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WordLift - Microdata for WordPress using the Interactive Knowledge Stack (IKS)

  1. WordLift Beyond the limits of languages IKS for WordPress
  2. stefan weitz // all things d “WE’RE TRYING TO INFUSE THIS IDEA OF EMOTION INTO THE DECISION ENGINE” Director Stefan Weitz Theory iN
  3. WHAT IS A LANGUAGE? Theory iN
  4. Symbolic, information is stored in the form of a code or symbol Resides in the mind of people, NOT in words Governed by rules - understanding rules help us understand one another LANGUAGE Theory iN jerome bruner
  5. Theory iN USER WORD THING (SYMBOL) (REFERENT) ogden-richards
  6. 1 2 Phonology Syntax “I did not object to “R U at Home?” the object” WHAT IS A LANGUAGE 3 Semantics 4 MADE OF? Pragmatism “Panda Mating “Under the hood” Fails”
  7. Theory iN The Symbolic Web Productivity of Search Web Emo 2020-2030 Symbolic Reasoning The Semantic Web Symbolic Augmentation Web 3.0 2010-2020 Reasoning Semantic The Social Web Search The World Wide Web Web 2.0 Natural Language 2000-2010 Web 1.0 Search 1990-2000 The Desktop Tagging PC Era Keyword Search 1980-1990 Files & Folders Databases Amount of Data BEYOND THE LIMITS OF LANGUAGES nova spivack
  9. WEB 1.0 Language Site Name Links in-text keywords Theory iN 1998
  10. 2011 WEB 3.0 Theory iN
  11. 2011 WEB 3.0 Theory iN
  12. Companies & Organizations 2011 Places Relationship People Semantic Domain Events Key Concepts Field Terms WEB 3.0 Theory iN
  13. 4 CONTINENTS 23 COUNTRIES 81.156 PEOPLE 12 CULTURES Enel is the largest electricity company in Italy and Spain, the second largest listed utility in Europe by installed capacity an the largest private operator in Latin America. OUR CLIENT By your Side
  14. 1 2 3 4 Empowering Strengthening “On-The- Open Online the Semantic Ground” Data Presence Domain Presence Sharing - SEO++ - Creation of - Implementing -Open Data - Users Topic-centric eParticipation tools Information - Aggregation and Data Publishing of clustering Corporate - Integration Silos Curation of contents information (Web with - Semantic “relevant” fort the core 3.0) Social Graph Design of digital business (FB and Google) environments - Crisis management and - Enabling Data - Interlinking - Creation and Concept-base Social Journalism as a management of the Media Monitoring new mean of Company - Focusing on Geo Social enterprise Thesaurus and Location Based communication - Leveraging SEM Services (Google Maps, investments Bing Maps, Open Map and Augmented Reality gps-driven) WHY SEMANTICS? By your Side
  15. Microdata Tagging Content Marketing for Search Engines Optimization 1. WRITING 3. SEO++ 2. ANALYSIS Entity extraction Editorial UI Cross-Site Linking (under development) FROM TEXT TO DATA Practice OUT
  16. david riccitelli // InSideOut10 andrea volpini // InSideOut10 GRAZIE!
  17. CREDITS this presentation is the result of many inspiring ideas and world-wide famous memes, here is the list: Jerome Bruner, Psychologist - I.A. Richards, Rhetorician C.K. Ogden, Philosopher and outsider C._K._Ogden Nova Spivack, Futurologist Giacomo Balla, Italian Painter Franti!ek Kupka, Graphic Artist %C5%A1ek_Kupka Lucio Fontana, Painter and Sculptor Lucio_Fontana any idea, graphics or meme belonging to us is available for sharing, copying and re-mixing under creative commons license 3.0