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Lss reactor towards humanistic flow-based knowledge systems


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Knowledge workers are fueling the engine of change and software is eating the world… The weight of investments is rapidly shifting from tangible to intangible. Establishing barriers to entry is beginning to look like a lost cause. The resulting changes have exposed businesses to a host of new challenges unlike those they have wrestled with before.

The metaphors, allegories, and methods of past management concepts are running thread bare and management in organizations across the world is struggling. Workers are bound to systems designed to manage investments in machines, not humans. Mismatched foci, tools and processes produce ever greater amounts of unsustainable waste.

This speech will explore these problems and present The Library Corporation’s experimental efforts to create solutions to them by moving away from deadline focused project management and establish a Humanistic Flow-based Knowledge System.

As the Lean System Society gathers for the first Reactor conference, it is my hope that a careful examination may spur others to investigate new ways of working that improve the world's systems and deliver better economic and sociological outcomes.

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Lss reactor towards humanistic flow-based knowledge systems

  1. 1. @cyetain Towards Humanistic Flow- based Knowledge Systems Formulating the Mess
  2. 2. @cyetain blog Send Anonymous Feedback Joshua (Jabe) Bloom & CTO:
  3. 3. @cyetain #reactor13 @cyetain
  4. 4. @cyetain To envision the the types technology that teams may reasonably be expected produce in 5-10 years and to prepare those teams to envision, create, produce, and support that technology.
  5. 5. @cyetain Creating Space Inspiration not Instruction
  6. 6. @cyetain Creating Space Inspiration not Instruction
  7. 7. @cyetain •Definitions •Formulating the Mess •Some Potential Principles •Experiments •Towards Better Systems
  8. 8. @cyetain Definitions
  9. 9. @cyetain Systems Term
  10. 10. @cyetain Deterministic Animate Social
  11. 11. @cyetain Interaction
  12. 12. @cyetain Cars and Dogs
  13. 13. @cyetain Ants & Murmerations
  14. 14. @cyetain Adaptation
  15. 15. @cyetain Environmental
  16. 16. @cyetain Organic Systems
  17. 17. @cyetain Variety Increasing or Variety Decreasing Systems
  18. 18. @cyetain Humanistic Term
  19. 19. @cyetain Working Pin Car Artifacts Code Hammering Carrying Thinking Creating Work
  20. 20. @cyetain Humans are Rational
  21. 21. @cyetain It has been said that man is a rational animal. All my life I have been searching for evidence which could support this. -Russell
  22. 22. @cyetain Work != Working != Worker Pin Car Artifacts Code Hammering Carrying Thinking Creating HUMANS Bounded: Perception Understanding Rationality Fallible
  23. 23. @cyetain If the parts of an entity do not interact, they form an aggregation, not a system. A crowd, as distinct from an organization, is a familiar example. -Ackoff
  24. 24. @cyetain The dynamic whole has greater degrees of freedom than its components individually -Alicia Juarrero
  25. 25. @cyetain
  26. 26. @cyetain Not Computers
  27. 27. @cyetain knowledge of psychology is incomplete without knowledge of variation. The managers of people need to understand that all people are different. ~W. Edwards Deming
  28. 28. @cyetain Knowledge Term
  29. 29. @cyetain Tangible vs Intangible No Loading Dock
  30. 30. @cyetain Tacit vs Explicit
  31. 31. @cyetain Knowledge can only be volunteered it cannot be conscripted. We only know what we know when we need to know it. Everything is fragmented The way we know things is not the way we report we know things. We always know more than we can say, and we will always say more than we can write down. Working software over comprehensive documentation -Snowden
  32. 32. @cyetain Information, skill and knowledge are embedded in networks and relationships. Individuals, instead of “owning” information, attract, translate and know how to and where to access to the information that emerges in the networks around them.
  33. 33. @cyetain Flow Term
  34. 34. @cyetain Stagnation
  35. 35. @cyetain Inaction
  36. 36. @cyetain Inattentiveness
  37. 37. @cyetain Flow Efficiency vs Resource Efficiency Hakan Forss
  38. 38. @cyetain Enjoyment appears at the boundary between boredom and anxiety, when the challenges are just balanced with the person's capacity to act. ―Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
  39. 39. @cyetain Mindful Decisions to Act
  40. 40. @cyetain Whose Decisions?
  41. 41. @cyetain Formulating the Mess
  42. 42. @cyetain The problem is people think they can determine the PROBLEM
  43. 43. @cyetain Mechanistic Atomism
  44. 44. @cyetain Separating Head and Hands
  45. 45. @cyetain Reverse Turing Test
  46. 46. @cyetain Skill in a Vacuum
  47. 47. @cyetain Durable vs Sustainable
  48. 48. @cyetain Context Free Durability
  49. 49. @cyetain No man treats a motor car as foolishly as he treats another human being. When the car will not go, he does not attribute its annoying behavior to sin, he does not say, "You are a wicked motorcar, and I shall not give you any more petrol until you go." He attempts to find out what is wrong and set it right. -Russell
  50. 50. @cyetain Who is In Control Around Here Anyway? Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  51. 51. @cyetain Emergent Powers
  52. 52. @cyetain Perhaps the most costly disassembly in which our culture has been engaged is the disaggregation of life itself into work, play, learning, and inspiration. -Ackoff
  53. 53. @cyetain Sustainability
  54. 54. @cyetain The Problem of Expertise
  55. 55. @cyetain Managers, Executives and Leaders are Humans (not heros) Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. -Lord Acton Humans tend to be fallible, and leaders are absolutely Human. -Jabe
  56. 56. @cyetain The Intentional Stance One of the issues with Hierarchical thinking & decision making is the implicit assumption that someone has thought & decided.
  57. 57. @cyetain The Box Packing Algorithm
  58. 58. @cyetain Inspecting Output (and Adapting Output)
  59. 59. @cyetain Human beings exercise responsibilities within a social setting and a framework of obligations which transcend the principle of intelligence. -Michael Polanyi
  60. 60. @cyetain Culture as a set of basic assumptions defines for us what to pay attention to, what things mean, how to react emotionally to what is going on, and what actions to take in various kinds of situations. -Edgar H. Schein
  61. 61. @cyetain Tacit Assumptions Espoused Values Artifacts & Behavior Tangible Observable Intangible Unobserved
  62. 62. @cyetain Bring Work To Durable Teams
  63. 63. @cyetain Some Potential Principles
  64. 64. @cyetain Humans can and will learn if they are provided the resources and the necessary psychological safety. ~Edgar Schein
  65. 65. @cyetain Joy in work comes from understanding why your work is important. Not from the work, but from knowledge of who’s going to use it... Motivation— nonsense. All that people need to know is why their work is important. -W. Edwards Deming
  66. 66. @cyetain If I am not for myself, who will be for me? But if I am only for myself, who am I? If not now, when? -Rabbi Hillel Agency and Communion
  67. 67. @cyetain
  68. 68. @cyetain I have adopted the terms "agency" and "communion" to characterize two fundamental modalities in the existence of living forms, agency for the existence of an organism as an individual, and communion for the participation of the individual in some large organism of which the individual is part. -Bakan
  69. 69. @cyetain Agency Communion
  70. 70. @cyetain Agency Communion
  71. 71. @cyetain Agency Communion
  72. 72. @cyetain Agency Communion
  73. 73. @cyetain Agency Communion
  74. 74. @cyetain Agency Communion
  75. 75. @cyetain What Option Can I Choose to Help The Team? Agency is informed by Communion under conditions of uncertainty
  76. 76. @cyetain Narrative Strategy Intent Experiment Task Quarters Month Week Days Hours completes validates supports Realizes Pop the Why Stack
  77. 77. @cyetain Distributed decision making enable faster cycle times. Faster cycle times enable more options and therefore less “big bet” risks.
  78. 78. @cyetain Individuals with Agency and Communion are more engaged in their work. They notice and react to changes in context which enables Continuous Adaptation
  79. 79. @cyetain The temporal and social distance between relevant information and those making decisions impacts the quality, efficiency and timeliness of those decisions
  80. 80. @cyetain Diverse perspectives allow organizations to detect weak signals and generate optionality enabling the innovation required to solve novel problems
  81. 81. @cyetain More Options More Value More Time More Information More Information & Options Better Decisions
  82. 82. @cyetain NOTICE DECISION POINTS Before doing the right thing righter… there is simply noticing what you are doing and simply asking… why am I doing this? DECISIONS are the result of Interactions
  83. 83. @cyetain System to Support Deferred, Distributed & Diverse Decision Making Design Systems to be capable of choice
  84. 84. @cyetain Rules Are Waste So much of what we call management consists in making it difficult for people to work. ~Peter Drucker
  85. 85. @cyetain Overly Constrained
  86. 86. @cyetain Under Constrained
  87. 87. @cyetain Experiments
  88. 88. @cyetain Decision Economies
  89. 89. @cyetain
  90. 90. @cyetain How Many?
  91. 91. @cyetain How Interesting? Interesting! Why? x? x? x? x? x? x?
  92. 92. @cyetain How Many Weak Signals Did We Act On?
  93. 93. @cyetain the best place to treat a problem is not necessarily where it appears. -Ackoff
  94. 94. @cyetain Beyond Deadlines
  95. 95. @cyetain We are kept from our goal not by obstacles but by a clear path to a lesser goal.  — Robert Brault
  96. 96. @cyetain Kahneman is not impressed by your estimates
  97. 97. @cyetain
  98. 98. @cyetain Box Packing Algorithm
  99. 99. @cyetain More & More Information Time
  100. 100. @cyetain Fewer and Fewer Options
  101. 101. @cyetain Date of Completion DeadlineStart Crap @ourfounder
  102. 102. @cyetain 5 Whys for Deadlines
  103. 103. @cyetain Less Deadlines More Slack Higher Quality Lower Cycle Time
  104. 104. @cyetain Removing Constraints is HARD
  105. 105. @cyetain Towards Better Systems
  106. 106. @cyetain Effective systems must produce both better economic and sociological outcomes.
  107. 107. @cyetain Equitable Outcomes
  108. 108. @cyetain Out of Control Systems (Ignoring Constraints)
  109. 109. @cyetain Externalities
  110. 110. @cyetain A system that requires certain environmental conditions in order to carry out its defining function is an open system. -Russell L. Ackoff
  111. 111. @cyetain Effective systems must produce both better economic sociological and Environmental outcomes.
  112. 112. @cyetain Teach Individuals to Create & Maintain Human Systems
  113. 113. @cyetain Process Agency Goal Agency Purpose Agency
  114. 114. @cyetain Technical Personal Social
  115. 115. @cyetain Technical Debt Metaphor
  116. 116. @cyetain If you want truly to understand something try to change it -Kurt Lewin
  117. 117. @cyetain blog Send Anonymous Feedback Joshua (Jabe) Bloom