Getting to Resilience

UX & Product. Unabashedly qual. at Code for America
Jun. 28, 2020

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Getting to Resilience

  1. Getting to Resilience Cyd Harrell WebDirections Culture 2018
  2. After the disaster
  3. November 9, 2016
  4. The theory (given a friendly administration) ➔ Recruit “the best” technologists into government ➔ Give them a great work environment ➔ Let them do what they do best ➔ WIN
  5. A generic environment... ➔ Fancy computers ➔ Snack bars ➔ ➔ Project choice & 20% time ➔ Managers focus on staff’s career development ➔ Clear alignment on goals
  6. Eng The Matrix Design Product Strategy Acquisitions
  7. EngDesign Product Strategy Client Self-organizing!
  8. Even given a friendly administration: ➔ Who handles performance problems? ➔ Do we recruit the right people? ➔ What kind of practice works here? ➔ How do we make practice consistent? ➔ What about our billability requirements?
  9. Things are strange now.
  10. During the first year of the new administration ➔ We were reorganized 3 times ➔ Technology Transformation Service ➔ Federal Acquisitions Service ➔ Centers of Excellence
  11. Burnout became common.
  12. July 2017: Chief of Staff
  13. Past decisions Happy Halloween today, also!
  14. EngDesign Product Strategy Leads SMT
  15. SMT GMT
  16. GMT
  17. Communities of practice in a flat org ➔ 18F-only guilds with ½ hour weekly meetings ➔ government-wide Communities of Practice ➔ Considered side projects ContentResearch DevOps Front-End
  18. New standards ➔ All types of CoP open to all within TTS ➔ All CoPs provide advice freely ➔ Official CoPs advice management on the practice they support.
  19. Communities of practice in a flat org ➔ Guilds with ½ hour weekly meetings ➔ open email Communities of Practice ➔ Considered 20% time for billing purposes ContentResearch DevOps Front-End
  20. Hiring freeze lifted Spring 2018
  21. We weren’t serving anyone by signalling to techies that we were a free-for-all startup environment.
  22. A new profile for hiring: ➔ People who want to collaborate above all ➔ People whose skills are beyond question ➔ People who make colleagues of clients ➔ People senior enough to have opinions ➔ People who aren’t ashamed to be consultants
  23. Resilient organizations... ➔ Hire with full transparency ➔ Talk about performance openly ➔ Empower the front lines ➔ Open their practices
  24. I worked for President Trump. I worked in the Trump administration. I worked for the federal government. I worked for the American public.
  25. Healthy institutions withstand.
  26. Questions?
  27. Thank you so much for coming! @cydharrell any time you want to talk about this