Personal Testimony of Lorin Olsen

Lorin Olsen
Lorin OlsenChief Technologist at Lobo Strategies
I Was Blind But Now I See
Personal Testimony of Lorin Olsen
Valley View In The Morning
Bridalveil Falls
El Capitan
Merced & Yosemite Falls
Half Dome and Taft Point
Half Dome
Vernal Falls
Tuolumne Meadows
High Country
The View From The River
Then One Day...
Retinal Problems
Eye Injections
Laser Photocoagulation
Absolutely no physical activity
My Parents’ Response
Mom: “Someone is looking out for you.”
Dad: Don’t feel sorry for yourself. No sympathy!
My Response
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Influenced By Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Influenced By Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Influenced By Television
Influenced By Television
...Even British TV
Influenced By Current Events
Yes, I Played With Action Figures
Ancient Astronauts
Baghdad Battery
Influenced By Friends
Long Nights & Weekends
Wargaming & Role-playing
Friends Promoted Mysticism
Influenced By Teachers
Junior High science teacher
Senior High history teacher
Junior High Teacher
High School Teacher
I Lived In The Stacks
Eastern Mysticism
Mystical Experiences
Astral Projection
My Best Friend’s Invitation
Who Was This Jesus Fellow?
Jesus Theories
He Was A Wise Teacher
He Was A Prophet
He Was An Angel
He Was One of Many Gods
According To The Bible...
Jesus Is G-d
Genesis 1
Exodus 3
John 1
John 8
Genesis 1
G-d Spoke
The Name Of G-d
The Tetragrammaton
“...the Hebrew name of God
transliterated in four letters as
YHWH or JHVH and articulated
as Yahweh or Jehovah.”
When the Hebrew translators in the Septuagint translation (LXX)
came to this word they translated it into the Greek as “ἐγώ εἰμι.”
Jesus challenges His detractors 5X’s in John 8...
Genesis & John
The Claims of Jesus
Personal Testimony of Lorin Olsen
A Legal Proof
A Historical Proof
Who Am I?
I am...a student of everything
– In eighth grade science, I completed a full year of work in one semester
– I studied French, German, and ancient Greek
I am...a National Archivist
I am…a National Merit Scholar
I am…a self-taught computer programmer
– I stored my first program on a roll of paper tape
– I built my first real computer with a soldering iron
I am…a scholar
– In college, I majored in both economics and political sciences
– Phi Beta Kappa
– Graduated summa cum laude
Who Am I?
I Needed Humility, and Grace
Sin Separates Us
We Cannot Bridge The Gap
Christ Is Our Bridge
My Altar Call
Your Altar Call
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Personal Testimony of Lorin Olsen