Developing Microsoft Dynamics ISV Solutions That Address Customer Challenges


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Microsoft offers a fantastic framework of support to help you package & promote your solutions based on the Dynamics platform. In this session you will hear about our Metro & TAP programs, Partner readiness offerings as well as the benefits of having your solution Certified For Microsoft Dynamics (CfMD).

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  • BizsparkThe Microsoft BizSpark program is based on the belief that if Microsoft helps Startups  succeed, we will help build a mutually beneficial and valued long-term relationship, and together build a more vibrant global software economy. Microsoft BizSpark helps Startups by providing Microsoft software inexpensively, when they most need it and can least afford it, and by supporting a global network of support organizations − Startup incubators, investors, advisors, government agencies − that are equally involved and invested in software-fueledinnovation and entrepreneurship. Microsoft is committed to working with these organizations as part of the Microsoft BizSpark Network to ensure that we are supporting the broadest possible Startup audience, in a way that complements the value those network organizations already provide. Pack For ISVsMicrosoft Empower for ISVs is a two-year initiative that gives independent software vendors access to vital software development tools. For just U.S.$375 per year you can take advantage of these great benefits*: MSDN® (Microsoft Developer Network) ResourcesOne (1) MSDN Premium Subscription with Five (5) Development and Testing LicensesSoftware LicensesUp to five (5) internal-use software licenses and up to five (5) client access licenses Technical SupportUp to ten (10) hours of phone-based consulting As an introductory service for independent software vendors, Empower is not available to existing Microsoft Certified Partners or Gold Certified Partners. FinderFind partner-built solutions that work with Microsoft Dynamics to meet the unique needs of your business and industry. Enter a search keyword or use the Advanced Search fields to create a custom search query. ISV Playbook
  • Technical Advisory ServiceAccess Knowledge. Experience. Support.A global team of experienced Partner Technical Consultants provide: Technology talks and customized workshops to help you build deep skills at a fast pace.Implementation and deployment practices, design reviews, tools, and methodologies to build the right solution.Technology architecture guidance, application certification, code review and samples, and best practices.Guidance and demonstrations to help you leverage Microsoft technologies in your application design and development. ZoneMSDN Developer Centers pull together content and resources around specific products and technologies. They connect you to code samples, community sites, technical articles and documentation, upcoming events, and much more. Each Developer Center gives you a clear road map to understanding and working with your technology of choice. Partner Readiness:Our internal team responsible for scheduling & promoting upcoming training & readiness events. An INVALUABLE list of resources:
  • The Metro program is an exclusive early adoption program designed to help Microsoft Partners and Customers access the resources and support available to you as you build upon and extend the latest Microsoft products and technologies. McArthur from ADX Studios talks about Metro:
  • Technical Adoption Program (TAP)The Technology Adoption Program is designed to provide a consistent experience for Microsoft partners to obtain real-world customer feedback on Microsoft pre-release products.Participating customers find that some of the most powerful benefits include: Product team engineering help in deploying their Microsoft solutions. Early product education. An opportunity to influence product through their feedback. The strategic edge all this can give them in their line of business.The goal is to improve customer/partner experiences in evaluating and adopting our technologies and improve our ability to track and manage customer/partner relationships across programs. TAP is not an additional program. There are four different types of TAPs:Product Validation Product Evaluation Rapid Deployment Solutions ImplementationBenefits for Customers (businesses)Agreement Single legal agreement for all programs under TAPOnly 7 pages, clear language Governing law aligned with major geographical regions: e.g. Ireland, if your principal place of business is in EuropeProgram Description Same format for all programsFlexible to accommodate your requirementsLike MOU (Memorandum Of Understanding), no legal process necessaryWeb Site Information about all programs available under TAPMore information about all programs you are participating inWork with MS contact if you are interested in participationEasy access to pre-release softwarePlus.... Consistent taxonomy for Microsoft wide, cross product consistency: the customer knows what to expectTAP programs part of your strategic IT planningAvailability by invitation only; contact your Microsoft account manager about upcoming opportunities.
  • Developing Microsoft Dynamics ISV Solutions That Address Customer Challenges

    1. 1. Partner Success with Certified for Microsoft Dynamics Solutions<br />Carol Bowman<br />Dynamics Channel Recruiter<br />Microsoft Australia<br />Catherine Eibner<br />Dynamics Developer Evangelist<br />Microsoft Australia<br />
    2. 2. Key Take Aways<br />Understand why a vertical solution can help grow your business<br />Learn about the tools & resources Microsoft provides to help you be successful<br />Learn how to get access to these tools & resources<br />Learn from partners real life experiences<br />Ask your own questions...<br />
    3. 3. Opportunity<br />Engagement<br />Strategy<br />Partnering for Success<br />
    4. 4. ISV <br />Vertical and Industry Functionality<br />Wholesale/Distribution<br />Service Industries <br />Manufacturing<br />Public Sector<br />Retail <br />Higher solution value to a customer<br />Microsoft Dynamics Roadmap<br />Focus<br />Financial Management<br />Supply Chain Management<br />Reporting and Business Intelligence<br />Human Resources Management<br />Office Connection and Productivity<br />
    5. 5. Tools & Resources<br />
    6. 6. Now Stop, Collaborate & Listen....<br />BizSpark<br />Empower Pack for ISV’s<br />Solution Finder<br />
    7. 7. Lets Get it Started....<br />Innovate On<br />ISV Destination<br />
    8. 8. Build it & They will Come.....<br />Technical Advisory Service<br />ISV Zone (MSDN)<br />Australian Partner Readiness<br />
    9. 9. To Oblivion & Beyond!<br />Future Proof Your Solution(s)<br />Competitive Advantage<br />Cutting Edge technologies<br />Close Relationships with the Microsoft Product Teams<br />It’s more than Maintenance<br />
    10. 10. Ongoing: Metro Early Adopter Program <br />WHY?<br />business imperative, <br />competitive advantage, <br />accelerating the development cycle, <br />reducing time to market, <br />the benefit of free training, guidance, and support surrounding Microsoft&apos;s latest technology.<br />Outcome <br />a deployable application or service utilising the latest Microsoft products and technology<br />
    11. 11. Ongoing: TAP & RDP<br />Lead…the market by adopting critical enabling technologies earlyInfluence…<br />and shape the final product by providing early and deep feedbackConnect…<br />with expertise to obtain a deep understanding of strategic emerging technologies<br />
    12. 12. Solution Certification Requirements<br />Software Test<br />References<br />Service Plan<br />Partner Status<br />Microsoft DynamicsService Plan<br />Microsoft Services Partner Advantage<br />Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009<br />Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 <br />Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0<br />Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009<br />Microsoft Dynamics SL 7.0<br />10 customer evidences using tested solution together with Microsoft Dynamics<br />Gold Certified Partner Statusin the Microsoft Partner Program<br />
    13. 13. Get Certified!<br />Published Priority Vertical Solutions<br />Industry and VerticalSolution Maps<br />Focused Resellers andIndustry Specialists <br />VerticalMarketing Resources<br />Solution Finder<br />8,000 Profiled Solutions<br />Publish Top Solutions<br />PenetrateMarkets<br />AccelerateRevenue<br />BuildChannel Capacity<br />
    14. 14. Inspire the confidence in your solution by leveraging the power of the Microsoft brand. <br />Access to the Solution Coverage Map for worldwide solution coverage per verticals and regions. <br />Map<br />CfMD Benefits Overview<br />Build Sales Channel by using the Partner-to-Partner Connections webpage on PartnerSource to recruit new resellers.<br />Issue a press release in order to share your achievement with customers, prospects and the business community. <br />Net-working<br />PR<br />CfMD solutions are ranked higher and highlighted with the CfMD logo in Microsoft Dynamics Solution Finder.<br />Extend the certification benefits to your resellers to give more exposure to your solution worldwide. <br />Search<br />Microsoft will showcase your solution in the Business Solutions Catalog.<br />Participate in ISV community calls to learn about new business opportunities and marketing tools.<br />
    15. 15.
    16. 16. Over to You....<br />
    17. 17. Next Steps<br />Online Visit<br /><br />CfMD Partner-to-Partner Connection<br />Questions<br />E-mail<br />