2011 Cycling Australia Annual Report


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The 2011 Cycling Australia Annual Report - online version (low resolution)

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2011 Cycling Australia Annual Report

  1. 1. Annual Report
  2. 2. 2011 Annual Report aspresented to the AnnualGeneral Meeting ofthe Australian CyclingFederation Inc. trading asCycling Australia, Sydney12 November 2011
  3. 3. Official Sponsor & Partner Major Partner Supporting Organisations & Affiliates Sponsors & Official Suppliers
  4. 4. Cycling Australia Annual Report 2011 5contents06 President 67 Record of Merit09 Australian Sports 75 Financial Reports Commission Chair 85 2011 Results Summary10 Chief Executive – Domestic Officer 105 2011 Results Summary14 Membership Table – International15 Department Reports31 Commission Reports39 Affiliate Reports55 Major Event Reports
  5. 5. 6 Klaus Mueller 2011 has been another outstanding year for Cycling followed up by David Edwards bronze in the Junior Men’s Australia. Time Trial and an outstanding team and individual effort that saw Matt Goss claim silver in the blue riband event, the There were simply too many outstanding results in 2011 to Elite Men’s Road Race. list them all in my report. I commend you to take the time to go to the list of international results set out in full later BMX World Championships: Australia topped the medal in this report. These results handsomely demonstrate the table in elite (senior & junior) competition. We ended the strength of all facets of Australian cycling, Track, Road, BMX, season with a number one women’s nation ranking and MTB and Para-cycling. number two for men. This is an outstanding reflection of consistently good results by our BMX riders. Let me just mention a few results that particularly caught my attention. Commercialisation The joint venture agreement between CA and the Grassroots Cadel: In a year of magnificent performances none was Group, which commenced at the end of last year is begin- more so than Cadel Evans’ win in this year’s Tour de France. ning to show results. The first event promoted by the joint Much has been said about the win so I will focus on the venture was the Sydney Bike Show. I attended the show impact that it has had on the public profile of the sport and was impressed by the quality of the presentation and in this country. Never before has cycling received such the enthusiasm for the event by both exhibitors and visitors positive exposure; it attracted full front page coverage in the alike. It was followed by the Brisbane Show which also met daily newspapers, over a million people viewed our media our expectations and I am confident that future shows will be partner, SBS, for each of the last three nights of the Tour and profitable and further promote the CA brand. more than 30,000 fans turning up at Federation Square in Melbourne to give Cadel an enthusiastic welcome home. While in Copenhagen for the Road World Championships in The Premier of Victoria described the win as the greatest September I joined the first of the CA Tours organised by the ever individual sporting achievement of any Australian. joint venture. The participants in the Tour had rare access to our High Performance team, including the coaches, man- Track World Championships: In a truly dominant agers and the riders. The hotel was excellent and a short performance the Cyclones topped the medal table claiming walk from the time trial course and the facilities on the road eight gold medals. Anna Meares headed the charge with a personal tally of three golds. There were simply too many World Record: At the national championships in Sydney outstanding results in 2011 to list Jack Bobridge rode a time of 4:10.534 to break the 4km world record set by Chris Boardman in 1996. Boardman set them all in my report. I commend his record riding in the since banned ‘Superman position’ that you take the time to go to the and many thought it unbeatable. Jack’s achievement was the cycling equivalent of breaking the four minute mile. It list of international results set out was a brilliant achievement which did not get the public ac- in full later in this report. colades it deserved. Road World Championships: Australia enjoyed arguably race course were second to none. All the participants were the best road worlds ever. On the opening day Australia delighted with the experience and glowing in their praise for won two gold and a bronze from two events. Luke Michael Edgley and his organising team. There will be future Durbridge won the U23 time trial with Michael Hepburn tours to the Tour de France, Giro d’Italia and World Champion- finishing third despite a fall. Jessica Allen was crowned ships. I have no doubt that these will be equally successful Junior Women’s Time Trial World Champion. This was in offering unrivalled access to riders and areas inaccessible President
  6. 6. Cycling Australia Annual Report 2011 7 nities for CA by reviewing these relationships and emphasising to governments the considerable benefits which flow to their communities from promoting major cycling events. We appreciate the tremendous ongoing support of the South Australian Government for the Tour Down Under which remains the biggest annual cycling event in the country. Each year the event improves and the crowds grow. The sport is well supported by a number of commercial spon- sors but none more generous than Gerry Ryan and Jayco. Many of the high performance initiatives would not have been possible but for their magnificent support. Jayco has been the main sponsor for a raft of events such as the Herald Sun Tour and the Bay Series. The most exciting new initiative for cycling in this country has been the formation of the GreenEDGE cycling team underwrit- ten by the Ryan family. This offers a further pathway for our top cyclists and most importantly GreenEDGE is committed to supporting our aspirations for success at Olympic and Com- monwealth Games and World Championships. GreenEDGE is of course the first Australian team to compete at the top level of professional road cycling. The Australian public willto the general public and provide a unique experience to our now have a team to call our own. The team has created andgrowing number of fans and supporters. will continue to create tremendous public interest in our sport and indeed in cycling in general. Shayne Bannan heads theThe Joint Venture is in the process of finalising a commercial team. Shayne, while in charge of our high performance team,sponsorship which will confer substantial benefits on CA, helped elevate Australia to the ranks of the cycling elite. I amMTBA, BMXA and our affiliates. Hopefully a public announce- confident that Shayne will do the same for GreenEDGE.ment will follow shortly. Again, heart-felt thanks to our main sponsor, the AustralianCA has entered into an agreement with SBS to provide Government through the Australian Sports Commission andincreased TV coverage for our Road, Track, BMX and MTB the Australian Institute of Sport and to the Federal MinisterChampionships and National Road Series events. I believe for Sport, Mark Arbib. The government continues to providethat this will further lift the profile of the sport and provide ad- generous support for our High Performance and other pro-ditional incentive to commercial sponsors and team owners. grams. I am confident that the confidence shown in CA will beWe have also entered agreements with SBS to partner and rewarded in 2012 in London.promote our tour programs and shows. AcknowledgementsGovernance A report like this can never do justice to the multitude ofWith the generous assistance of the Australian Sports people and organisations who contribute to making the sportCommission there have been extensive discussions great in this country. Thanks to the State and Territory As-between CA, BMXA and MTBA with a view to integration sociations, clubs, officials, coaches and volunteers who keepand certainly much greater co-operation between the three the sport running. To Kevin Tabotta and Paul Brosnan and theirorganisations. These discussions have been positive and professional team in Adelaide and spread across the world,there is already a large measure of agreement. The three thanks for the dedication and professionalism which hasorganisations are now in the process of consulting with contributed so greatly to our success.their constituents. Naturally this is likely to take some timealthough already significant changes have been implement- Each and every Board member has contributed greatly toed including an agreement for CA to perform most of the the betterment of the sport. Thanks to Graham Fredericksadministrative functions for MTBA in a manner similar to and his loyal and dedicated staff who have put in such anour existing arrangement with BMXA. enormous effort over the last 12 months which have been very challenging but also rewarding.Government & Sponsor supportCA has forged close relationships with most of our govern- The future looks very promising for cycling in Australia.ments and their major events departments. In the next twelve I am in awe as to the depth of sporting, coaching andmonths we will focus on maximising the commercial opportu- administrative talent. I wish you all a very successful 2012.
  7. 7. The Hon. Warwick Smith AM 9 The countdown to an Olympic and Paralympic Games is an exciting time for Australians. As London 2012 looms on our horizon there is much work to be done to fine tune our preparations. The Australian Government and the Australian Sports Commission (ASC) continue to work closely with Olympic and Paralympic sports, along with the Australian Olympic and Paralympic Committees to ensure our athletes get the best possible support. Through the Green and Gold project, $3.85 million in extra funding has been provided for our top Olympic athletes and teams to boost their training and preparations for London 2012. A true sign that Australian sport is united in working together is the endorsement from the Commonwealth, State and Territory Governments of the National Sport and Active Recreation Policy Framework. What this means is that for the first time all governments have agreed on priorities for sport. Underpinning the Framework is the new National Institutes System Intergovernmental Agreement which unites our National Institutes of Sport and national sporting organisations to work hand-in-hand to achieve common national high performance objectives to maximise resourcing and expertise in support of the development of world class athletes to achieve international success. This Framework is supported by significant additional investment in sport by the Australian Government. The 2011-12 Budget will provide $300 million to support the full spectrum of sport from grass roots through to elite competition. Support by the Australian Government will enable a more collaborative long term focus to drive reform within Australian sport and importantly make the connection between Australian’s standing on the podium and young Australians participating in sport. This is an exciting and challenging time for Australian sport. The Australian Sports Commission looks forward to working with all sporting organisations, the state and territory institutes and academies of sport and state and territory departments of sport and recreation, to promote access to, and participation in, sport across the community and support Australia’s continued sporting success.Australian Sports CommissionChair
  8. 8. 10 Graham Fredericks Cycling Australia has enjoyed • Simplified our membership structure to cover three major categories being Race, Ride and Supporter. A Gold a stellar year in 2011 with Race licence applies for all competition levels while a outstanding performances by Silver Ride licence is for non-competitive events and recreational riding. In 2012 we will introduce a Cyclones our cyclists on the international HQ membership package to cater for our growing legion of stage, world class competition at fans. A Platinum licence covers our officials, coaches and sports administrators. home and double-digit growth in • Transferred to a new CRM database hosted by IMG membership. Sport Technology Group. The system provides improved user functionality, better reporting capacity, improved MeMBeRSHip customisation & service responsiveness as well as Our membership grew to 22,005 in 2011, which is up flexibility for us to further develop an integrated technology 10.7% on the 19,875 members in 2010. When combined platform for the sport. with BMX and Mountain Bike our membership sector has • Increased staff training with an internal focus on grown to just over 35,000 members. membership servicing and marketing • Continued work on finalising a Member Loyalty Program There are several highlights worth noting when analysing to provide greater benefits in the membership packages. our 2011 membership; • Updated and enhanced our member communication through e-Cycle newsletters, our website and social media. • Elite and U23 racing categories increased by more than 10% in 2010, which signals encouraging growth in this core Membership is of primary importance to the Board and sector of membership, staff and whilst we are pleased with the overall growth • The Masters categories continue to be our strongest and of the past 12 months, we are also committed to working enjoyed a 13% increase this year to account for almost harder in this area so we can improve the experience for 9,000 members, our current cycling family and realise the ever increasing • Junior membership (U13 to U19) jumped by close to 10%, potential of cycling. the strongest growth in a decade for these age groups; • The recreational sector enjoyed the strongest growth with ReSulTS an 80% increase to take this category from 14% to more Our Australian Cyclones national teams and Australian than 23% of our total membership. This increase comes cyclists individually continued to excel on the world stage as a result of a renewed focus to provide participation delivering another remarkable year of performances. opportunities for non-competitive riders and indicates there is significant potential for greater growth in the future. • For the third year in a row Australia topped the medal table at the Track World Championships where a dominant We must acknowledge, however, there is work to do showing by the Cyclones netted eight gold medals, three of across all disciplines to stem member turnover. In 2011 which went to Anna Meares. the ‘surge factor’ loss was above 30%. This means, in real • Cadel Evans made history when he became the first terms, we grew by more than 8,000 members or 40% but Australian to win the Tour de France after an inspiring lost around 6,000 members. performance in one of the most iconic and prestigious world sporting events. In a bid to address this we plan to implement a number of • In Denmark Australia claimed five medals including two initiatives to target the retention of existing members and gold in what was arguably our best ever performance to attract new members. For the 2012 membership year we across all events at a road world championships. have: • Australia ended the season as the fourth placed nation on the UCI’s elite men’s road rankings. CEO
  9. 9. 11 he follows his dream to establish Australia’s first WorldTour team. We were pleased to welcome Kevin Tabotta into the role of National Performance Director, who alongside Paul Brosnan as General Manager, High Performance, has picked up where Shayne left off and injected new energy into our elite programs. Kevin and Paul both came through the CA pathway and I am proud to say, they are representative of a strong culture of dedication and talent within our national system. ReSOuRCeS Finance Cycling Australia had another challenging year in financial terms in 2011. After a year of investment in commercial ventures and major events, we returned a deficit of $175,000 for the financial year to 30 June 2011. Investment in a commercial joint venture with UK based brand management company Grass Roots Group; underwriting major events (2010 Road World Championships; 2010/11 Track World Cup & 2011 Para-• Australia also topped the medal table in elite (senior & cycling Road World Cup); reforming membership withjunior) competition at the BMX World Championships as discounts to key volunteers, coaches and officials; and anwell as finishing the season as the number one ranked increased depreciation schedule after the office relocationnation on the women’s table and number two on the men’s. in 2008 all contributed to pressure on the bottom line. The• At the Junior Track World Championships our team balance sheet now reflects members’ assets of $523,697 ,continued Australia’s long reign of success with nine albeit with a degree of exposure in returning assets frommembers of the team coming home with a rainbow jersey future major events.and in some cases more than one.• Our Para-cycling program exceeded their goals for The Board of Cycling Australia has drawn a line underthe year finishing third on the medal table at the track this period of investment and now looks forward withworlds and recording their best ever results at the road some optimism to a period of consolidation and returnworlds. Importantly, the program has met the maximum on investment as we take a very pragmatic and strategicqualification targets for the London 2012 Paralympic Games. approach to commercial and event activity. In the first year• Congratulations also to Cameron Meyer, multiple world our commercial joint venture has successfully established aand Commonwealth champion who was named the Jayco suite of products and is on target to build a strong revenue2010 Australian Cyclist of the Year last December and stream in future years. Our events arm, Australian Cyclingawarded the Sir Hubert Opperman Medal. Events P/L, has also turned a corner in its capacity to explore a broader range of activity with future sustainability andClearly, it was another outstanding year for our high returns clearly in focus.performance programs as they build up to London. We havean incredible talent pool of athletes backed by exceptional The high performance department is in a very strongskill and commitment from our coaches, support staff financial position and has been able, for the first time, to planand program management which means that as we enter ahead effectively for the extra demands of an Olympic year.the Games year we can be confident no stone will be leftunturned to ensure our athletes have the best chance of principal partnersuccess in London. The support we receive from the Australian Government through the Australian Sports Commission and theI cannot refer to our high performance programs without Australian Institute of Sport was again very significant. Inmentioning the enormous contribution made by Shayne addition to the major contribution to the funding of ourBannan as National Performance Director over a ten year successful high performance programs, national teams,period up until his departure at the beginning of this year. and sport development programs, Cycling AustraliaShayne’s strategic leadership and technical knowledge was also benefited from investment in the first phase of asignificant in Australia’s climb to the top of world cycling. governance review, a technology platform review and aWe wish him every success with GreenEDGE cycling as new level of participation funding. All these programs are
  10. 10. 12 important investments in our capacity to grow and develop as an organisation. Our Australian Cyclones To Senator the Hon. Mark Arbib, Minister for Sport, ASC national teams and Chairman the Hon. Warwick Smith, senior sport consultant, James Selby and the other ASC staff with whom we Australian cyclists work, we extend very genuine appreciation and thanks. Special acknowledgement also to Prof. Peter Fricker for his individually continued outstanding service to Australian sport during his term as Director of the AIS - he will be missed. to excel on the world Major Sponsor stage delivering another A very special thank you must be directed to the Jayco remarkable year of Corporation and by extension, GreenEDGE Cycling (GEC). Gerry and Andrew Ryan have been significant and very performances. important supporters of Australian cycling over many years and their current investment in the CA high performance programs, feeder pathway programs and major cycling events will leave a lasting legacy for the sport. to the growth and success of Cycling Australia. I commend their reports to you and thank them all for their service. The exciting expected debut of the GEC team on the WorldTour will provide an enormous boost for cycling in ACKNOWleDGeMeNT AND THANKS Australia and the co-operative relationship between GEC and our high performance program will take our athlete and First and most importantly, I again take this opportunity coach pathways to new levels of excellence. to acknowledge the many volunteers, officials, clubs and promoters who regularly deliver our sport to our members. We are fortunate to enjoy the benefit and support of many Your contribution is critical and your efforts are greatly other sponsors who have made it possible for cycling to appreciated. prosper in Australia. These organisations are recognised hereafter and elsewhere in this report but I wish to We also recognise and thank the organisations and reinforce a collective vote of thanks to them and stress the commercial partners who have generously supported the importance and value of their support for the growth and growth and development of cycling in 2011 and who are development of Australian cycling. listed on the following page. insurance and Risk Management CA also recognises the significant support of a number Our members’ insurance program operated for the second of State Associations, clubs, volunteers, promoters and year under an aggregate deductible arrangement with numerous local government and corporate sponsors who both Public Liability and Personal Accident policies. Again have supported Cycling Australia National Championships this has worked well in controlling additional costs and throughout the country across various age categories and this, along with another year where claims have tracked disciplines. Thank you all for your contribution. reasonably well, is likely to enable us to contain premium costs and negotiate improved member benefits. In conclusion, I would like to acknowledge the tireless efforts of the Board of Cycling Australia. It is an important Over the past 12 months, we also embarked on a risk role with increasing responsibilities and I ask all members management review of how our sport is delivered. to recognise the significant commitment of President, Consultants CycleSense=Excellence, facilitated an Klaus Mueller and the dedicated team at the helm. extensive process to deliver improved guidelines for how to participate in cycling in a safer and more enjoyable I also extend very genuine appreciation to all Commission environment. These are expected to be rolled out in early representatives and the Boards that make up the 2012. administration of each of our States and affiliates. The engine room is very well oiled with passionate supporters. COMMiSSiONS, eVeNTS AND pROGRAMS Finally, to the CA staff team in Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne Various staff, committee members and volunteers have and elsewhere around the world, it has again been a contributed to the Annual Report that provide an extensive privilege to work with such a talented and dynamic group overview of the organisation’s activities over the past year. and a I extend a personal thank you to each and every one We can be very proud of the commitment of many people of you for your service to Cycling Australia. associated with our sport and their collective contribution
  11. 11. Cycling Australia Annual Report 2011 13pARTNeRS, SuppORTeRS AND SupplieRS Commercial partners SBS Television Official Broadcast Partner andAustralian Sports Commission & Australian commercial partner for theInstitute of Sport Principal Sponsor and Partner Bike & Lifestyle Show and the CA Tour programJayco Major Corporate Partner GreenEDGE Cycling Supporting Partner SKINS Supporting Partner and OfficialSupporting Organisations Supplier (compression andAustralian Paralympic Committee recovery clothing) Para-cycling program and SMS Santini Official Supplier (Jayco AIS and competition funding and national teams) supporter of the Para-cycling Scody Official Supplier (Para-cycling) Road World Cup sponsor Scody CyclingAustralian Commonwealth Games Association Australia Track National funding for elite and junior Championships national team preparation Mapei Supporting PartnerAustralian Olympic Committee BT Bikes Official Supplier (track) international competition Mavic Official Supplier (track) funding Vittoria Official Supplier (track) Shimano Official Supplier (road)Government partners Pacific Brands (Giro) Official SupplierVictorian Government major partner of the 2010/11 (road and track) UCI Track World Cup, 2012 UCI Casco Official Supplier (track) Track World Championships Singapore Airlines Partner Airline and the Jayco Herald Sun Tour Wattbike Australia Official SupplierSouth Australian Government Tioga Official Supplier (BMX) promoter of the Santos Tour VSI Official Supplier (BMX) Down Under Bianchi Official Supplier (road) Aussie Butt Cream Official SupplierCity of Ballarat host partner of the Mars Thomson Official Supplier (BMX) Cycling Australia Road National Stealth Official Supplier (BMX) Championships and the Alienation Official Supplier (BMX) Cycling Australia Masters Road Carman’s Foods Official Supplier National Championships KooGa Australia Official Supplier
  12. 12. 14 2011 Membership by State and Category CyCling CyCling CyCling CyCling CyCling CyCling CyCling CyCling Affili- CyCling ACT nSW nT QlD SA TAS ViC WA ATeS** AUSTRAliA 2011 eliTe 239 798 9 741 249 57 1001 216 168 3478 2010 eliTe 216 742 23 699 254 63 901 190 3088 2011 U23 34 165 0 101 44 24 165 34 23 590 2010 U23 32 166 2 91 39 21 147 36 534 2011 U19 21 168 6 92 54 26 186 43 22 618 2010 U19 22 183 4 116 60 19 189 54 647 2011 U17 32 206 11 102 68 28 204 39 16 706 2010 U17 25 207 11 102 48 23 174 37 627 2011 U15 17 168 19 87 41 23 160 47 9 571 2010 U15 14 173 13 94 39 20 162 32 547 2011 U13 21 241 18 176 45 28 138 17 12 696 2010 U13 25 188 16 115 22 23 104 24 517 2011 Masters 262 3407 83 1620 483 159 2352 401 148 8915 2010 Masters 226 3181 103 1422 338 159 2127 317 7873 2011 59 1829 40 499 274 91 881 419 1054 5146 Recreation 2010 42 1174 29 347 242 33 705 285 2857 Recreation 2011 Other* 34 390 6 146 101 44 415 82 67 1285 2010 Other 35 574 4 316 121 60 531 7 1434 3185 2011 TOTAl 719 7372 192 3564 1359 480 5502 1298 1519 22005 2010 TOTAl 637 6588 242 3302 1163 421 5040 1048 1434 19875 *Other includes KIDZ, Club, VIP and Life Member licences. Please note 2010 figures also included 6 month licences that are now captured by category. ** Affiliates includes AUDAX & ADF plus MTBA & BMXA upgrade members.
  13. 13. Cycling Australia Annual Report 2011 15PART 1DEPARTMENT REPORTS
  14. 14. 16 Administration & HR From an operational and administrative perspective, 2011 • Leading on from discussions with the state offices during has been a considerably hectic year, to say the least. During 2010, we have now migrated all states to Google Apps (a the course of the year the administrative team was met with cloud based email solution); numerous and concurrent challenges. The major challenges, many of which spanned a timeframe of more than twelve • The national storage network has commenced. This months with a significant increase in energy and resources will provide for local file storage at each state office and during 2011, included activities such as: overnight data backup to the national office in Mascot. At the moment, both High Performance and Cycling NSW • Financial reporting and administrative support for a round are live with that arrangement with other states to follow of the 2010 UCI Track World Cup series, as well as for the shortly. This is a CA funded initiative to ensure the data pinnacle cycling event, the 2010 UCI Road World Champion- integrity based on the identified lack of, or ageing, IT ships; infrastructure at the state offices. • Working through the final stages of articulating a digital master plan and the lengthy process of engaging an IT sport • Due to the relocation of the IT services from Dunc technology partner to provide the technological platform; Gray Velodrome (DGV) to the Mascot office, the Telstra • Working collaboratively with BMX Australia (BMXA) to ra- internet link at DGV was made redundant and recently tionalise and strengthen the integration service deliverables decommissioned. Cycling NSW were instructed on how and expectations; to obtain an inexpensive internet solution suitable for their • The welcomed integration with Mountain Bike Australia needs. This will represent an annual saving of approximately (MTBA), with the financial and membership management $40,000. This high fee was the legacy of pricing options handover commencing in July; available at the time of moving into DGV as a result of the • Significant member engagement and benefits packages lack of internet options at the time. There was no exchange development work with our commercialisation joint venture facility at Bass Hill to support our requirements and we in partners, Grass Roots Group (GRG), that will be progres- fact funded an infrastructure investment. sively rolled out over the 2011 – 2012 year. Human Resources BMXA & MTBA integration The administrative team at CA remains stable, hardworking During the last twelve months, we have been working and responsive to a continuously evolving environment. I closely with the BMXA Board and their staff on the praise them for the effort, flexibility and patience they have continued working relationship. Many processes have demonstrated over the year as management has worked been rationalised and further developed, particularly in the through the broader issues, some of which are highlighted areas of financial, membership, coaching and officiating above. development support. Management discussions with BMXA are an ongoing process as we endeavour to ensure that the The following changes occurred during the course of the year: integration deliverables are met. Membership – Liz Tonini is on maternity leave and As reported last year, the MTBA integration has now enjoying the life of being a new mum and was replaced occurred with the financial and membership handover as Membership Co-ordinator by Jacquelyn Elter. Jessica commencing from 1 July 2011, six months later than Ashdown, replaced Rebecca Webb as Membership Services indicated last year. MTBA has employed an office Officer. administrator, Una McKay, located at the CA Mascot office and we are engaged in the process of constructing the Sport Development & Coaching – Alexandra Bright has accounting and membership systems. MTBA will continue shifted her focus from coach education to participation and is to use their existing database provider which will require now the National Participation Coordinator. Her replacement the membership staff to be competent with two database as National Coaching and Development Coordinator is Emma platforms. Rickards. To all the staff, thank you for your hard work during the year. information Technology During 2011 there has been a considerable amount of upgrading to the IT infrastructure including the following: perry Tzamouranis General Manager
  15. 15. Cycling Australia Annual Report 2011 17High PerformanceProgramsCycling Australia has continued logistical issues, coaching structure and succession planning – with the ultimate goal of achieving success atto operate in accord with the High the 2012 and 2016 OlympicsPerformance Strategic Plan, named • Integration and inclusion of BMX as an AIS Scholarship Program, to be formally located at the AIS Pizzy Park on thethe HP Podium Plan (HP-PP), which Gold Coastsets the framework for Australian • Working with the AIS and the ASC to secure and acquit optimum levels of program fundingcycling toward success in London • Human resources management in the HPP at both2012 and Rio 2016. Covering all national and state NTC levels • The management of the total HP budget, which includesareas of high performance, this both government and corporate contributionsdocument is the foundation for • Management of the Team Jayco-AIS continental road team including the procurement of sponsors, logisticsdecisions and strategic direction associated with the travel, equipment and racing programfor all national programs, including and support for the team directors both here and overseasthe national training centres • The logistics, planning and management for the road, track, BMX and junior world championships as well as thenetwork in the State Institute/ 2011 Commonwealth Youth Games and the UCI Track WorldAcademy system. Progress against Cups • Maintaining our European training base in Castronnothe plan is on track and ongoing (Varese) Italy, including accommodation, training facilities,funding from our Principal Partner equipment storage, transport solutions and staff servicesAustralian Sports Commission and performance Highlightsour major sponsor Jayco, will allow • Track World Championship – victory in eight events along with two silver and one bronze medal to finish on top ofthe CA HPP to further develop its the medal table. In the lead up to the worlds Jack Bobridgeplans and operations towards 2016. contested the National Championships where he set a world record for the 4km pursuit. • Road World Championships – a five medal haul of two gold, one silver and two bronze medals to finish second on the medal table. • BMX World Championships – Australia won five medals,The main objectives and tasks of the High Performance two gold, a silver and a bronze in the time trials and oneManagement Team in the leadership of HP Programs over gold medal in the race finals.the past 12 months have been as follows: • Para-cycling – the team excelled in world championship competition this year claiming four gold, two silver and• General HP unit management and direction of the track, two bronze on the track in March and in September on theroad men, road women, BMX, Para-cycling, junior road and road they won three gold and four silver medals. Michaeljunior track HP programs Gallagher also lowered his own world record mark for the• Strategic planning and decision making to develop C5 4km pursuit.optimum environments for athletic success, especially in • Junior Track World Championships – the ‘Baby Cyclones’Olympic Games, disciplines and events came of age in Russia with six gold, two silver and one• Ongoing refinement and remodelling of the HP program bronze medal including a world record for the men’s pursuitstructure, specifically staffing issues, program bases, team.
  16. 16. 18 Athletes BMX: With strong support from BMX Australia, through The depth in most of our elite programs is extremely Queensland Government funding and construction, healthy. We are continuing to succeed at both junior and Australian BMX finally has its own Supercross (SX) facility. senior level, a good indication for the future in road, track The Sleeman Sports Complex in Brisbane is home to the and BMX disciplines. imposing 8-metre UCI compliant start ramp that launches riders into a world-class track profile, the equal of any track Staffing currently in use in the world. The Gold Coast based National There have been a number of changes amongst the HP BMX Program, will benefit greatly from access to this facil- management, support staff and coaches. Most notable are: ity in the daily training environment. • Kevin Tabotta has taken on the role of National Perfor- The BMX HPP now operates from the AIS Pizzy Park facility mance Director, vacated by Shayne Bannan after 25 years on the Gold Coast, with access to gym and recovery facilities. of service to CA and the AIS. Shayne stays on in a consul- 2012 AIS BMX athletes will be announced prior to the end of tancy role for European operations in Italy, but his primary the year with scholarships to commence 1 January 2012. focus will be as the General Manager of the GreenEDGE professional cycling team project. Sprint Academy • Paul Brosnan’s role has been re-structured and he is now CA HP will deliver a new layer of support for emerging the General Manager, High Performance, working alongside sprint athletes through the Sprint Academy. Sean Eadie will Kevin Tabotta (NPD) and under the direction of Graham drive this intensive camps based program that will focus Fredericks (CEO). on skills and development to provide the best possible • Sean Eadie has taken on a new role within the HP sprint preparation and pathway for riders aiming to gain selection program to work with the new Sprint Academy. for AIS and World Cup Teams, and ensure the gap between • Matthew Gilmore will commence in a full time capacity juniors and senior elite ranks is bridged. Sean will work with CA in the men’s track endurance area, providing addi- closely with SIS/SAS program coaches to develop this path- tional support to Track Endurance Head Coach Ian McKen- way under the direction of Head Sprint Coach Gary West. zie. This is a dual role and Matthew will also oversee the national junior programs in a Head Coach capacity. • Elsa Lepore leaves the CA HP team after many years of valuable service to work with an exciting new project at The next 12 months could be the GreenEDGE cycling, and her replacement Sarah Blake will commence in November 2011 with our domestic based most important ever faced by the administration and international base management. Cycling Australia high performance • Michelle Decker and Sarah Hayes are new faces in the Adelaide administration department, working across all operation... In 2012 we will make programs. our final preparations for the London • Joshua Sear has moved across from the ASC to CA to Olympic and Paralympic Games take on an office management portfolio and SIS/SAS liaison role – in addition to his role in Talent ID and Development. with the intention of delivering • Paul Sales commenced in March 2011 as the BMX HP As- medal winning outcomes. At the sistant Coach to Wade Bootes, based on the Gold Coast. • Patrick Ryan has started work with CA HP in Adelaide as same time we will witness the a trainee mechanic for both road and track programs. birth of Australia’s first ever elite • Gene Bates completed his AIS Coaching Scholarship role in Adelaide in September 2011, and will now take on the professional men’s and women’s Head Coach position at the Tasmanian Institute of Sport. cycling teams... • Matthew White commenced 1 January 2011 as the Men’s Professional Road Coordinator and DS for the national elite men’s teams. partnerships Facilities Without support from our government, commercial and Velodrome: The SA Government recently provided funding industry partners and sponsors, Cycling Australia would not for CA HPP to complete restoration works on the Adelaide be able to deliver the quality elite programs it is currently Super-Drome. The timber track surface was sanded and operating. Their support is detailed in the CEO’s report other surfaces repainted giving the 20 year old facility a but we would like to add our thanks to them all for their much needed facelift ahead of the important preparation invaluable assistance. We look forward to working with period for our Olympic track program in 2012. them in 2012.
  17. 17. Cycling Australia Annual Report 2011 19Special AcknowledgementsShayne Bannan has dedicated 25 years as a professionalcoach and manager to the sport of cycling, working withboth Cycling Australia and the AIS. Since 2000, Shaynehas been in the most senior position in high performanceoperations, responsible for the changes, structures andinitiatives, which have transformed Australian cycling into aworld class cycling nation. Cycling Australia owes much tohis efforts and we look forward to an ongoing relationshipwith Shayne and his new project as we work together tosteer Australian cycling into the new era of success.Neil Stephens has worked with Australia’s professionalmen’s road group since the late nineties and with hisexpertise and experience, Australia has developed into aconsistent top four ranked nation in elite men’s road. Wehave also won multiple world championship medals underhis direction. Neil has joined the new GreenEDGE cyclingproject to work alongside Shayne Bannan and we wish himall the very best in his new role.Elsa Lepore originally worked with the Australian Para-cycling Program and then moved across to Adelaide in 2005to work across all programs in administration and logistics.Elsa has been a critical resource in CA HPP operations(especially in Europe at our cycling base) and will be sorelymissed.SummaryThe next 12 months could be the most important ever facedby the Cycling Australia high performance operation. As acycling nation we have progressively rebuilt since the 2008Olympics and have delivered some exceptional results acrossall targeted programs. In 2012 we will make our final prepara-tions for the London Olympic and Paralympic Games with theintention of delivering medal winning outcomes. At the sametime we will witness the birth of Australia’s first ever eliteprofessional men’s and women’s cycling teams who will fightit out on the biggest stage, with the biggest teams for vic-tories in the biggest races. It will be an exciting year but onethat will require a level of focus and commitment from staffand athletes higher than ever before – but this is a challengewe look forward to conquering.Kevin TabottaNational Performance Directorpaul BrosnanGeneral Manager, High Performance
  18. 18. 20 Para-cycling Program I am pleased to provide the annual report for the Cycling It was fantastic to be able to use the European Training Australia Para-cycling Program. Centre facilities and tap into the equipment and resources available. We appreciate the assistance given by Elsa Management and Administration Lepore, Brian Stephens, James Victor and John Keegan. High Performance Manager, Paul Brosnan I would also like to recognise the initial support and Performance Director & Head Coach, Peter Day contribution of Shayne Bannan and the ongoing support of Development Coordinator & Assistant Coach, Tom Skulander the Cycling Australia staff based in Italy. Handcycle Coordinator, Jenni Banks Assistant Coaches, Paul Martens & Sian Mulholland CA and the Para-cycling program is sincerely grateful to International Classifier, Anouska Edwards Bernard Schreiber and Maylin Chuah of Scody for their World Championships Team Manager, Murray Lydeamore support of the program through the supply of all our Mechanics, Peter Giessauf & John Keegan competition and training clothing. Selectors, Glenn Doney & Darryl Benson We greatly appreciate the Australian Paralympic Para-cycling is integrated with Cycling Australia’s (CA) High Committee, not only for their financial contribution but Performance Programs and works cooperatively with CA’s for their direction and professional support, and thank Coaching and Development department and respective com- the respective state institutes and academies and their missions in relation to Para-cycling development and events. respective coaches for the support of our High Performance Para-cyclists. Our clear objective in 2011 was to secure qualifying points for the London 2012 Paralympic Games. To achieve this Our thanks also go to the state associations, clubs, we contested the track and road world championships, commissaires and volunteers for their contribution to road world cups and Oceania P1 level events. Points were events catering for Para-cyclists. Without their efforts there awarded to the top ten placed in each event and our strat- would be few competition opportunities. egy was to gain maximum points whilst supprting an inter- national competition pathway for developing Para-cyclists. Finally we would like to thank Cycling Australia’s Board of Management, Chief Executive Graham Fredericks, the uCi para-cycling Road World Cup Series High Performance management team and all the staff who CA, in association with the Australian Paralympic Committee, helped us this year with the operations of the Para-cycling achieved a Para-cycling milestone in May when they hosted program. the season opener of the UCI Para-cycling Road World Cup Series in Sydney. The successful event ensured a greater number of Australia’s Para-cyclists had the opportunity to peter Day compete and be measured against international standards. Para-cycling Performance Director In late May and early June some of our national team members and development athletes, including two hand cyclists, headed to the AIS European Training Centre in Italy to race and prepare for the Segovia round of the World Cup. Sue Powell claimed the UCI Para-cycling Road World Cup Women’s C4 Series title. Acknowledgements Thanks to World Championship Team Manager, Murray Lydeamore whose passion, commitment and dedication is truly appreciated. He is recognised by all as a major contributor to the overall success of the program for both our track and road world championship campaigns. Thanks also to Danielle Gillis who has provided significant assistance for both Murray and myself in planning and coordination for our athletes.
  19. 19. Cycling Australia Annual Report 2011 21ROAD WORlD CUp SeRieSRider Classification Sydney 4-6 May Segovia 10-12 JuneJayme Paris (NSW) C1 1st ITT / 1st RR 1st ITT / 1st RRSusan Powell (ACT) C4 1st ITT / 1st RR 1st ITT / 1st RRCarol Cooke (VIC) T2 1st ITT / 1st RRBryce Lindores (QLD) & pilot Sean B 4th ITT 1st RRFinning (VIC)Michael Gallagher (VIC) C5 2nd ITT / 2nd RR 3rd ITT / 4th RRNigel Barley (WA) H3 2nd ITT / 3rd RR 7th ITT / 5th RRKieran Modra (SA) & pilot Scott B 5th ITT / 2nd RR 3rd ITTMcPhee (SA)Claire McLean (WA) C5 3rd ITT / 3rd RR 1st ITT / 2nd RR Reclassified duringDavid Nicholas (QLD) 9th ITT / 8th RR (C4) 4th ITT / 9th RR (C3) the seasonStuart Tripp (VIC) H4 7th ITT / 6th RR 7th ITT / 7th RRAndrew Panazzolo (SA) C2 3rd ITT / 4th RRBrandie O’Connor (ACT) & pilot B 5th ITT / 6th RRKerry Knowler (ACT)Craig Parsons (WA) H1 5th ITT / 6th RRMel Leckie (SA) H2 6th ITT / 6th RRRyan Hughes (TAS) C4 7th ITT / 3rd RRMichael Taylor (VIC) H2 9th ITT / 10th RRJarrod Moncur (QLD) H2
  20. 20. 22 Marketing and communications 2011 will forever be remembered integrated Technology platform In October we finalised and launched Phase One of our as the year an Australian won the Integrated Technology Platform project. This involved the Tour de France for the first time. transition to a new database platform and CRM to manage membership and online event entry. Cadel Evans galvanised a nation behind him in his quest to claim The implementation came after a lengthy process to determine a future model for the sport that incorporates the holy grail of cycling. Everyone the appropriate technology options available but allows in Australia whether in parliament for growth and development. We have adopted a ‘best of breed’ approach for each step of the project roll out with a or primary school rejoiced when he view to developing and adding on modules to support our crossed the finish line in Paris to strategic objectives. become the first Australian winner Communications of the iconic event. It was an Over the course of the last year we have increased emotion filled moment when our engagement with our fans and members through a variety of channels and reinforced the value of the Cycling Australia anthem rang out on the Champs brand with community, government and corporate partners. Élysées. Email marketing continues to be our key method for communicating with our members and fans. We have been evaluating the processes we use and continue to fine-tune them in a bid to deliver the best service we can. Cadel wasn’t the only Australian cyclist to shine in 2011 as As part of this evaluation we have set up ‘interest specific’ the ‘Cyclones’ stormed podiums in track, road, MTB and mailing lists to allow subscribers to e-Cycle, Cycling BMX across elite, junior, Para-cycling and masters divisions. Australia’s official regular newsletter, to also opt in for From World Championships to World Tour events Aussie additional information and offers. cyclists were in the news. Our subscriber numbers have increased by 36% up from On the domestic front the sport is attracting a new 22,000 to just below 30,000 with unique open rates and generation of young cyclists, developing the talent of our click through rates well above the industry average. existing membership and promoting an active lifestyle from junior ranks to the masters generation. e-Sponsor and e-Coach continue to provide relevant news to those groups and, to coincide with the change over to a ‘we are cycling ….. start to finish’ includes everyone from new CRM platform, we recently launched e-Club to deliver the fan in the grandstand to the champion on the podium important information to states and clubs. and the challenge for Cycling Australia is to, not only provide competition and recreation events for our members, but to Cycling Australia Online & Social Media provide avenues for our growing legion of fans to join our cycling.org.au recorded 1.3 million page views in the team. period from 1 December 2010 to 1 October 2011 with 253 thousand unique visitors to the site . Of that 21 percent To that end our marketing focus continues to reinforce, to (53,000) are regular visitors while 79 percent (200,000) both our members and the wider public, who we are and visited the site for the first time this year. what we do.
  21. 21. Cycling Australia Annual Report 2011 23Our website portfolio also includes teamjaycoais.com with also aired additional major event coverage on SBS Onea loyal fan base of 8,000 online supporters and, since the and Two and online through the Cycling Central website.last AGM, 7 ,500 new visitors. Throughout the year SBS also worked with us to facilitate additional event coverage and feature material.CA continues to refine our use of social media. We operateseveral accounts designed to cater for the varied interests Acknowledgementsof fans and members. Our key twitter account I would like to express my personal thanks to Marketing@CyclingAUS has more than 6,500 engaged followers and & Communications Coordinator, Tom Mackay, who afterour facebook page CyclonesHQ allows fans and supporters 20 months in the role is heading off to explore the world –to let us know what they like and what they’d like to see again – good luck and travel safe.more of. @CyclonesHQ on twitter has been designatedas our event account and is used when the Cyclones are Thanks also to Mark van Aken (Commercial) and Andrewcompeting to keep fans up to date with results and news. Farrell (BMXA) who have worked with us on planning of an integrated marketing model.A series of discipline specific accounts have also been setup to support our commercialisation plans and cater to Amy McCann this year joined CA from Cycling Victoria andspecific areas of interest – e.g. CyclingAusCommunity on has had an immediate and positive impact in her role asboth twitter and facebook Communications & Senior Project Coordinator working across both CA corporate and with the events team.MediaNews stories and features about Australian cycling and our I am also grateful for the support and counsel provided tocyclists are now commonplace online, in newspapers and the marketing operation by CEO Graham Fredericks andmagazines and on radio and television. Public interest in our by my colleagues Paula Barras (HP Sponsorship Manager),sport has been steadily increasing over the past decade but Lyriane Beuzeville (Executive Operations Manager), Michaelthis year marked a breakthrough year as public and media Edgley (Commercial Director), Trudy Lindblade (Generalinterest aligned. Manager – Events) and the High Performance Program team. Finally, on behalf of the marketing and communicationsPublic interest in our sport has team a big thanks to all the members and athletes whose passion for cycling and commitment to excellence inspiresbeen steadily increasing over the us each and every day.past decade but this year marked Conclusiona breakthrough year as public and In 2011 progress has been made to establish amedia interest aligned. more coordinated approach to the marketing and communications portfolio across departments and affiliates with the aim of a presenting a unified brand in the marketplace. The department is playing a major role in CA’s ongoing integration and expansion strategy and inMedia across all platforms are talking about cycling 2012 we will continue to develop and fine tune our strategywhether through coverage of events, features on our profile and processes to benefit all areas of the Cycling Australiaathletes, tips for staying healthy or comment pieces about operation.team selection. If the media want to do a story aboutAustralian cycling or Australian cyclists we are the first point We look forward to another year of growth and success forof contact for comment or coordination. the sport in 2012.Broadcast partnerSBS Television continues to be our valued Official Broadcast Gennie SheerPartner and this year made a major contribution to the Marketing & Communications Managerprofile and success of our sport across all disciplines.In 2011 Cycling Central moved to a Sunday 5pm timeslotand that has resulted in a significant increase in the numberof Australians tuning in to catch up on the latest news andcoverage of both local and international events.As well as the regular Cycling Central timeslot the network
  22. 22. 24 Coaching & Development The Cycling Australia Sport • “Cyber Bullying & Social Networking at U15/U17 Road Nationals. Development department continues to increase the number of accred- Coach Education is planning to implement a National Coach PDO Calendar for 2012, targeting all levels of coaches across ited coaches across all disciplines. all disciplines, with a significant increase in opportunities for There is now full integration of coaches. BMX and mountain bike coach level 2 Road & Track Coaching Course education with road and track, The cancellation of a planned Level 2 coaching course in Sydney in June 2011 was very disappointing. Due to the low including the pilot delivery of the number of applicants, a review is being undertaken to assess Beginner BMX Coaching Course the future delivery format of the course. The financial viability of the delivery is also an issue and planning will need to be and administration of Level 1 discussed following further financial analysis. Mountain Bike Coaching Courses. There is now provision of both Commercial partnership with Human Kinetics In mid-2011, Cycling Australia and Human Kinetics formed a generic and discipline-specific partnership to service the sport’s coaches. This is the first of a support to new and existing number of commercial partnerships being established. This linking with Human Kinetics will provide discounts on the coaches across all disciplines. In purchase of and priority access to some excellent cycling addition, there is an increased and coaching resources thus enabling continual coach edu- cation at a discounted price. focus on development through the National Junior Track Series and participation Funding In November 2010, the ASC announced the details of new other new participation initiatives. sport participation funding for national sporting organisa- tions. Cycling received an annual allocation of $350,000 from this funding to increase participation in cycling. The funding will be utilised broadly to deliver outcomes in the area of cycling participation and increased Cycling Aus- personnel tralia / BMX Australia / MTB Australia membership in key As a result of new Australian Sports Commission (ASC) deliverable areas. Currently, Alex Bright, the new National Participation funding, we continue to grow, with Emma Participation Coordinator, is conducting a Participation & De- Rickards (a former professional road cyclist, Director Sportif velopment Audit with all State/Territory Associations within and secondary school teacher), taking over from Alexandra road, track and BMX to finalise the Participation Plan. Bright as the National Coaching & Development Coordinator. Alexandra is now the National Participation Coordinator. Alex CA and BMXA Receive Women in Sport Grant contributed hugely to the Sport Development department and Cycling Australia and BMX Australia have been successful continues to in her new role. in securing funding through the Sport Leadership Grants and Scholarships for Women program. The program, an ini- professional Development Opportunities (pDO) tiative of the Australian Government, managed by the ASC PDO’s delivered at National Championships during the year: in partnership with the Office for Women, provides devel- • “Sprinting into the Future” at Junior Track Nationals; opment opportunities and training to help women to reach • “Track Analysis – Implementing Tactics” at BMX Nationals their leadership potential within the sports industry. This
  23. 23. Cycling Australia Annual Report 2011 25funding will support both a BMX Coaching Project, which of the standard of cycling coaches and coach education inaims to accredit female Health & Physical Education teachers Australia.as BMX coaches to increase exposure of BMX in schools, anda CA Initiative – Free Wheeling Females Initiative (FWFI). Coaching Award The Jayco 2010 Cyclist of the Year Awards saw the replace-The FWFI aims to increase numbers of female cycling ment of the ‘Coach of the Year’ award with the introductioncoaches and cycling program delivery in the fitness industry of two new awards – ‘Coaching Program of the Year’ (toand schools. recognise the numerous coaches and support staff who have contributed) and the ‘Coaching Award’, awarded to a coachCoach education Audit outside of the HP and SIS/SAS coaching programs. The 2010In line with the participation audit, the department is Award recipients were the Men’s Track Endurance programplanning to conduct a coach education audit to ascertain and Gus Dawson, respectively.the level of coach education activity at club and state level.Also, the coaches’ ‘needs and wants’ will be identified Coaching & Development Onlineto allow for improved servicing of coaches along with There has been significant expansion of the coaching sectionmore effective communication with the Coaching and of the website, with the addition of videos, vodcasts, twitterDevelopment Staff at State/Territory level. favourites and links to online learning opportunities. Also, the Coaching News section has been complimented by theMountain Bike release of the department’s new publication, e-Coach.In mid-2011, we took on the administration, delivery and as-sessment of mountain bike coaching courses. Since June e-Coach2011, Level 1 MTB Coaching Courses have been conducted e-Coach is a technical coaching e-newsletter for Cyclingin Victoria, Queensland and New South Wales with another Australia / BMXA and MTBA accredited coaches. The driv-course to be held in Western Australia early next year. ing force behind this publication is to expand knowledge and opportunities for continuing education to all accreditedBMX coaches. The aim is to keep coaches informed of coachingAn introductory level BMX coaching course is currently in activities, upcoming events and coaching news happeningthe final development phase. The course will be a ‘BMX- around Australia, as well as continuing to update coachesspecific’ adaptation of the current CycleSkill coaching with the latest coaching research and technical develop-course. This course is aimed at people who want to coach ments.children and beginner level adult BMX riders to develop andadvance their riding skills on a BMX track. Summary of Key Department Developments • Full coach education integration of all cycling disciplinesCoaches • New National Coaching & Development Coordinator,241 coaches were either newly accredited or re-accredited in Emma Rickards2010-11. See table below for further breakdown. • Human Kinetics discounts for coaches • Participation and Women in Sport Grants received • 241 newly accredited / re-accredited coaches in 2010-11ACCReDiTeD COACheS • e-Coach published quarterly • Years 1 (Coach Recruitment) and 2 (Accreditation) of the level Accredited Total 2010-12 Coach Pathway three-year plan is now complete. 2010-11 The goals of Year 3 (Full Coach Servicing and maintenance CycleSkill 168 473 of coaches) are still on track to reach targets by end of 2012. Level 1 44 184 Level 2 23 91 Acknowledgements Level 3 6 18 The large increase in the number of coaches, coach servic- ing and the other significant developments throughout the Total 241 766 past 12 months could not have been achieved without the contribution of the presenter/assessor workforce and the staff from CA, BMXA, MTBA and each SSO across road,international Coach education track and BMX. Thank you to everyone who played a role inWe are liaising with the federations of Fiji and Tonga (both the progress made during the past 12 months.road coaching) and Hong Kong (BMX) to facilitate deliveryof coach education with their coaches locally. They haveapproached Cycling Australia and BMX Australia based Brendan Moriartyon the quality of Australian coaches and the results of National Coaching & Development ManagerAustralian riders internationally. This is an excellent reflection
  24. 24. 26 Australian Cycling Events Pty Ltd Overview joined together to deliver the inaugural Amy’s Gran Fondo In the 12 months since the conclusion of the 2010 UCI on 18 September 2011 in the name of cycling safety. The Road World Championships, the Australian Cycling Events event, the first on the 2012 UCI World Cycling Tour (UWCT) (ACE) team has been involved in some exciting projects, calendar provided the opportunity for the top 25% of which continue to support Cycling Australia’s strategy of finishers in each category to qualify to ride in Belgium next providing individuals with ‘a good time on the bike’. year in the UWCT Final. While the ACE business is a subsidiary company to Cycling Commencing in Lorne and taking in the Great Ocean Road Australia, to ensure the full integration of ACE into Cycling and the Colac Otway region, Amy’s Gran Fondo covered Australia, ACE is referred to as Cycling Australia’s Events 120km in fully closed road conditions, with riders being Department except where required by legislation, finance timed to determine overall, team and age group category or reporting requirements. winners. Staffing Approximately 3,200 participants were involved on the day Trudy Lindblade remained with ACE in the new role of which included Amy’s Great Ocean Ride, a short 14km ride General Manager following her role as Event Operations targeted at the local community and providing them the Manager for the 2010 UCI Road World Championships. opportunity to also experience riding the Great Ocean Road free from vehicles. Karin Jones commenced part time with ACE in March 2011 in the role of Project Manager, her focus on delivering With the promotion of cycling safety a key outcome the Amy’s Gran Fondo and providing support to the team from the event, feedback from all participants has been across other events. overwhelmingly positive and the event was delivered without incident, a testimony to the level of planning and After 11 years at Cycling Victoria, Amy McCann joined both organisation by all stakeholders involved. ACE and Cycling Australia in a 50:50 shared role with the Communications Department and ACE as Communications Interestingly only 25% of registrations were Cycling and Projects Senior Coordinator in early May 2011. Australia members, so in 2012 we encourage all members to experience this great new event on the cycling calendar Paula Ewing also commenced with the ACE team in mid- and support the Amy Gillett Foundation in its mission to July in the role of Event Manager for the 2012 UCI Track create a safer cycling environment for everyone. Cycling World Championships. Mountain Bike Australia 2012 uCi Track Cycling World Championships An agreement was reached with Mountain Bike Australia Planning for the 2012 UCI Track Cycling World for ACE to develop and deliver the communications Championships continues on schedule. The 2012 Track strategy for the 2011/12 National Series consisting of the Worlds is the final qualifying event in the lead up to the Gravity Cup and the All Mountain Cup with the following 2012 London Olympic Games, which will ensure great objectives: interest from athletes, media and spectators. • Improve overall event communications; Tickets for the event went on sale on 17 October 2011 with • Increase event registration and attendances; a “priority purchase” period for Cycling Australia members, • Increase media coverage of MTBA National Series; and which ensured our members had the first opportunity to • Increase profile of current athletes. purchase the best seats in the house. Cadel evans parade Amy’s Gran Fondo The ACE team was excited to be asked to deliver the street The Amy Gillett Foundation, Cycling Australia and ACE, ride component of the Cadel Evans welcome home parade
  25. 25. Cycling Australia Annual Report 2011 27on 12 August 2011 in Melbourne, Victoria. In the 12 months since theThe team had twelve days to plan and implement the event conclusion of the 2010 UCIto ensure seamless operational delivery with Peter Jones Road World Championships, theSpecial Events, Cadel’s management Signature Sports andthe Victorian State Government. A highlight of the planning Australian Cycling Events (ACE)was the agreement by the State Government to have 20 team has been involved in someyoung riders selected by Cycling Victoria to form “TeamCadel” and ride with him along the street ride route. exciting projects, which continue to support Cycling Australia’sApproximately 30,000 people lined St Kilda Road betweenthe National Gallery and Federation Square to welcome strategy of providing individualsCadel home and celebrate his historic victory in the Tour de with ‘a good time on the bike’.France.The FutureACE and CA Commercial have had initial discussions onpotential event opportunities for CA and ACE to deliver thataligns with CA’s strategy and provides an additional incomestream for ACE. These discussions continue with someexciting prospects ahead.Thank youI would like to thank the small and dedicated AustralianCycling Events team; Karin Jones, Paula Ewing and AmyMcCann for their dedication, enthusiasm and ongoing com-mitment to ensure we delivery world class and safe cyclingevents.The 2010 UCI Road World Championships has was finalistin the Best Sporting Event category of the third annualAustralian Event Awards along with the 2011 Santos TourDown Under and the 2011 Australian Open Tennis. This isan excellent acknowledgement of what was a world classevent for cycling and the State of Victoria.Trudy lindbladeGeneral Manager, Australian Cycling Events