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Presentation of IT Security , IT Forensics

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  1. 1. Securitarian
  2. 2. PowerPlugsTemplates for PowerPointIT FORENSICThe IT Computer Forensic is investigatory approachfor finding the evidences, extent of loss & culprits,when some information security breach has takenplace. Forensic solution, lets examiners acquire datafrom a wide variety of devices, unearth potentialevidence with disk level forensic analysis, and craftcomprehensive reports on their findings, all whilemaintaining the integrity of their evidence.
  3. 3. PowerPlugsTemplates for PowerPointIT FORENSICA recent study indicates that over 93%of information produced is in digital format.The same study also noted that 85% of allcriminal, civil, and company violations aredone by means of digital Intrusion.
  4. 4. PowerPlugsTemplates for PowerPointPOSSIBILITY OF BREACH OF IT SECURITY• Theft of Company Secrets (client or employee lists)• Employee Sabotage or Terrorism• Credit Card Fraud• Financial Crimes• Embezzlement (money or information)• Economic Crimes• Harassment (sexual)• Child Pornography• Major Crimes• Identity Theft (short or long-term plans)
  5. 5. PowerPlugsTemplates for PowerPointNature of AttacksInternalUSBPEN DrivesExternal Hard DrivesLANExternalWebMailIM
  6. 6. PowerPlugsTemplates for PowerPointINTERNAL INTRUSIONPen Drive Intrusiono Details of all pen drives installed on a systemo Recorded as per O/S artifacts with timelineo Analysis of all pen drives used on different work station on a NetworkLocal Area Network Intrusiono Any suspected user Login Analysis with Victims computer in the Networko Artifacts with regard to different incidents taken place during that log on period
  7. 7. PowerPlugsTemplates for PowerPointEXTERNAL INTRUSION1. Web IntrusionTrojanMalwareSpyware2. MailsAs an Attachment3. IMDuring communicationAttachment
  8. 8. PowerPlugsTemplates for PowerPointForensic Type
  9. 9. PowerPlugsTemplates for PowerPointITLog Forensic:To Analyse all kinds of log prepared by the operating system and devicesArtifact Forensic:To Locate and analyse huge number of Artifacts with reference to Chats,Communications, Web Browsing and File sharing activites occuring in widerange of softwaresTime Line:To find out when exactly with date and time any specific event happened onthe systemForensic Spots:All types of foot prints consolidations for any unathorised activity happenedon the system
  10. 10. PowerPlugsTemplates for PowerPointITDevice Incident Forensic:Installation / Activation of any External Hardware devices attached to thesystemReversing Analysis:Decoding / Reverse Engineering of any incident/ activity done on anysystemNetwork Forensic:To check and investigate who has logged into the system and whenEmail Forensic:Scanning of all emails
  11. 11. PowerPlugsTemplates for PowerPointCOMMUNICATIONForensic :The Mobile Forensic is for cell phones, Smart phones / Tablets & itgoes beyond standard logical analysis . Use of advancedproprietary protocols and phone APIs makes it possible to pull muchmore data from these devices.Location Finder :Location of the Lost mobile can be found up to a radius of 5 Mtr.area location with the help of proprietary software tool.Interception :Interception of communication of mobile can be done in the realtime or checked later from the server.
  12. 12. PowerPlugsTemplates for PowerPointETHICAL SURVEILLANCE OF SUSPECTSYSTEM:The system of the suspect can be monitored any timeEthically with the permission and approval of LawEnforcement agencies for finding out the evidences andproofs .COMMUNICATION DEVICES:Smart Phones/Tablets and other such gadgets of thesuspect can also be put on Real Time surveillance withnecessary approvals and permissions as per the Law of Land.
  13. 13. PowerPlugsTemplates for PowerPointCOMPUTER FORENSIC PROCESS MODELPlan Aquire Extract Analyse Report1. PlanA computer forensics investigation begins with a well defined plan. Aright formatted plan save time, increase the amount of relevant data,and produce the highest quality results, We work with staffinvestigators and security personnel to identify and target sources ofevidence, gain an understanding of the case, and apply the properprocedures.2. Acquire:The Acquisition process ranges from complete computer forensicdisk imaging for gathering information from sources in a consistentmanner.
  14. 14. PowerPlugsTemplates for PowerPointCOMPUTER FORENSIC PROCESS MODEL3. Extract:To Extract Bit by Bit Data from the Hard Drives & other such placesby using Best computer forensic software tools is the Backbon ofany Forensic task.4. Analyze:Even the smallest hard disk drives contain tens of thousands of files.Seuritarian uses advanced techniques and tools to isolate only themost relevant electronic data. It is not just the Tools or Softwarewhich gives accurate analysis but the ways and means of extractingand analysing data at the Micro level and then corelating andconsolidating the same for solving the case.
  15. 15. PowerPlugsTemplates for PowerPointCOMPUTER FORENSIC PROCESS MODEL5. Report:Once the analysis is complete, presenting an understandable,defendable, and complete report is key. The ability to defend theprocess and testify to the methodologies used makes our expertsunrivaled in the field of computer forensics.
  16. 16. PowerPlugsTemplates for PowerPointIT SECURITY
  17. 17. PowerPlugsTemplates for PowerPointIT SECURITYCorporate and Government agencies need toproactively protect their critical applications, dataand processes from external and internal threatsthroughout their entire life cycle. By taking acomprehensive and integrated approach toapplication vulnerability management, agenciescan measurably improve operational security,mitigate risks, and reduce costs.
  18. 18. PowerPlugsTemplates for PowerPointNEED OF IT SECURITYIT Security is now a basic requirement becauseglobal computing is inherently insecure.Information Security means protectinginformation from unauthorized access.Information security is a continue process toprotect your information.
  19. 19. PowerPlugsTemplates for PowerPointIT SECURITYCIA Triangle• Confidentiality• Integrity• AvailabilityConfidentialityEnsuring that your information remains confidential andremains with only to those who should access that information.Information IntegrityKnowing that no one has been able to change your information,so you can depend on its accuracy.AvailabilityMaking sure that your information is available when you need it.
  20. 20. PowerPlugsTemplates for PowerPointIT INFRASTRUCTURE• Servers• Routers• Firewall• Network• Web• Users
  21. 21. PowerPlugsTemplates for PowerPointOUR PROCESS MODELFirst PhaseIdentification of TargetsSystem Fingerprinting, Enumeration, Checking the Information FlowSecond PhaseIdentification of Vulnerabilities and Potential RisksNon Destructive Exploitation of found VulnerabilitiesThird PhaseResult Collation and Report WritingGiving the Final Report to the Client about total health of I TInfrastructure.Fourth PhaseSuggestions for smooth & secure IT environment and Businesscontinuity.Recommendation of Industry Best Solutions to maintain secureenvironment to deal with future Threats and Challenges.
  22. 22. PowerPlugsTemplates for PowerPointTHANK YOU
  23. 23. Securitarian200B, 23 SHIVAJI MARG, NEW DELHI-15info@securitarian.com9818855180,9810366659Branch Office: Noida, Gurgaon, Mumbai