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GEA 3600 F07 Overview1


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Overview Notes 1, Geography of Africa, Fall 2007

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GEA 3600 F07 Overview1

  1. 1. 1. OVERVIEW Geography of Africa: A Development Perspective What Is Development? • Definition: Development is the process in which the principal objective is to improve the quality of people’s lives. Development Activities Education of Youth Agricultural Research Construction
  2. 2. Objectives of Course • Identify countries and regions in Africa • Discuss major physical features of African Continent • Discover the history and diverse cultural heritage of Africa • Relate physical characteristics and human intervention>>>creation of environment for sustainable economic development Africa Land of Contrasts Contrasts: ---Large Land Area --Low Absolute Population Density
  3. 3. Africa is BIG • 2nd largest Continent • 20% (one-fifth) of U.S.A. Earth’ s Land Area • 12.8% of World’ s India Population Argentina Comparisons: Europe China 3,700,000 sq.mi. New Zealand USA 3,600,000 India 1,200,000 Europe 1,100,000 Argen. 1,000,000 China N.Z. 100,000 Total 11,670,000 Africa 11,700,000 4,500 miles 4,800 miles 54 Countries
  4. 4. Contrasts: Physical Environmental Context Sahara: Largest Contiguous Desert Largest Tropical Rainforest Contrasts in Socio-cultural Context Population & Settlements
  5. 5. The Masai, a nomadic people, in the Rift Valley in Kenya High-rise Office Buildings Nairobi, Kenya Contrasts: Economic Activities
  6. 6. Contrasts: Manufacturing & Business Small scale auto repair workshop, Kumasi, Ghana Women at Traditional Outdoor Market Lagos, Nigeria Lagos Financial District: A Modern Marketplace
  7. 7. Contrasts: Adornment & Dress Youth in Traditional & Contemporary Dress – for Cultural Festival in Botswana University of Ghana Students Students at Ghana International School, Accra In Traditional Kente Cloths
  8. 8. Contrasts: Changing Roles for Women African Women are the Major Producers of Domestic Food Supply Woman Farmer in Rural South Africa Clothes Manufacturer & Exporter Accra, Ghana Bookstore Owner & Lawyer Nairobi, Kenya
  9. 9. Contrasts: Music… Popular Music: Traditional & Contemporary Traditional: Kusun - Ghana Fusion: Modern(?): Soukos - Congo African Rap Music Afro Moses Ghana
  10. 10. “Les Nubians” CD French Sudanese South Africa’s Dave Matthews Band U.S.A. NOTE: In Concert At UF’s O’Connell Center on Sept. 11 Dave Matthews was born in South Africa. Moved to U.S. as a child. Map Sites • • • .HTML