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15 E-Commerce A/B testing ideas


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This presentation gives you more idea about Ecommerce.
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Published in: Technology, Retail
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15 E-Commerce A/B testing ideas

  1. 1. Powerful A/B Testing Ideas to Boost your Online Sales
  2. 2. Stuck at a conversion and sales plateau?
  3. 3. Fed up with less-than-expected Ecommerce Sales?
  4. 4. Wondering HOW To… …convert visitors into buyers?
  5. 5. Small changes to your online store can help you make a BIG impact
  6. 6. Small experiments lead to valuable insights. Big ecommerce players have been A/B testing for years…
  7. 7. The best thing is that You don’t really need a HUGE budget… Observing top companies provides clues to A/B tests worth trying
  8. 8. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at POWERFUL A/B Tests Worth Performing
  9. 9. Would you prefer to read about the points in greater detail? Head over to: ab-testing-ideas-to-boost-online-sales OR, just keep sliding…. 
  10. 10. Test Different Kinds of Product Displays
  11. 11. #1. Experiment with BIG product visuals that dominate the page… This can help entice users and persuade them to buy.
  12. 12. #2. Or you can place helpful and beautiful product videos… to educate customers & nudge them towards a purchase decision.
  13. 13. Compare Single-step Checkout with Multi-step Checkout
  14. 14. #3. Single-step checkout simplifies navigation and speeds up the checkout process… You can try out this kind of checkout, if there isn’t too much complexity in the process.
  15. 15. #4. You can also try breaking the process into steps… If there are too many form fields, this option can provide better UX.
  16. 16. Experiment with pricing and discount strategies
  17. 17. #5. Play with ending prices – .95, .97 or .99 have different psychological impacts… Instead of sticking to .99, try different figures according to product and audience.
  18. 18. #6. Try offering free, no-credit-card-required trials… For new online ventures trying to gain traction, this option is worth a shot.
  19. 19. #7. Highlight special discounts the users can get through promo codes… By this simple tweak, you can turn dithering customers into buyers.
  20. 20. #8. Emphasize free shipping and other advantages for purchases above specific amount… Customers tend to shop more if it means more discount or free shipping.
  21. 21. #9. Spotlight seasonal or festival discounts for limited period… and ride the waves of celebration shopping mood.
  22. 22. #10. Launch attractive limited period offers… and entice users to make quick purchase decisions.
  23. 23. Try making things extremely easy for your customers
  24. 24. #11. Allow people visiting your website to shop and checkout as a Guest... This may help decrease the number of people bouncing off at the last step.
  25. 25. #12. Save carts and send automated emails reminding users to complete purchase.
  26. 26. #13. Try offering Express Checkout to registered users… The ease of transaction may turn one-time buyers into regular customers!
  27. 27. Take and test steps to boost trustworthiness of your site
  28. 28. #14. Highlight security measures through trust seals or badges at key points… Measure the impact of different trust symbols.
  29. 29. #15. Encourage customer reviews – users are more likely to buy what others have liked and approved of.
  30. 30. And yes, of course you don’t need to try out all the ideas… Perhaps you already practice many of the points. But, testing select ideas against your existing system can throw up surprising results.
  31. 31. Just EXPERIMENT with the ones that are most relevant to your online store… And you will learn what works with your customers …and what doesn’t.
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