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Scrum! But ... SAP Inside Track Frankfurt 2017


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Scrum meets big companies meets SAP ERP projects. Demystify Scrum

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Scrum! But ... SAP Inside Track Frankfurt 2017

  1. 1. Scrum! But… Scrum meets enterprise meets SAP SAP Inside Track Frankfurt 2017 25th March 2017 Author: Martin Fischer
  2. 2. 2BridgingIT GmbH | Scrum! ...but | Author: Martin Fischer | 25th March 2017  Martin Fischer  ABAP developer and architect  Interested in Scrum since 2010  Scrum Master  Used Scrum in ABAP development projects in big companies  Scrum implementation and coaching projects About me!
  3. 3. 3BridgingIT GmbH | Scrum! ...but | Author: Martin Fischer | 25th March 2017 Scrum Is Easy And Lightweight! … at the first glance! Quelle Bild: Henning Wolf,
  4. 4. 4BridgingIT GmbH | Scrum! ...but | Author: Martin Fischer | 25th March 2017 Scrum And Big Companies Quelle Bild: Henning Wolf,
  5. 5. 5BridgingIT GmbH | Scrum! ...but | Author: Martin Fischer | 25th March 2017 Some Myths About Scrum The same but faster! project manager is called scrum master now The same but cheaper! change requirements at any time! no change management needed Scrum is always better! co-located or distributed teams, who cares? Scrum happens only within the project team scrum fits perfect into our established project methodology no cultural change
  6. 6. It‘s almost impossible to have a team with generalists in an SAP Project  You will always have specialist for specific modules or topics The Team ABAP is not Docker!  Usually not only one project on one system, therefore dependencies regarding go-live  Enterprises are not ready for frequently changing software The Technology Business Processes The Stakeholder Enterprises are used to do process design first  Up-front process design must take place  General process changes are complicated As you need specialist but not full assigned, you will have people working for the project outside the team Scrum in SAP Projects Scrum in SAP Projects 6BridgingIT GmbH | Scrum! ...but | Author: Martin Fischer | 25th March 2017
  7. 7. Keep in Mind! Scrum does not always fit! Check your Scrum readiness before you start! Scrum elements can help you! A daily stand-up or planning poker might help also in a waterfall project. But don’t call it Scrum in this case! SAP Projects are different! And in general not that agile. Be aware of that! Scrum is not about being cheaper, it’s about better results! This might cause some discussions with your management, but you need them! Lessons Learned and Best Practice! 7BridgingIT GmbH | Scrum! ...but | Author: Martin Fischer | 25th March 2017
  8. 8. Community Events in Stuttgart BridgingIT GmbH | Scrum! ...but | Author: Martin Fischer | 25th March 2017 8 Join our Stammtisch at Xing or Meet Up! 1st April 2017 21st April 2017 SAP Vora
  9. 9. 9BridgingIT GmbH | Scrum! ...but | Author: Martin Fischer | 25th March 2017 Am 19.-20.5.17
  10. 10. 10BridgingIT GmbH | Scrum! ...but | Author: Martin Fischer | 25th March 2017 bridgingIT – Company profile nearby – independent – sustainable  BridgingIT GmbH is an IT consulting company founded in early 2008  Overall 300 consultants located in Cologne, Frankfurt, Mannheim, Karlsruhe, Stuttgart, Munich and Zug (CH) with a regional focus on being close to the customer  An attractive cost-performance ratio is achieved by low overheads, extraordinary employee self- services, and consistent outsourcing of internal support processes  Your consulting partner without vendor or sales dependency  Financially independent and economically successful  A focus on quality and sustainability is achieved by a strong participation of the employees on the company‘s profit  Well-developed application and technology partner network
  11. 11. BridgingIT GmbH | Scrum! ...but | Author: Martin Fischer | 25th March 2017 11 considerate – positive – thinking ahead Responsibility and sustainability Project excellence:  „in time and budget“  Project service Quality:  Permanent qualification  Coaching and mentoring Collaboration:  Sustainable customer commitment  Product lifecycle Portfolio:  Full-service offerings  Innovation management Employee benefits:  HR package  Profit sharing Social responsibility:  Social commitment  Fair trade and natural environment
  12. 12. 12BridgingIT GmbH | Scrum! ...but | Author: Martin Fischer | 25th March 2017 Portfolio Our Full-service approach OperationsConsulting Sourcing Solutions Project Services Solutions Realization of functional and technical requirements for our customers by implementing suitable, cost efficient and long-term solid solutions based on standard technologies- and products Sourcing Support from the allocation and supplementation of project teams over consultancy in Near-/Offshore-intentions to comprehensive supplier management Operations Services around the operation of IT-Systems and applications like operational processes, operative system management, consulting for security and maintenance of systems Consulting Consulting from strategy to the design of business processes to the point of assessing and launching new IT-Systems and - applications Project Services Assistance and project support in the arrangement of projects throughout the complete life cycle by requirements-, project- and test management
  13. 13. BridgingIT GmbH | Scrum! ...but | Author: Martin Fischer | 25th March 2017 13 Methods Humans Solutions Value  Aftersales  Purchase  Finance and Controlling  Research and Development  HR  IT  Marketing and Sales  Production Industries  Automotive  Banking and Financial Services  Energy and Utilities  Commerce  Healthcare  Transport and Logistic Competencies  Requirements- and Test management  Business Analytics & Big Data  CRM, ECM and eCommerce  Individual Development  Innovation Consultancy  IT-Management  IT-Strategy and -Controlling  Project- and Quality management  Process- and Management Consultation  SAP  Sourcing Technologies  IT-Architecture and Infrastructure  Java / JEE  Microsoft  Mobile  SAP  Web and eCommerce Industries and value added chain Focus
  14. 14. 7BridgingIT GmbH | Scrum! ...but | Author: Martin Fischer | 25th March 2017 Customers, Memberships, Partners (* an excerpt) Partners *Memberships *Customers *
  15. 15. 8BridgingIT GmbH | Scrum! ...but | Author: Martin Fischer | 25th March 2017  Assurance of quality with strong commitment and professionalism of our team  Large IT consulting experience with complete coverage of substantial areas of expertise  Full-service provider bridging from requirements management to stable operations  Efficient organisation with optimised cost structure  Innovative profit sharing assures individual commitment of all employees  Investor, vendor and product independency  Social responsibility with focus on social commitment, a mutual culture of learning and taking care of the environment Why bridgingIT?
  16. 16. Wir freuen uns auf Sie! Standort Mannheim N7, 5-6 68161 Mannheim Standort Frankfurt Solmsstraße 4 60486 Frankfurt Standort Karlsruhe Rüppurrer Straße 4 76137 Karlsruhe Standort Köln Waidmarkt 11 50676 Köln Standort München Riesstraße 12 80992 München Standort Stuttgart Königstraße 42 70173 Stuttgart Standort Zug (Schweiz) Baarerstraße 14 CH-6300 Zug