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@CIOonline Seven Keys to IT Leadership / IT Value Matrix


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IO executive council developed "Seven Keys to IT Leadership"

1. The primary goal of IT is to align with major enterprise objectives. Every initiative must be clearly tied in a provable way to business value.

2. Because all major business initiatives are dependent upon technology, the CIO must have a voice at the table at which key business decisions are made.

3. The CIO is responsible for understanding a business’s complexities, influencing peers and presenting technology strategy in terms the business can understand.

4. Technology leaders are agents of change. Transition is our stable state.

5. Communication and relationship building are as important to IT leadership as technology skills are.

6. Successful technology leadership must strike a balance between competing forces: short-term versus long-term, technology versus business focus, leading versus enabling.

7. The CIO is responsible for cultivating technology leadership at all levels.

If you're a CIO, you need this. If you have a CIO in your team, do your company a favor and go over this with the CIO. If you use technology in your company, this tool will help manage expectations.

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@CIOonline Seven Keys to IT Leadership / IT Value Matrix

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