Continuous integration testing fundamentals


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Continuous integration testing fundamentals

  1. 1. Fundamentals ofContinuous IntegrationTestingPresented By Cygnet Infotech Pvt. Ltd.
  2. 2. Continuous Integration Continuous Integration aims at minimizing Integrationtime to enable quicker time-to-market. The continuous cycle of Code->Build->Test->Deploy isfollowed to enable high-quality and bug-free releases. Most integration bugs are identified and fixed on aregular basis to avoid last-minute delays. The working code is committed frequently so roll-back iseasy in case of major new defects.
  3. 3. The Continuous IntegrationProcessCIDevelop andCompileIntegratewith DBPerformUnit TestPre-ProductionDeploymentCodeLabelingFunctionalTestGenerateReports andAnalyze
  4. 4. Continuous Testing By applying a lean workflow, continuous testing can beimplemented. It is best to select continuous testing tools based on thedevelopment language and nature of the application. The tool will watch the code for changes andautomatically runs the tests after compilation. Then thetools will provide feedback through a notification system.
  5. 5. Advantages of ContinuousTesting
  6. 6. Automated ContinuousRegression Testing Regression defects might become the hardest to fix ifthey are not identified and isolated at an earliest. Continuous Regression tests are automatically run in thebackground of an application to provide rapid feedbackon defects and failures. The code is well-tested so that the number of regressiondefects are minimized. Some automated test tools capture the changes inapplication to evolve and monitor effectively.
  7. 7. Continuous PerformanceTesting Even when the functionality is tested on a regular basis,performance might be neglected leading to applicationfailure after deployment. It is essential to carry out continuous performance testingso that the application can be studied for: Reponses times Changes in Speed Consistency Changes in Reaction Time
  8. 8. Advantages of ContinuousPerformance Testing
  9. 9. Continuous Load Testing It is important to follow continuous load testing to makethe application ready for use. Making it an iterative process of Plan-> Test->Analyze->Fix will help tweaking and tuning effective. Continuous load testing helps reuse test cases andestablish clear performance related goals. Load testing must start with small incremental scenarios,and the finally become one whole package.
  10. 10. Continuous Scalability Testing Building a bridge and then testing it for extension is not veryproductive. Similarly getting an application on track withouttesting it as to how much more it can take is a failure. With continuous scalability testing, you can find out andimprove the below attributes of your application: Throughput Network Usage CPU Memory Usage Continuous Scalability Testing helps reduce business risksand quick identification of application’s performanceattributes.
  11. 11. To Summarize While continuous integration development process can helpdeliver a high-quality software in short time, it cannot berendered complete without implementing continuous testing. The overall Continuous Integration process helps reduceassumptions and assures a healthy software throughout. With better project visibility brought in by CI, effective time-critical business decisions can be made. Finally when Continuous Testing based on ContinuousIntegration is implemented, the confidence on the end-product/application is high.
  12. 12. About Cygnet Infotech We are a global IT services & solutions provider. We provide custom software development services acrosstechnologies and domains to our clients in 24 countries. We are ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and CMMi Level III Certified
  13. 13. Enterprise QA & SoftwareTesting We provide following testing services Functional Testing Performance Testing Load Testing Automated Testing Security Testing Mobile Testing
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