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Middle East Paper


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Middle East Paper

  1. 1. ImplementingNotes intoResearch Paper
  2. 2. Notes to ParagraphsBody ParagraphTopic Sentence: Main ideaNote/Fact: Change in gov’tCommentary/Transition:Commentary/Transition?:Note/Fact: Improvedinternational tradeCommentary/Transition:Concluding Sentence:
  3. 3. Paragraph ConstructionThe economy of Egypt has changed immensely in thepast three decades. A change in government caused theeconomy to become less regulated (Egypt). With a newgovernment leader, trade restrictions were lessened. Thechange in government leadership has improved Egypt’sinternational trade and decreased inflation (Egypt). Egyptnow has stronger relationships with other countries becauseof the increased trade.
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  5. 5. Citations Match Works Cited