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Marketing Mix of Apple Inc


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Marketing Mix of Apple Inc

  1. 1. Marketing Mix of Apple Inc. 30 years of innovation and customer satisfaction
  3. 3. HISTORY OF APPLE INC. Founded by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak on April 1, 1976. • Introduced Apple 1 to the world that used a TV screen. Apple was incorporated by Michael Scott, investor, in 1977. 1979. Apple introduces Apple III and Apple Lisa. 1984. Apple introduces Macintosh. The revolutionary product. 1985. Steve Jobs expelled as CEO. 1992. Apple faces massive setback. Sees its first drop of shares by 7%. Launches world’s first tablet pc. “Newton message pad”. 1996. Steve Jobs returns as CEO. 2001. Apple launches 163 retail stores in 4 countries. Also launches the iPod. Also launches the iTunes software.
  4. 4. HISTORY OF APPLE INC. 2003. ITunes is expanded to Windows users. iPods become the largest revenue generating product. 2007. Apple re-invents phone. Names it the IPhone. 2010: Apple reintroduces the Tablet. Names it IPad. 2012: Apple uses Intel chips for Mac Series. A great move. 2012- Till Date: Apple introduces Apple TV Apple IPhone 6. Apple watch Apple pay
  5. 5. Marketing Mix Simple to use Everyone loving quality. Optimum Let the quality talk.
  6. 6. Macintosh & MacBook • Apple Macintosh is customer centric. Apple tries to keep the design simple yet powerful. • Apple focusses on innovation. The mouse we use today was first introduced by Apple Inc. with the Apple Lisa. • Apple was the first company to introduce colour monitor as a Visual Display Unit. • Since the introduction of Apple II, the company has targeted schools, offices and normal homes as its target customers. • The introduction of MacBook line of products houses a powerful hardware that is taken advantage by an equally powerful software, The OS X. • Apple sells 3.5 Million MacBook units in the year 2014. • Keeps price high but doesn’t compromise with quality. Goes accepted by the customers.
  7. 7. Macintosh & MacBook
  8. 8. IPad • Apple IPad is the result of Apple’s vision to let the customers connect to the UI. • Design, the best in it’s class. Ergonomics and software combined. • Allows multi-touch. • Houses powerful software that works with an equally brilliant hardware. The Cortex A7 and A8 variant with the intuitive design of IOS 8. • Target market includes college goers, housewives, book readers and businesses. • iOS compatible to allow Windows PC users also take the advantage. • Apple follows variable pricing strategy that isn’t too high. • Prices differ on different product segment. • Apple lets the users speak for themselves. Believes a good product is half done. • Promotes through smart videos that are clear and precise about IPad.
  9. 9. IPad
  10. 10. IPod • A powerful idea. Took music listening to an all new level. • iPod + iTunes concept allows user to store 8000+ songs in the hard disk of some selected models. • Brilliant software like Voice Over allows user to click and listen to the name of the song and info. • Target customer is a general music enthusiast. Music quality does the work. • Houses colour display, photo viewing capability and video playback. Houses an inbuilt camera in some models like iPod touch. • Apple iPod is the highest revenue making product ever marketed by Apple. • Apple customer service replaces any component that is faulty with a new one. This enhances customer delight and user experience. • Apple makes the device compatible with 100+ variants of accessories so as to allow users to enjoy their music on the go.
  11. 11. tv • Launched In 2012. It shares Apple’s vision of connected devices. • An HDMI-Compliant source device. Has no external controls except the remote. Allows IPhone, IPad, IPod touch and MacBook devices to control the device using Wi-Fi. • Shares the customer choice channel as priority media streaming sources. Includes NETFLIX, VEVO, YouTube, NBA League Pass and Several Cable TV networks. • Streams video and music from MacBook users. • Target customers are mostly Apple customer that believe in connected devices. • Apple promotes tv by allowing users to view a 1080p resolution video feed that has inbuilt enhancement mechanism. • Generates 2.7 Million revenue for Apple.
  12. 12. tv
  13. 13. iPhone • Mobile Phone + iPod + Internet communication device = iPhone. • Works along with iTunes. Compatible with PC and Mac. • Target market ranges from Businessmen to Students to Housewives. • Quality and design remains top priority. Runs a faster software with an equally fast hardware that features 0 lag. • Mostly preferred by users and businessmen due to its iSight camera that has 0 shutter lag and best in class image reproduction. • Houses an A8 chip indigenously developed by Apple to suit its needs. • Powerful apps for everything, literally. • Does all that a desktop can do, and more.
  14. 14. iPhone Competition?
  15. 15. • Device that works along with the iPhone. Wearable computer. • Has inbuilt heartrate monitor. • Notification. Control and simulation. • Houses powerful sensors. • Target customers: Businessmen and Sportspersons. • Promotion: Allows users to test and try out the product. Opens dev platform for app development. • Scheduled to launch 4 days from now.
  16. 16. Pricing  Good quality is the argument to above the house pricing.  The components used is of highest industry standards.  Products are well ahead of their time.  Logistics and maintenance of retail outlets need a steady incoming revenue.  An awesome customer service is what comes with “THAT” price tag.  No wonder products and design are best in class. Customers don’t mind the price tag,
  17. 17. Promotion 1. Apple Inc. focusses on people’s problem and their products are an answer to each problem of an everyday user. 2. Apple Inc. products are of high industry standards. They are well reviewed and quality markets itself by the words of mouth of its customers. 3. Apple Inc. posts YouTube videos that focusses on the day to day usage and keeps it simple as to make the customers understand the product before its purchase. 4. Apple has tie-ups with many online song streaming services like Warner Bros music and Eros international. The customers are prompted to buy music from iTunes.  Apple promotes its devices from their inbound services. They prompt users to go for devices that do the jobs best. For example, read with an iPad.
  18. 18. Thank you