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The big bang theory


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a presentation for my course of senior English. It introduced the big bang theory from five parts:characters, writing, costume, set and emotion.

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The big bang theory

  2. 2. conventions of sitcom•  characters•  writing/script•  costume•  set(apartment,school,bar)•  emotion(romance,friendship,family)
  4. 4. Leonard Hofstadteran experimental physicistworks in CaltechAlthough Leonard feels at homewith his geek colleagues, hewants to be more social. Amongthe main characters, he generallyhas the least amount of difficultyinteracting with ”non-geek”individuals.
  5. 5. Sheldon Cooperan theoretic physicistWorks in CaltechSheldon is logical and has anoverly extensive generalknowledge. He possesses aneidetic memory and an IQ of 187
  6. 6. PennywaitressWorks in local Cheesecake FactoryPenny has an aspirations ofbecoming an actress. She is notparticularly intellectually gifted orsavvy in a specific technical field,but she has great social skills andis very knowledgeable about popculture.
  7. 7. Howard Wolowitzan aerospace engineerWorks in Caltech’s Department ofApplied Physicshe has shown limited success withother women. Eventually, he foundhis girlfriend, Bernadette , Anamateur microbiologist.
  8. 8. Rajesh KoothrappaliastrophysicistWorks in CaltechHe is very shy around womenand is physically unable to talkto them unless he drinks alcohol.However, he has had muchbetter luck with women asopposed to his overly confidentbest friend Howard.
  9. 9. WRITING
  10. 10. Chuck Lorreworks:•  Grace  Under  Fire  •  Cybill    •  Dharma  &  Greg  •  Two  and  a  Half  Men《好汉两条半》    •  The  Big  Bang  Theory
  11. 11. David  Saltzberga    Professor  of  Physics  and  Astronomy  at  the  University  of  California,  Los  Angeles.  
  12. 12. COSTUME
  13. 13. SET
  14. 14. comic book storelike a real store
  15. 15. labdetails to arouse resonance
  16. 16. apartmentdetails to make it a real scientist‘s apartment
  17. 17. ROMANCE
  18. 18. FRIENDSHIPbromance基友情
  19. 19. FOR AUDIENCE•  The show, ultimately, is a weaker(弱者) story. Whetheryou’re watching the show and saying, like,”That’sme!”or you’re watching it going, “What’s up withthese guys?”everyone can relate to being a weaker atsome point. People like to help or support weakers, becauseeveryone, in their lives, has felt like a weaker.•  joy, visual impact(costume, set decoration),emotion(friendship, romance)
  20. 20. Thank you!