What’s Next in Mobility? Key Areas of Cyberinfrastructure


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Trevor Doerksen M.Sc.
CEO, MoboVivo

Presented at the Cybera/CANARIE National Summit 2009, as part of the session "What's Next: Key Areas of Emerging Cyberinfrastructure."
This session explored some of the up-and-coming areas of cyberinfrastructure and why they are increasingly being considered as essential elements to innovative research and development.

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What’s Next in Mobility? Key Areas of Cyberinfrastructure

  1. 1. What’s Next in Mobility? Key Areas of Cyberinfrastructure Trevor Doerksen M.Sc., CEO MoboVivo trevord@mobovivo.com 403-608-1923
  2. 2. Smartphone Market • •Apple grew worldwide market share 2% to 14% in last year • Just about to cut exclusivity with AT&T and Rogers • •RIM is sliding Worldwide 20%; 56% down to 52% in US • Requires perfect execution to avoid becoming the pre-Pre Palm • Nokia still dominant at 44% worldwide • Google 2% in US • Microsoft has to buy somebody to survive
  3. 3. Smartphone 2012 Projections* 2008 2012 50.0 Global Marketshare (%) 37.5 25.0 12.5 0 Symbian Android iPhone Windows Blackberry Linux Palm Operating System Gartner Group 2012 Projections http://www.computerworld.com/s/article/9139026/Android_to_grab_No._2_spot_by_2012_says_Gartner
  4. 4. 1 billion smartphones by 2012
  5. 5. Mobile needs cloud computing • Slow processors • Small storage • Portablility • Sync • Sharing
  6. 6. o ud wser t cl bro ple rea g a p l ly g avin ore A e rea st h bef r h som han ju A yea wit rful t 07. pps owe s, 20 nt a re p Job clie mo e eat s… S tev tore. “gr ice , ” pp S rv client e A se a h a nd hed t la unc
  7. 7. MoboVivo is a software company enabling broadcasters to distribute TV shows on mobile phones, laptops and set-top boxes
  8. 8. How does CI change things for MoboVivo? Phase 1. Enable broadcasters to sell TV shows to consumers for all devices • Shared revenue from the sale of TV shows to consumers • Platform for demonstration and disruption Phase 2. Enable broadcasters to adapt video for all devices • Software licencing fees for powerful video conversion solutions for broadcasters
  9. 9. 2011 Crossing the PrimeTime Content iPhone App Launch Chasm myScreens Feature 2010 Movies #1 iPhone WebApp RRT Beta Customer RRT Prototype Patent >500 shows Beta Today $1 Million VC Alpha Investment >140 shows >70 Revenue Share Content Agreements
  10. 10. Opportunity and Pain • Device Proliferation Pain 2008 % Usage 2008 % Growth • Over 2 billion laptops, mobile phones, iPods, etc. creating pain for broadcasters and Downloaded TV3% others 141% • Change in Consumer Consumption Habits Streamed Video 23% 35% • Apple has sold approximately $1 billion in TV shows TV Network Site 19% 15% • up to 49% say would they pay to avoid ads (Accenture 2009). • •Extreme Fragmentation Downloaded Music 22% 10% 25% 50% Leads to consumers hungry for more 75% Percentage 100% 125% content, including more downloads 150% • Pew 2008 Internet Usage Survey Leads to many potential enterprise customers and applications
  11. 11. So, you have digital video. Now get it to work on...
  12. 12. So, you have digital video. Now get it to work on... 1.Windows 2.Mac 3.iPod 4.Zune 5.PSP 6.Xbox 7.PS3 8.Set-top box 9.TV 10.Blackberry 11.Palm Special tools, lots of computer 12.Android power and lots of time required 13.Wii 14.Nokia 15.iPhone 16.Symbian 17.HTC
  13. 13. Solutions Cableco/Telcos H/W manufacturers CDN’s Find, Download, Play • Customers pay for the content and screens they want • No special tools, computer power or time required • Very different than current cable and iTunes models
  14. 14. What’s Next in TV? in the cloud Ultimate in Video-On- choice for Demand consumer Pay for Cable 1 screen favorite 1 Screen screens Broadcast Pay for Pay for Pay for 1 screen Content Favorite Favorite Free Content Bundles Shows Shows
  15. 15. How will CI or cloud computing change things? • Portability continues to push technology • Sync will be large business • Network storage to grow • Tablets and Netbooks to be in your house too • Fragmentation, changing consumer habits and device proliferation continues significant disruption of media landscape
  16. 16. Are we ready? • Traditional media is not ready • Microsoft is not ready • Consumers are ready • Regulation andWIPO, and copyright legislation legislation is not ready • CRTC, CanCon, • Net Neutrality • Telco and CableCo are not ready • Lack of cloud solutions from incumbants • Shaw and mobile spectrum