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DfT data


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DfT cycling data for OpenStreetMap

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DfT data

  1. 1. DfT cycling datafor OpenStreetMap Martin Lucas-Smith @CycleStreets
  2. 2. What do we do?CycleStreets CyclescapeCycle journey planner Campaign group @cyclestreets @cyclescape
  3. 3. OpenStreetMap
  4. 4. OpenStreetMap License cc-by-sa
  5. 5. OpenStreetMap OpenCycleMap License cc-by-sa
  6. 6. OpenStreetMap“OpenStreetMap creates and provides freegeographic data such as street maps to anyonewho wants them.“The project was started because most maps youthink of as free actually have legal or technicalrestrictions on their use, holding back peoplefrom using them in creative, productive, orunexpected ways.”
  7. 7. Crowdsourcing principle“Crowdsourcing is the act of taking a jobtraditionally performed by a designated agent(usually an employee) and outsourcing it to anundefined, generally large group of people in theform of an open call.”
  8. 8. OpenStreetMap Bike Hub app, uses CycleStreets routing
  9. 9. Mobile Other apps now incorporating our routing API - data interface Bike Hub – great world-first iPhone bike real-SatNav In the leading Boris Bike app, ‘London Cycle’
  10. 10. CycleStreets Journey planner
  11. 11. Adding data Potlatch 2 – (
  12. 12. Adding data Potlatch 2 – (
  13. 13. DfT data situation back in Jan 2011...Transport Direct CJP£2.4 million (from tax) £28kJan 2011: 92,000 journeys planned Jan 2011: 458,000 journeys planned (dated Jan 2011) (dated Jan 2011, reached 1.4m as of now)£26.09 per journey 6p per journey£1m – budget for 2011 £130k needed32 areas (professionally surveyed) UK-wide (but depends on OSM completeness)
  14. 14. CycleStreets usage: considerable growth
  15. 15. UKGovWorking with the DfT through their data contractor toget the data into OpenStreetMap (funded project)DfT have been very receptive to the open data potentialWe are working to ensure that CycleStreets is thesolution of choiceWe think cycle journey planning is more effective whendone by local people using Open Data
  16. 16. Big Society –compliantWe tick all the boxes:Collaborative: involves local peopleLow cost: datasets have no license fee,agile deliveryTrusted: for the people, by the peopleOpen DataCitizen involvement: combines skillsand input of large numbers of people(collecting data)Quality delivery: problems can befixed easilyTransparency: more people overseethe data and spot problems or potentialimprovements Cabinet Office
  17. 17. Openingthe DfT’sCyclingdata
  18. 18. Getting it into OSM OSM community rightly very wary of automated imports Duplicates existing data Can’t be sure it reflects on-the-ground If you want to read more about why automated imports are bad, see the TIGER data fixup project:
  19. 19. DfT doing it the right way Releasing as Open Government License NOT just dumping it in and hope someone uses it Getting the geometries in sync Converting the attributes to OSM tags Fixing up data problems upstream Funding tool work  Adds functionality to existing OSM toolset  Tool development will help other projects CycleStreets the go-between (with funding)
  20. 20. Data dictionaryDescribes translation of DfT GML attributes toOSM tags – is being pre-converted
  21. 21. MergingtoolCreated byAndy Allan
  22. 22. Mergingtool
  23. 23. David Earl Martin Lucas-Smith, Twitter: @cyclestreets