Your Next Fundraising Success Is Here! Organo Gold Fundraiser Program


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We are available in many countries! We are in Austria, Canada, Cyprus, Dominican Republic, Germany, Greece, Jamaica, Mexico, Netherlands,Peru, Philippines, Philippines, Taiwan, United Kingdom, United States, Ecuador, Ireland, Poland, Italy and more coming.
Learning how to raise money quickly with the Organo Gold Fundraising Program - Check it out NOW! The purpose of the Organo Gold Healthier Coffee Campaign should be to help generate funds for teams, groups, non-profit organizations, and/or educational causes. It is a new and healthy alternative to the traditional candy, popcorn or bake sales efforts of the past. How exciting is this example: With 25 participants selling an average of 5 boxes each, totaling 125 boxes is a Net Profit of $1625. View the presentation for details. The form to get started is also posted here at SlideShare
Feel free to contact me Dr. Williams directly 9546002208 or by email I would be happy to support your fundraising goals!

Please participate in my survey to try our healthy beverage line of products

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Your Next Fundraising Success Is Here! Organo Gold Fundraiser Program

  1. 1. Put Organo Gold In My Mug! Presented by  Put Organo Gold In My Mug! Put Organo Gold In My Mug! Dr. Yamilette Williams Founder and CIO (Chief Inspiration Officer)
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  4. 4. Put Organo Gold In My Mug! GET STARTED TODAY! ‐ It’s easy y 1. Fill out the attached OG Product Non‐Profit Application/DBA Form  or  click‐next‐fund‐raising‐success‐is‐here‐ p put‐og‐in‐my‐mug‐organo‐gold‐fundraiser‐program g y g g g p g 2. Fax to 773‐435‐6769 or email to 3. Start your Fund Raiser!! Dr Yamilette Williams Dr. Yamilette Williams Founder and CIO (Chief Inspiration Officer) Let s Talk  954‐600‐2208 Let’s Talk 954 600 2208