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Using ux to change company culture – london content strategy october 2012


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Using ux to change company culture – london content strategy october 2012

  1. 1. Using UX to change company cultureJoe Leech @mrjoe 1
  2. 2. Hello, I’m @mrjoe, but you can call me Joe @mrjoe
  3. 3. 1. Symptoms of a non-customer focused company @mrjoe
  4. 4. If your site is based on your organisation then your showing your organisational underpants. @mrjoe
  5. 5. I thinkwe should Personal opinion can lead to the loudest voice leading the design Taking the ‘I’ out of design @mrjoe
  6. 6. 75% use the internet They spend 38 minutes per day online Conversion rate is 5.3% They spend an average of £236 per year online Conversion increased by 0.1% with Data dehumanises. variant 3 @mrjoe
  7. 7. All this talk about users. The term user again dehumanises. @mrjoe
  8. 8. 2. What to do (well, what to try) @mrjoe
  9. 9. Hearing Thinking Seeing Saying A tool to help foster empathy = empathy maps © cxpartners 2005 @mrjoe
  10. 10. http:// m/images/blogs/too- many-cards.jpgThe words we use to describe our customers define how we view them.29% of UK supermarket customers have more than 1 loyalty card.They cannot be described as loyal customers. Poly-loyal means we viewthem differently. We don’t take them for granted. @mrjoe
  11. 11. I’m a new Dad, my girlfriend has just had a baby. We’re trying to buy our first home but we can’t get credit.I can’t even get a credit card.Telling stories about our customersmakes them human, encouragesempathy and helps us help them aspeople not statistics. @mrjoe
  12. 12. Through design we makepeople’s lives better That’s how I feel about design. @mrjoe
  13. 13. In conclusion... Encourage empathyHumanise your words and approach Tell stories @mrjoe
  14. 14. Thank you.I’m @mrjoe on twitter I (we) write 14