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WordLift - SEMANTiCS 2016


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Build your knowledge graph with WordPress. WordLift brings the power of Artificial Intelligence to beautifully organize content, attract new readers and get their true attention. WordLift is a lightweight plugin that brings state-of-the-art semantic technologies to the hands of any bloggers and publishers.

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WordLift - SEMANTiCS 2016

  1. 1. WordLift brings the power of Artificial Intelligence to help you produce richer content and organize it around your audience.
  2. 2. “If our role as journalists is to help communities better organize their knowledge and themselves, then it is apparent that we are in the service business and that we must draw on many tools, including content, and place value on the relationships we build with members of our communities, which will also take many forms. Thus we are in the relationship business.” -- Jeff Jarvis
  3. 3. Connected Computers 10K 1987 Connected Web Pages 38T 2013 Connected Data 29B 2015
  4. 4. “Organize Internet Knowledge in Digital Libraries”
  5. 5. Problema: Me, Myself & the Web + autorevolezza dei contenuti + engagement con il proprio audience + reputazione e visibilità Interagire e collegarsi con la propria tribù in un mare di contenuti è sempre più difficile Problem: Me, Myself & the Web + Content authority + Audience engagement + Reputation and visibility Connecting and interacting with your own tribe is harder with the increasing amount of content online
  6. 6. Solution: New Organization and Quality of Content
  7. 7. Organizing Knowledge Interactivity Engagement Community What Who Where When ● Making editorial decisions about what connects to what and why ● Providing a context and analysis of the facts ● Invite others to explore and discover ● Publish interoperable datasets that follows the linked data principles This slide is deliberately inspired by “Thinking Outside the Search Box”:
  8. 8. 1 2 3 Values Data ownership Data is owned by those who produce it. WordLift organizes your website and creates the metadata necessary to monetize your content. You can choose the type of licence to attach to the data created using WordLift. Open Source We build technologies together. WordLift’s technology is Open Source, to allow you the maximum freedom developing and growing your project (no vendor lock-in). Interoperability The Web must be and stay open. The economic value of individual knowledge is linked on its openness. WordLift publishes contents according to open web standards.
  9. 9. InsideOut10, the innovation company behind WordLift, develops technological and communication solutions, with a focus on CMS, Semantic Technologies, and Digital Communication Strategies. The Company
  10. 10. Company Area Analogies Differences Content Creation Content Marketing Semantic Tech Editorial Support Custom DataSets 14 lingue Content Creation Content Marketing Vertical Market Dataset Custom Dataset Content Marketing Content Recommendation Data Ownership Content Marketing Content Recommendation Data Interlinking Content Optimization SEO Optimization Onsite linking The Competition
  11. 11. First-to-Market (Content Organization) WordLift is first-to-market following a content organization approach, providing writers full ownership over their metadata, which can be now monetized. Technology (State of the Art) WordLift provides bloggers, editorial teams and enterprises of any size with a set of advanced Web publishing technologies (AI, NLP & Search.) Process Innovation (Linked Data Publishing) WordLift introduces a new process to create and optimize web content, similar to the innovation brought a few years ago by SEO best practices. 1 2 3 Competitive Advantages
  12. 12. Blogger Editorial Team Enterprise What We Have Learned From the Testing (Web KPIs | BEFORE & AFTER) 251.70% Sessions 29.32% Pages / Session 298.26% Sessions 245.27% Users 52.21% Avg. Session Duration 512.61% Users 159.59% Pageviews 8.5% Pageviews 264.39% Pageviews CLOSED BETA
  13. 13. CLOSED BETA
  14. 14. Building Publisher Awareness What are the Concepts We Care the Most? Why? Semantic tagging in general requires the publisher to make editorial decisions. This has created for Greenpeace Italy a new level of self-awareness of the relationship between the organization, the concepts they use to classify their contents and their audiences.
  15. 15. © MICO Project. Funded by the European Commission FP7 (grant agreement no: 610480). No reproduction without written permission. Show Me All Contents Related to... We’re experimenting with content filtering and machine learning algorithms to find patterns based on training data and improve content discovery. All Contents Related to Enel and Smartgrid that You migh like. RESEARCH
  16. 16. © MICO Project. Funded by the European Commission FP7 (grant agreement no: 610480). No reproduction without written permission. Match Images with Articles... RESEARCH
  17. 17. ”I will build a motor car for the great multitude. It will be so low in price that no man will be unable to own one." -- Henry Ford
  18. 18. Bloggers Editorial Teams Enterprises Linked Data Publishing for Everyone Month-by-Month Payment 20 € / Month
  19. 19. Join Our Revolution The development of WordLift is on GitHub The plugin is available on