Cxo cockpit KScope 2013 presentation - Hanes Brands & Teletech


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Cxo cockpit KScope 2013 presentation - Hanes Brands & Teletech

  1. 1. CXO Cockpit Presentation Oracle Kscope13 - June 25, 2013
  2. 2. Agenda  Introductions  CXO Cockpit  Overview  Quick Demonstration  Customer Presentations  TeleTech – Tiffany Briseño  CXO with Hyperion Essbase  Hanesbrands – Kyle Tennant  CXO with Hyperion Essbase & HFM  Questions and Answers
  3. 3. CXO Organization  Founded in 2007  HQ in Utrecht the Netherlands  Multiple Sales offices in UK and USA  In-house Development & Support  Global customer base of over 50 customers
  4. 4. Elevator pitch  It is an advanced Reporting & Analysis Platform specially built for Hyperion  It is easy and quick to implement, easy to use and easy to maintain  It is a “finance owned” system  Evaluated risk-free at low upfront costs 100%predictable T.C.O.  Many satisfied customers
  5. 5. Benefits of the CXO-Cockpit (be in control anywhere & anytime!!)  Instant Mobile & Web-Based output for Hyperion  Less error prone / report in time with confidence  On-line Annotations together with highly graphical output  Finance owned / 100% pre-built including all financial intelligence  Integrated Mobile app with no additional maintenance and development costs
  6. 6. CXO-Cockpit Community Invens ys Jotun IBA
  7. 7. CXO-Cockpit live Demonstration  End-user Mobile & Web-based experience  Storyboards and CXO-Viewer (booklets)  Printing to PDF or PPT or Paper,  Building of new dashboards from scratch
  8. 8. TeleTech Agenda  About TeleTech  TeleTech’s EPM Footprint  Why CXO-Cockpit?  How do we use CXO-Cockpit?  Further rollout
  9. 9. Who is TeleTech?  TeleTech helps the world’s most successful companies design, enable, manage, and grow superior customer experiences across the customer life cycle in order to drive growth and profitability
  10. 10. What is TeleTech’s EPM Footprint?  3 ASO and 1 BSO cubes in Production  TeleTech currently runs Essbase and Planning for 170+ users across the globe  Includes  Annual Budgets  Quarterly Forecasts  Monthly Accounting  Monthly Non-Financial Statistics
  11. 11. Why CXO Cockpit?  Visual dashboards for C level executives  Mobile access to Hyperion information  Access to limited sets of Hyperion data for non-Hyperion users  POC model  Easy administration for report building
  12. 12. How do we use CXO Cockpit?
  13. 13. How do we use CXO Cockpit?
  14. 14. How do we use CXO Cockpit?
  15. 15. Where do we hope to go with CXO Cockpit?  Expand to more organizations outside the CFO  Add employee information to Hyperion and generate CXO new dashboards  Expand CXO user base within the CFO organization after we stabilize and upgrade our Hyperion environment
  16. 16. Hanesbrands Agenda  About Hanesbrands  Implementation at Hanesbrands  Advantages of CXO Cockpit  CXO at Hanesbrands  Illustrative Reports  Summary
  17. 17. About Hanesbrands Based in Winston-Salem, N.C., Hanesbrands Inc. (NYSE:HBI) is a global consumer goods company with more than a century of history and a portfolio of leading apparel essentials including T-shirts, bras, panties, men’s underwear, kids' underwear, socks, hosiery, casualwear and activewear. Some of our brands include: • Hanes® • Champion® • Playtex® • Bali® • L’eggs® • Just My Size® • Barely There® • Wonderbra® Hanesbrands, which was spun off from Sara Lee Corporation in 2006, has approximately 50,000 employees.
  18. 18. About Hanesbrands (Continued) Our Brands In a recent survey, Hanesbrands can be found in eight out of 10 American households, and they are sold in hundreds of stores, plus Web and catalog. What’s more, our brands hold either the number-one or number-two U.S. market position by sales in most product categories in which we compete:  First in T-shirts, fleece, socks, men’s underwear, sheer hosiery and kids’ underwear  Second in bras and panties
  19. 19. Implementation at Hanesbrands  The initial implementation of CXO-Cockpit at Hanesbrands was a component of a Hyperion Financial Management project started in August of 2011.  Our implementation followed the typical CXO-Cockpit application development cycle:  Proof of Concept (December of 2011)  Two week Implementation  Custom Development (as needed)  Proof of Concept application was built with the Metadata and data from our Hyperion Financial Management application. The application was presented to our CFO and other senior executives after only 2 to 3 days of consulting.
  20. 20. Implementation at Hanesbrands (Continued)  Because much of the application is pre-built (seventeen standard templates) the initial implementation of CXO-Cockpit at Hanesbrands required only two weeks.  The implementation time included installation of the software, training of the system administrators, and deployment of the application.
  21. 21. Advantages of CXO Cockpit  Provides Hyperion based dashboards and reports to senior executives via the web, iPad, iPhone, Android, and other smart devices.  More cost effective than OBIEE to implement. Is able to deliver key financial information at low costs in a simple and intuitive way to end-users.  Senior executives have direct access to correct key financial information, anywhere and anytime.
  22. 22. CXO-Cockpit at Hanesbrands  Our future reporting strategy at Hanesbrands prescribes that CXO-Cockpit will be utilized in the following ways:  Executive Dashboard Reporting  Rapid Exception Analysis  One-stop shop for Executive Reporting
  23. 23. Illustrative Reports
  24. 24. Illustrative Reports
  25. 25. Illustrative Reports
  26. 26. Summary  Utilization of column and row templates within the application enable administrators to quickly update reports as required for changing business conditions.  Through the use of MDX an administrator can write cube calculations to derive information that is not available within the source application (i.e. Earnings per Share).  Properly sized, one virtual server can the hold SQL Server Database, SQL Server Analysis Services, and the CXO-Cockpit client. This is the configuration recommended by CXO and is utilized at Hanesbrands.  Upgrades from one version of CXO-Cockpit to another require only a couple of hours and minimal Information Technology support.
  27. 27. Q&A Contact details Invens ys Jotun IBA - Gold Sponsorship - Booth # 411 - Customers presentation by Hanesbrands and Teletech USA East Coast: USA West Coast: UK & Nordics: Rest of the World: All contact details can be found on:
  28. 28. Thank you!