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Advanced Searching with Boolean Connectors


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Advanced Searching with Boolean Connectors

  1. 1. Advanced Search & BooleanConnectors Brave New World CA IIII
  2. 2. Boolean Connectors Or – will increase results because either word can appear in the article And – will limit results because both words must appear in an article Not – will limit results because it takes away a keyword
  3. 3. Basic Search
  4. 4. Basic Search using “”
  5. 5. Advanced Search using Or
  6. 6. Advanced Search using And
  7. 7. Advanced Search using Not
  8. 8. Final Search??
  9. 9. Hysteria!!
  10. 10. Note Cards
  11. 11. Note Card Completed
  12. 12. Paraphrasing When you have text  Reread the original passage until you understand its full meaning. that you need to paraphrase, consider  Change the sentence structure. these tips:  Do not use more than three words of the source material in a row.  Use synonyms. A synonym is a word that means approximately the same thing as another word.  Use key words from the original. While you need to paraphrase in your words, you cannot, and need not, substitute a different word for every word in the original.  Attribute the author and the page number directly after the paraphrased text.
  13. 13. Paraphrasing  Taking someone The Do Not’s else’s information 1. Do not just choose a few words or original thoughts to change! and putting it in your own words. 2. Do not look at the original quote When you have text as you try to paraphrase it! that you need to paraphrase, consider these tips: