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#sitMUC SAP BOPF and how it changes with S/4HANA


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Presentation from SAP Inside Track 2017 in Munich about the Fiori Programming Model

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#sitMUC SAP BOPF and how it changes with S/4HANA

  1. 1. How to start the transformation to S/4 HANA now Martin Fischer, SAP Mentor & Portfolio Unit Manager SAP Development Twitter: @cyclingfisch BridgingIT GmbH | #sitMUC | Martin Fischer 2 Custom Development with BOPF – an Evolution
  2. 2. Agenda The SAP Fiori Programming Model 01 The Principle of One 02 The Roots of BOPF 03 The BOPF Artefacts 04 How to start 05 BridgingIT GmbH | #sitMUC | Martin Fischer 3
  3. 3. BridgingIT GmbH | #sitMUC | Martin Fischer 4 With Smart Elements it is possible to create SAP Fiori Apps without coding SAP Fiori and ABAP Development SAP Fiori Apps as Frontend SAP Gateway Services Data and Application Modelling with CDS Implement Business Logic with BOPF The back-end integration is done via OData- based SAP Gateway Services CDS is used for modelling data and the BOPF application The whole business logic is implemented in ABAP using the BOP Framework SAP UI5 and Fiori Smart Elements SAPNetWeaverASABAPUI Core Data Services SAP Gateway Service Business Object Processing SAP introduces with S/4 HANA the new Fiori Programming Model. This can also be used for custom development! The new Fiori Programming Model
  4. 4. BridgingIT GmbH | #sitMUC | Martin Fischer 5 The Past – Many Tools and Frame- works Untertitel Platzhaltertext
  5. 5. BridgingIT GmbH | #sitMUC | Martin Fischer 6 The Principle of One Untertitel Platzhaltertext
  6. 6. BridgingIT GmbH | #sitMUC | Martin Fischer 7 The Roots of BOPF
  7. 7. BridgingIT GmbH | #sitMUC | Martin Fischer 8 Modelling with BOPF – The Artefacts
  8. 8. BridgingIT GmbH | #sitMUC | Martin Fischer 9 Start now!
  9. 9. BridgingIT GmbH | #sitMUC | Martin Fischer 10 BOPF Know-how Blogs, Podcasts and further more SAP Community Feed Blog Series by James Wood Blog Series by Oliver Jägle associations/ and-general-architectural-aspects/
  10. 10. BridgingIT GmbH | #sitMUC | Martin Fischer 11 BOPF Know-how Blogs, Podcasts and further more -2- SAP TM Podcast SAP Help
  11. 11. BridgingIT GmbH | #sitMUC | Martin Fischer 12 Wir freuen uns auf Sie! N7, 5-6 68161 Mannheim Rüppurrer Str. 4 76137 Karlsruhe Solmsstraße 4 60486 Frankfurt Marienstraße 17 70178 Stuttgart Martinstraße 3 50667 Köln Riesstraße 12 80992 München Mannheim Karlsruhe Frankfurt Stuttgart Köln München Baarerstraße 14 CH-6300 Zug Königstorgraben 11 90402 Nürnberg Zug (CH) Nürnberg