO First, we have taken up the agenda of redefining internet marketing. With most marketing battles being won or lost today on the internet, we endeavor to be that invinciblemarketing partner of yours who could considerably elevate your traffic numbers and give a boost to yourbusiness
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  4. 4. Join The Conversation Tweet your question to “@seofirstpage” Use Hashtag - “#seofirstpage” Or use the Webinar Q&A
  5. 5. ConsultSEO Consulting Session All Webinar attendees are eligible for a One Time, One on One FREESEO Consulting Session for their website. Do send your website URL
  6. 6. PresenterNikhil MakwanaSEO Consultant@nikhil_makwana1Boni SataniSEO Consultant@bonirulzz
  7. 7. Ingredients of Today’s WebinarWho Survived Panda and Penguin7 Recommended SEO Practices for 2013How to Earn your LinksWhat you must know about Mobile SEOCase StudyQ&A
  8. 8. Who Survived Panda and Penguin Website with spun content penalized:Panda is the algorithm update in order to eliminate low quality / Spam Content :• Low quality / Thin Websites• Thin & Duplicate Content• Content which adds zero to no value to users
  9. 9. Who Survived Panda and Penguin Website with malicious inbound links penalized:The change is designed & implemented in order to Punish Spammers:• Linking schemes and links that add no value• Using exact match anchor text excessively• Keyword Stuffing, Clocking, etc…
  10. 10. • Back link only from genuine and relevant sites.• Who avoid using keyword stuffing, cloaking orsneaky redirects• Webmasters who avoided their participants inblog networks.• Use of Unique Content• Use of proper Canonical Tags to Avoid Duplicatecontent issue.• Websites which had webpages user friendly• Webmasters who avoided the use of “doorway”pages.Who Survived Panda and Penguin
  11. 11. Best SEO Practice #1 Long Tail Keywords making their Head’s up: Why one should opt for long tail keywords?• Best for Small business• Long tail keywords are more specific keywords &less common which means low competition.• Provides targeted traffic to website• High conversion rate & Enhances money making
  12. 12. Best SEO Practice #2 Diversify your Anchor Text: Anchor text matters a lot• USE Anchor texts mix of branded and non-branded keywords• Recommended to have Anchor Text upto 60characters• Avoid over optimization of Anchor Text• Backlink profile should look natural
  13. 13. Best SEO Practice #3 From Link Building to Link Earning: Link building is dead. Penalties killed it.• Create awesome content and make themsharable• Look for guest blogging opportunities and offervalue to other bloggers• Enter into partnership & cross promotion
  14. 14. Best SEO Practice #4 The New Signal – Authorship: Verified Google Author - rank high in Google• Why Google Authorship?• Link your content to become an Author• Authorship has its origins in Organic Ranking &helps to stand out in search• Observe higher click through rates
  15. 15. Best SEO Practice #5 Get more SOCIAL: Google Might be learning the quality of a content from shares and Tweet• Social signals impacts SEO & play a role inorganic rankings• Increased Importance of Social Signals in rankingalgorithm• Social signals increases conversion rates, brandloyalty, and word-of-mouth referrals
  16. 16. Best SEO Practice #6 Take a part in Q & A Communities: Q&A sites have become much more popular• Q&A pages ranked high in search results• Great opportunity to diversify your backlinksprofile• Targeted traffic = better conversion• Get in touch with Experts of the field and learnlatest trends
  17. 17. Best SEO Practice #7 Content is still the King: Create unique and attractive content• Users love unique and relevant content• Use Rich Formats like Image and Video• Create Infographics• Create & Share Content at regular interval
  18. 18. Dont stay behind - Mobile is the FUTURE Mobile SEO: 2013 is the year of Mobile Search.• Google has a separate index for mobile content• 1/5 of users access the mobile web each day• Users search behaviors is different on mobile• Mobile Website SEO is different then Desktopversion websites
  19. 19. Dont stay behind - Mobile is the FUTURESource :
  20. 20. Our Case Study
  21. 21.  Festive Ice Sculpture and Chocolate Fountain Company is WeddingDecorator, Ice Sculptor & Chocolate Fountain Provider based in Canada. Client had hobby to build Ice Sculpture and was doing it as part timebusiness during weekend, with existing full time job. The client was looking for an SEO Company to rank for selectedkeywords and to increase his business. We at SEO First acknowledged & Understood his requirements andsigned a deal with him in Year 2010.Festive Ice Sculpture and Chocolate Fountain Co.
  22. 22.  Results: Keywords ranks are in Top 5 in Google Canada 300% Increase in his business since 2010 Developed & launched more 3 websites in the year 2012 by targeting more 27 Keywords. 3 websites’ keywords ranking in Top 10 in Google Canada Due to huge increase revenues in last year, client plans to turn it into full time business in next fewmonths 100% satisfied with our SEO ServicesFestive Ice Sculpture and Chocolate Fountain Co.
  23. 23. Q & ANext Cygnet Infotech Webinar: Agile Testing in the CloudDate: 28 May 2013. Visit to registerDon’t forgot to send us your website URL for SEO Consulting