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To Compete You Must Compute - Susan Baldwin, Compute Canada


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Susan Baldwin, Executive Director with Compute Canada, presented these slides as part of the Cybera Summit 2010 session "The Economics Behind Cyberinfrastructure". For more information, please visit

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To Compete You Must Compute - Susan Baldwin, Compute Canada

  1. 1. The  Economics  of  Cyberinfrastructure   To  Compete  You  Must  Compute   September  21,  2010   Susan  Baldwin   Execu?ve  Director   Compute  Canada  
  2. 2. Vision    To  advance  research,  support  and  accelerate   innova4on  and  excellence,  develop  highly   qualified  personnel,  and  enable  compe44ve   advantage,  economic  prosperity  and  well-­‐ being  for  all  Canadians  through  the  effec4ve   use  of  high  performance  compu4ng  
  3. 3. Mission    To  create  a  na4onal  plaBorm  of  shared  world-­‐ class  high  performance  compu4ng  and  data   resources  and  personnel,  accessible  by   researchers  in  all  disciplines  independent  of   resource  or  researcher  loca4on  and  to   promote  high  performance  compu4ng   na4onally  and  interna4onally  
  4. 4. Interna4onal  Review  Panel   •  CFI  required  a  mid-­‐term  review  of  Compute  Canada   •  The  Panel’s  recommenda?ons  included:   –  A  strategic  plan  that  strengthens  Compute   Canada’s  na?onal  role  in  the  Canadian  research   landscape   –  A  coordinated  plan  that  would  allow  the   consor?um  members  to  beMer  support   commercial  organiza?ons  
  5. 5. Compute  Canada  and  RMSC   •  A  dynamic  shared  plaBorm  for  SMEs   •  Allows  SMEs  to  access:   –  advanced  HPC  exper?se   –  state-­‐of-­‐the-­‐art  supercomputers  at  Compute   Canada  consor?a   –  academic  researchers   –  administra?ve  framework  to  minimize  overhead  
  6. 6. What  We’re  Planning   •  Micro-­‐Clusters   –  Start  with  1  industry  sector   •   air,  automo?ve,  agriculture,  manufacturing,  etc.   –  Involve  all  stakeholders   –  Collabora?on,  partnerships,  internships   –  An  economic  driver   –   Compute  Canada  consor?um  leads,  na?onally   accessible.  
  7. 7. What  We  Expect   •  New  knowledge   •  New  applica?ons   •  New  products   •  New  partnerships   •  New  rela?onships   •  Compe??ve  advantage  
  8. 8. Why  We  Are  Working  Together   TO  COMPETE  YOU  MUST  COMPUTE