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Tech forum sympa 2012

  1. 1. Bard Mailings Lists / Using Sympa
  2. 2.  Sympa is an open-source mailing list management solution with an easy-to-use web interface. Sympa allows for easy creation and management of email distribution lists. With Sympa, groups of users can communicate more efficiently and automatically via email.
  3. 3.  search for mailing lists matching your main interests or your particular situation manage your subscriptions:  Subscribe / unsubscribe to lists  change your subscriber options list by list  change your general preferences use mailing lists:  read the archive of lists to which you are subscribed  perform searches in the list archive  send messages to lists to which you are subscribed  Upload / download documents to / from the shared document web space manage mailing lists:  create new lists (restricted access) - subject to authorization  configure lists you own  manage subscriptions, manage the shared document web space  moderate lists for which you are a moderator
  4. 4.  A list manager can create and manage mailing lists. Administration can create lists which everyone must be automatically be subscribed to. Managers can be Bard faculty, staff, and students. The list manager software distributes posted/moderated messages to all of the subscribers. List managers control subscription/un-subscription requests. List managers can approve or decline messages sent to the moderated lists.
  5. 5.  Subscribers can subscribe/unsubscribe to some mailing lists. Subscribers can search for particular lists to subscribe to. Subscribers can change their subscription preferences for lists they are subscribed to.
  6. 6.  Important postings by members of Administration. (You may not be able to unsubscribe from this list). Campus events such as general announcements, lectures, programs, seminars, etc. Discussions or a non-announcement list used to discuss a variety of topics. For Sale postings for personal items for sale or to request items/information needed. Student activities for important information such as registration announcements. Student campus activities for announcements related to sports, theatre, or music events.
  7. 7. 1. Contact Help Desk @ext. 7500 or to get started.2. Once a list name is created, log on to See documentation: Sympa Mailing List for Managers Sympa Mailing List for Users
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  9. 9. Please fill out the comment cards before you leave.