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Carol Egans Resume2

  1. 1. T H E O T TAWA C I T I Z E N T H U R S D AY, O C T O B E R 3 0 , 2 0 0 8 WAYNE CUDDINGTON,THE OTTAWA CITIZEN WINE GUIDE 2008AROMATIC WHITEWINES WINE RATINGS about the mediocre and poor BY ROD PHILLIPS value ones which would be rated ★★ or ★.Hillebrand ‘Artist Series’ This is a list of a hundred readilyGewürztraminer 2007 (Ontario) available wines that Ottawa ■ Nearly all the wines listed here★★★★ 554378 $10.95 Citizen wine columnist Rod are dry, and any sweetness isLook for rich, pungent and spicy Phillips considers good to noted in the description of thefruitiness and a refreshing tex- excellent value. Most are in the wine.ture. It’s nicely structured and is regular selection of the LCBO, ■ The prices and vintages in thisa great choice for spicy chicken, but some are ‘Vintages Essen- list might be different when youpork or seafood. tials,’ wines that are perma- buy any of the wines; prices nently in stock in Vintages. fluctuate, and new vintagesCave Spring ‘Estate Bottled replace old. Moreover, winesRiesling 2006 (Ontario) Each wine is rated as follows: are continually removed from,★★★★ 286377 $17.80 ★★★★★ Excellent value and added to, the LCBO list. JULIE OLIVER, THE OTTAWA CITIZENThis has lovely fruit aromas and ★★★★ Very good value ■ Because selections vary you that carries the wine you’reflavours with zesty acidity and ★★★ Good value among LCBO outlets, you might looking for, use the searchjust a little sweetness to take have to visit more than one engine at or callthe edge off. It’s perfect for There are too many good- to store to find a particular wine. 1-800-ONT-LCBO (1-800-668-spicy Asian dishes or smoked excellent-value wines to bother To find the LCBO store nearest 5226).salmon.
  2. 2. T H E O T TAWA C I T I Z E N T H U R S D AY, O C T O B E R 3 0 , 2 0 0 8Dopff & Irion Gewürztraminer solid fruit flavours that are well Remy Pannier Muscadet Sèvre This stands out from the lake of2006 (France) defined and complex. The zesty, et Maine 2007 (France) Italian Pinot Grigios. It has a fair-★★★★ 81463 $16.45 clean texture makes it perfect for ★★★★ 13821 $10.95 ly rich and refreshing texture,The aromas and flavours are in- cream-based fish or chicken dish- Muscadet is the classic fish wine concentrated and definedtense, pungent and quite lus- es. of France, and this one delivers flavours, and goes well with sea-cious, and they’re balanced by a very attractive flavours and the soned chicken or pork.zesty, tangy texture. Drink it hap- Caliterra Reserva Sauvignon crisp texture that you want forpily with spicy Asian dishes. Blanc 2007 (Chile) lemon-spritzed white fish and Twin Fin Pinot Grigio 2006 ★★★★ 275909 $10.95 seafood. (California)Strewn ‘Two Vines’ Riesling- Crisp and refreshing in texture, ★★★ 38323 $12.95Gewürztraminer 2004 (Ontario) this features bright and vibrant MEDIUM-FULL-BODIED Look for intense fruit flavours★★★ 467662 $11.95 flavours with some pungency. It’s here, with a generous andLovely rich flavours from the ideal for a goat cheese salad or WHITE WINES smooth texture. It’s good sippedGewürztraminer with well-bal- grilled seafood appetizers. Penfolds ‘Koonunga Hill’ on its own and goes well withanced crispness from the Chardonnay 2006 (Australia) chicken or pork with a fruitRiesling. Sip it alone or serve it Château des Charmes ★★★★ 321943 $14.95 salsa.with spicy chicken and pork dish- Sauvignon Blanc 2007 (Ontario) A delicious, almost elegantes. ★★★ (391300) $15.95 Chardonnay with ripe fruit Monkey Bay Sauvignon Blanc With lively, bright and substantial flavours, excellent balance and 2007 (New Zealand)Pierre Sparr Gewürztraminer flavours and an exuberant and re- an attractive texture. It goes well ★★★ 620062 $14.452006 (France) freshing texture, this is great with with grilled salmon or pork. Rich, pungent fruit that’s quite★★★★ 373373 $16.05 grilled white fish and fresh complex dominate the flavourA classic. Look for focused aro- lemon—or even with fish and Santa Carolina Reserva profile, and it’s crisp and zesty inmas and flavours, with a rich, chips. Chardonnay 2007 (Chile) texture. It’s great with dishesmouth-filling weight and a hint of ★★★★ 304022 $10.95 with ripe goat cheese or withthe typical soft bitterness on the Banrock Station Unwooded This is a really lovely chardonnay, lemony fish dishes.finish. It’s great with spicy Thai Chardonnay 2007 (Australia) with luscious flavours, a gener-chicken dishes. ★★★★ 455022 $10.95 ous and refreshing texture and Rosemount ‘Diamond Label’ Look for a clean and crisp texture excellent balance. It’s a no-brain- Chardonnay 2006 (Australia)Angels Gate Gewürztraminer that carries flavours that are er for chicken, turkey and pork. ★★★ 265132 $162007 bright, vibrant and attractive. It’s Fruit-forward with luscious ripe(Ontario) dry and well balanced, and excel- William Fevre ‘Champs Royaux’ flavours and a generous texture,★★★ 58594 $15.75 lent with grilled chicken salad. Chablis 2007 (France) this is balanced and food-friend-A Gewürztraminer in a lighter ★★★★ 276436 $22.55 ly. It’s excellent with pork tender-style. With all the classic aromas Lurton Pinot Gris 2007 With an excellent balance of loin with apricot compote.and flavours of the variety and (Argentina) mouth-watering crispness andvery good balance, it’s great with ★★★★ 556746 $10.95 complex and intense flavours, Madfish Sauvignon Blanc/spicy Asian food and smoked This has intense and attractive this is a great choice for shellfish Semillon 2006 (Australia)salmon. flavours. It’s plush and mouth-fill- and white fish. ★★★★ 588863 $15.15 ing, quite stylish, with food-friend- A delicious, crisp blend that de-LIGHT-MEDIUM- ly edginess. Drink it with spicy Bouchard Père & Fils Pouilly- livers Sauvignon’s vibrant seafood, chicken or pork. Fuissé 2007 (France) flavours and Semillon’s round-BODIED WHITE WINES ★★★★★ 56580 $27.95 ness and fuller texture. It goesHenry of Pelham Riesling 2007 Fazi Battaglia Verdicchio dei This outstanding chardonnay well with grilled seafood with a(Ontario) Castelli di Jesi Classico 2007 from a prestigious region deliv- squeeze of lemon.★★★★ 268375 $13.25 (Italy) ers on complex, structuredPacked with delicious flavours ★★★★ 024422 $10.95 flavours and refreshing crisp- Santa Alicia Reserveand with a mouth-filling and zesty This is delicately flavoured, with a ness. Open it with chicken or Chardonnay 2007 (Chile)texture, it’s great to sip alone or range of bright fruit notes and pork in a heavier sauce. ★★★★ 414474 $10.95to drink with spicy dishes of pork, good acidity. From a coastal wine Look for quite concentrated andchicken or seafood. region, it’s an excellent match for Matua Valley Sauvignon Blanc rich flavours and texture that’s lighter-flavoured fish in cream 2007 (New Zealand) both full and refreshing. It goesMontecillo Blanco 2007 (Spain) sauce. ★★★★ 619452 $15.80 well with roast chicken or a su-★★★ 72058 $9.95 A lovely, pungent Sauvignon permarket barbecued chicken.A simple, crisp and straightfor- Rosehall Run Pinot Gris 2006 Blanc that delivers bright fruitward white that delivers attractive (Ontario) flavours that span a wide spec- Santa Rita Reserva Sauvignonflavours, this is a natural for ★★★ 86868 $16.95 trum and a zesty, refreshing tex- Blanc 2007 (Chile)lighter-flavoured fish and seafood A very attractive Pinot Gris with ture. Pair it with lemon chicken or ★★★★ 275677 $13.95dishes. solid flavours and a smooth, grilled seafood. From one of Chile’s coolest val- crisp texture. It’s an excellent leys, this has a zesty, crisp tex-Trius Dry Riesling 2007 (Ontario) partner for well-seasoned chick- Gabbiano Pinot Grigio 2007 ture and lovely pungent flavours.★★★★ 303792 $13.95 en and pork dishes or for grilled, (Italy) It’s excellent with fish or seafoodA very attractive Riesling with spicy seafood. ★★★★ 77990 $12.95 spritzed with lemon. 2
  3. 3. T H E O T TAWA C I T I Z E N T H U R S D AY, O C T O B E R 3 0 , 2 0 0 8Henry of Pelham Non-Oaked flavours and a crisp texture, it MEDIUM-BODIED ★★★★ 189415 $16.25Chardonnay 2007 (Ontario) pairs very well with sweet/tart The flavours here are plush and★★★★ 291211 $13.25 dishes like roast turkey and cran- RED WINES generous, it’s smooth, mouth-fill-Unoaked Chardonnays allow the berry sauce. Durbanville Hills Shiraz 2005 ing and refreshing, and it’s an ex-fresh primary fruit flavours to (South Africa) cellent choice when you’re serv-shine through. With good balance LIGHT-MEDIUM- ★★★ 22269 $11.95 ing grilled or roasted red meats.and clean texture, this one is ide- Nicely structured, well-balancedal for delicate fish and seafood BODIED RED WINES and full of ripe fruit flavours, this Robert Mondavi ‘Privatedishes. Bouchard Père & Fils ‘La is a well-priced Shiraz in a more Selection’ Merlot 2005 Vignée’ Bourgogne Pinot Noir restrained style. It’s a good (California)Louis Jadot Bourgogne (France) choice for well-seasoned grilled ★★★ 524769 $18.95Chardonnay 2007 ★★★ 605667 $17.95 red meats. A well-made merlot that shows★★★★ 933077 $19.95 With solid and complex flavours what so many people like: it’s(Vintages Essential) of bright, vibrant fruit and a re- Château de Gourgazaud 2006 fruity, quite complex, lightly tannicThis delivers a very attractive and freshing texture, this is an excel- (France) and smooth-textured. It’s acomplex flavour profile, with a tex- lent choice for grilled salmon, ★★★★ 22384 $13 natural for grilled or roasted redture that’s smooth and refresh- baked ham or turkey and cranber- A long-time favourite that delivers It goes equally well with ry sauce. well-structured flavours, good bal-grilled fish and seafood or pork ance and style. It’s solid, without Viña Mayor Crianza 2001 (Spain)and chicken. Angels Gate Cabernet Franc being in your face and a versatile ★★★★ 19901 $14.95 2006 (Ontario) red for red meats, pasta and A quite complex wine that’s full ofErrazuriz Chardonnay 2007 ★★★ 64832 $16.75 pork. concentrated flavours with subtle(Chile) A lovely Cabernet Franc that’s ex- oak aromatics and that has a gen-★★★★ 318741 $11.80 cellent with chicken or with turkey Banrock Station Shiraz 2006 erous and tangy texture. Drink itA lovely Chardonnay from the and cranberry sauce. Look for (Australia) with well seasoned grilled readcool Casablanca Valley. Look for complex flavours, a refreshing ★★★★ 455014 $11.75 flavours and a smooth and texture and very good balance. There’s good complexity in therefreshing texture. Drink it with quite plush flavours of ripe fruit, Canaletto Nero d’Avola/Merlotgrilled herbed chicken or white Henry of Pelham Pinot Noir while the texture is both generous 2005 (Italy)fish. 2006 (Ontario) and refreshing. It’s a good choice ★★★ 29421 $13.55 ★★★ 13904 $17.25 for red meats and burgers. Mostly made from Sicily’s signa-ROSÉ WINES Dry and quite complex, this ture grape variety, this is tangy red shows solid and vibrant flavours, Hillebrand Trius Red 2006 with intense, ripe fruit flavours.Ted the Mule Grenache-Syrah light tannins and a tangy texture. (Ontario) Nicely balanced, it’s great withRosé 2007 (France) Drink it with herbed roast chicken ★★★ 303800 $19.95 meat or vegetable lasagna.★★★★ 622126 $12.95 or seared duck breast. (Vintages Essential)This lovely dry rosé from the Quite intense aromas and fruit Terra d’Aligi MontepulcianoRhône Valley delivers great Georges Duboeuf Beaujolais carry through to the flavours, d’Abruzzo 2004 (Italy)flavour balanced with a solid, 2007 (France) where they’re nicely balanced by ★★★★★ 28530 $11.95crisp texture. Drink it with barbe- ★★★ 212480 $12.15 soft acidity. Pair it with a grilled This is a fabulous red for rich pas-cued chicken or chicken salad. Almost an icon as a popular veal chop or roast turkey and ta and red meat dishes. The Beaujolais, this offers ripe berries. flavours are rich and concentrat-Cave Spring Rosé 2007 (Ontario) flavours, crisp texture and good ed, it has a tangy, high-toned tex-★★★★ 295006 $13.05 balance. It goes well with salads, Nederburg Cabernet Sauvignon ture and excellent balance.Made from cabernets sauvignon roast turkey, and chicken pasta 2006 (South Africa)and franc, it’s in a lighter style, with rosé sauce. ★★★ 111526 $12.75 Katnook ‘Founders Block’ Caber-with fresh, vibrant flavours. It’s Look for intense fruit-forward net Sauvignon 2005 (Australia)crisp and refreshing, and goes Cono Sur Pinot Noir 2007 (Chile) flavours, a mouth-filling and tangy ★★★★ 620070 $18well with roast ham or turkey. ★★★★ 341602 $10.45 texture, and good balance. Serve A really attractive cabernet from From Chile’s biggest producer of it with well-seasoned, grilled red the prime Coonwarra region, it de-Remy Pannier Rosé d’Anjou Pinot Noir, this has solid, com- meats. livers luscious, complex fruit and2007 (France) plex flavours and nicely-balanced a generous texture. Pair it with★★★ 12641 $10.95 Pinot acidity. It goes very well Danzante Merlot 2006 (Italy) rich meat-based pasta dishes.A versatile, food-friendly rosé with with grilled salmon or lamb. ★★★★ 73833 $11.95sweet fruity flavours and a tangy, Look for plush and nicely concen- Montalto Nero d’Avola/Cabernetzesty texture. Served well chilled, Bouchard Père & Fils Beaujolais- trated flavours, with a tangy, re- Sauvignon 2005 (Italy)it’s ideal as a party wine with Villages 2007 freshing texture. It’s well bal- ★★★★★ 621151 $9.15mixed appetizers. ★★★★ 665448 $12.95 anced and it’s just the wine for Almost full bodied, this offers Well-structured, with a good burgers, ribs and grilled red rich, ranging and complexJeanjean Syrah Rosé 2007 spectrum of fruit flavours and a meats. flavours. With good tannic weight(France) generous, crisp texture, this is a and excellent balance, it’s a nat-★★★ 355347 $10.45 very good choice to go with roast Wyndham Estate ‘Bin 555’ ural for well-seasoned red meatA dry rosé with vibrant fruit turkey with cranberry sauce. Shiraz 2005 (Australia) dishes. 3
  4. 4. T H E O T TAWA C I T I Z E N T H U R S D AY, O C T O B E R 3 0 , 2 0 0 8Pérez Cruz Reserva Cabernet ered and complex, and the textureSauvignon 2006 (Chile) is round, generous and slightly★★★★★ 694208 $14.95 tangy. It’s ideal for red meats,This features complex, concen- hearty vegetarian meals, and agedtrated and ripe (but not overripe) cheddar.fruit flavours, great balance andmedium tannic grip. It’s a natural Red Belly Black Shiraz 2005for red meats and gourmet burg- (Australia)ers. ★★★★ 58669 $16.95 This is a well-made and deliciousAntinori Toscana 2005 (Italy) shiraz that’s full of complex★★★★ 53876 $24.90 flavours. It’s dry, nicely balanced,A stylish sangiovese from Tuscany and has moderate tannins, andthat delivers well-defined, complex it’s a natural for grilled red meats.flavours. It’s dry with good tannicgrip and goes well with grilled Santa Carolina Cabernetlamb and other well-seasoned red Sauvignon/Merlot 2006meats. ★★★ 245282 $9.40 WAYNE CUDDINGTON,THE OTTAWA CITIZEN The flavours here are well definedFairview Goats do Roam 2005 defined and nuanced, the texture ★★★★ 270926 $13.75 and have decent complexity, and(South Africa) is refreshing, and the tannins Baco noir has a cult following, but the texture is tangy and appealing.★★★★ 718940 $12.95 easy-going. if you haven’t tried it yet, test-drive Very dry and lightly tannic, it’s(Vintages Essential) this one. It’s full-flavoured with good with herbed chicken or burg-A stylish blend that delivers deli- Sally Cat Pinot Noir 2006 firm tannins. Pair it with spicy, ers.cious and complex fruit flavours (New Zealand) well-flavoured grilled red meat.with a texture that’s solid and ★★★ 610667 $14.95 Greg Norman Shiraz 2005tangy from start to finish. It’s a This has many of the qualities of Kumala Merlot-Pinotage 2007 (Australia)natural for well-seasoned grilled good N.Z. pinot noir, with solid (South Africa) ★★★★ 575092 $24.95lamb. and layered flavours, good body ★★★ 572610 $9.10 (Vintages Essential) and nice food balance. Drink it A good fruity red with some pun- Chock full of rich, ripe, dense fruitGabbiano Chianti 2007 (Italy) with lamb or hearty vegetarian gent notes. It’s fairly simple and a flavours, this has very good struc-★★★★ 78006 $13.96 dishes. tad rustic, but it’s well balanced ture and balance. Dry, with easy-An inexpensive and refreshing Chi- and it makes a great match for going tannins, it’s perfect withanti that delivers across the Vila Regia Reserva 2005 barbecued spare ribs. grilled lamb or beef or with roastboard. The fruit is well extracted (Portugal) game.and the balance is right on. Drink ★★★★ 613950 $11.85 Bellingham Shiraz 2005it with rich meat or vegetable pas- Made from grape varieties used in (South Africa) Cent’are Nero d’Avola 2004 (Italy)ta dishes. Port, this delivers quite rich and ★★★★ 554360 $13.85 ★★★★ 546192 $14.95 concentrated flavours, a tangy tex- Look for well-structured fruit (Vintages Essential)Carmen Cabernet Sauvignon ture, and easy-going tannins. It flavours balanced with a mouth-fill- Made from a grape variety native2006 (Chile) goes well with grilled red meat. ing and refreshing texture. Pair it to Sicily, this delivers complex and★★★ 78980 $10.95 with hearty vegetarian (beans, concentrated dark fruit flavours.This Cabernet delivers quite in- Cline Syrah 2006 (California) mushrooms) or red meat dishes. Dry and lightly tannic, it’s an excel-tense and layered flavours, a gen- ★★★★ 733758 $13.95 lent partner for grilled lamb chops.erous, smooth and refreshing tex- (Vintages Essential) MEDIUM-FULL-BODIEDture and light tannins. Serve it This is a classic Sonoma Syrah, Wolf Blass ‘Grey Label’ Cabernetwith grilled or roasted red meats. with rich and concentrated RED WINES Sauvignon 2005 flavours, a generous and smooth Peter Lehmann Cabernet ★★★★★ 470120 $36Rocca delle Macie ‘Vernaiolo’ texture, and good tannic struc- Sauvignon 2005 (Australia) Dense and powerful in flavour and2006 Chianti (Italy) ture. Open it with grilled lamb or ★★★★ 91686 $19.95 texture, but not at the expense of★★★★ 269589 $12.75 veal chops. New in the LCBO, this is classic structure and style. It’s bold andA well-made Chianti for osso buco Lehmann: well structured and ex- big and the food should be theor veal parmigiana. Look for con- Masi Tupungato ‘Passo Doble’ cellently balanced. Look for con- same: well-seasoned beef orcentrated fruit flavours in this 2006 (Argentina) centrated flavours as you enjoy game.tangy, refreshing and food-friendly ★★★★★ 620880 $13.95 this with grilled or roasted redwine. A flavourful red blend made in Ar- meat. Pascual Toso Malbec 2004 gentina by an Italian winery. With (Argentina)Ricasoli ‘Brolio’ Chianti Classico rich, complex flavours, good bal- Beringer ‘Knights Valley’ ★★★★★ 35170 $12.952006 (Italy) ance, and firm tannins, it pairs Cabernet Sauvignon 2005 Delicious and flavourful, with rich★★★ 3962 $24 well with rich red meat dishes. (California) ripe fruit that cover a wide spec-A nicely made Chianti that’s excel- ★★★★★ 352583 $39.95 trum of flavours. With a slightlylent with rich meat or vegetarian Henry of Pelham Baco Noir 2006 (Vintages Essential) tangy texture, it’s a natural for well-lasagna. The flavours were well (Ontario) The flavours are rich and ripe, lay- seasoned grilled red meats. 4
  5. 5. T H E O T TAWA C I T I Z E N T H U R S D AY, O C T O B E R 3 0 , 2 0 0 8Liberty School Cabernet Yalumba “Y Series” Shiraz/ Codorníu Brut Classico Cava It’s time to try Sherry again. ThisSauvignon 2004 (California) Viognier 2005 (Australia) (Spain) one is medium-sweet, with a★★★★★ 738823 $16.95 ★★★★ 624494 $14.15 ★★★★ 6262 $12.10 clean, crisp texture. Sip it alone(Vintages Essential) This is a classy Shiraz with ap- This delivers lovely flavours and a or drink it (chilled) with hot andThis is a dense, concentrated pealing, complex flavours that crisp, balanced texture. The bub- spicy seafood, chicken or pork.Cab that’s chock full of delicious don’t smack you in the face. It’s bles are small (a plus inflavours. It’s dry, well structured balanced and refreshing and sparkling wine) and it treats your Osborne ‘Santa Maria’ Creamand balanced, and carries firm goes with well-seasoned red mouth gently. Sip it or drink it Sherry (Spain)tannins, and it’s a steak wine par meat dishes. with spicy dishes. ★★★ 31120 $11.25excellence. A full-bodied, rich, smooth-tex- Angus the Bull Cabernet Seaview Sparkling Shiraz tured Sherry with lots of sweetFuzion Malbec/Shiraz 2006 Sauvignon 2005 (Australia) (Australia) and pungent flavours. Sup it(Argentina) ★★★★★ 602615 $18.95 ★★★ 644054 $14.15 alone or drink it with fruit cake or★★★ 83188 $7.45 Designed for beef, this is full-bod- Think of the ripe fruit flavours of blue cheese and roasted nuts.It’s not all that complex, but it ied with concentrated and lay- Shiraz, and add the sweetness-carries a lot of flavour and a gen- ered flavours, great balance and cutting crispness of sparkling PORTerous and smooth texture. And moderate tannins. For beef, yes, wine. Sip it alone or drink it withit’s really popular. Drink it with but it goes with any rich red meat not-too-sweet dark berry pie. Taylor Fladgate Late Bottledburgers, ribs, and grilled red dish. Vintage 2002 (Portugal)meats. Piper-Heidsieck Brut ★★★★ 046946 $17.95 Rosemount Estates Cabernet Champagne (France) Look for wide-ranging, layeredConcha y Toro Casillero del Sauvignon 2006 (Australia) ★★★★ 462432 $57.65 and complex flavours that areDiablo Carmenère 2005 (Chile) ★★★★ 334870 $17 This is a quite elegant Cham- sweet but very well balanced.★★★★ 620666 $12.95 Quite a weighty wine, with in- pagne for a special occasion. It’s It’s great sipped alone or withThis is a big, juicy example of tense aromas and attractive, con- crisp and bright, with vibrant, rich fruitcake or sharp blueChile’s signature variety. Rich centrated and layered flavours. well-defined flavours, and it’s cheese.fruit-forward flavours dominate, It’s generously fruity and well great to sip or to drink with appe-but it’s well balanced. Drink it structured, and goes well with tizers. Grahams 10-Year Tawny Portwith well-seasoned red meat hearty beef stew. (Portugal)dishes. Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin Brut ★★★★ 206508 $27.95 Santa Rita Cabernet Sauvignon Champagne (France) A full-bodied Port with concen-Wolf Blass ‘Premium Selection’ Reserva 2005 (Chile) ★★★★ 563338 $69.45 trated, nuanced and layered fruitCabernet Sauvignon 2005 ★★★★ 253872 $13.95 This is a dry and fuller-bodied flavours. Rich without being over-(Australia) Fruit-forward and intense with Champagne with quite rich fruit sweet, it goes well with medium-★★★★ 321927 $24.75 well-structured and layered and good complexity, paired with strong cheeses and mixed nuts.(Vintages Essential) flavours, moderate tannins and a a crisp clean texture and softA big, bold cabernet that delivers refreshing balance. It needs a mousse. Serve it with turkey or DESSERT AND SWEETstructure and full-on flavour. pepper steak or something equal- pork.You’ll find layers of rich fruit, good ly big and flavourful. WINESbalance, and firm tannins. Serve Trius Brut (Ontario) Lakeview Cellars Vidal Icewineit with bold food, like a pepper SPARKLING WINES ★★★★ 451641 $25.15 2006 (Ontario)steak. A “Traditional Method” sparkling ★★★★ 522672 $19.95 for (ALL NON-VINTAGE) wine with well-defined fruit and 200 mLErrazuriz Max Reserva Cabernet the classic nuances of more ex- (Vintages Essential)Sauvignon 2006 (Chile) Il Vino dei Poeti Brut Prosecco pensive versions. It’s a good There’s enough here for two to★★★★★ 335174 $17.75 (Italy) choice for serving with spicy four people who want to tasteA great-value, full-bodied 100-per- ★★★ 897702 $15.10 seafood dishes. the decadent, layered flavourscent Cabernet Sauvignon, with This is fairly dry with solid and at- of a good icewine. Sip it alone,quite intense and complex fruit tractive flavours throughout. It’s Segura Viudas Brut Reserva with rich blue cheese, or fruit-flavours. Finely balanced with crisp and easy-drinking, with a Cava 2003 (Spain) based desserts.sleek tannins, it’s ideal for full- soft mousse. Sip it alone or ★★★★ 158493 $14.95flavoured red meat. serve it with spicy appetizers. Consistently well-made sparkling Cave Spring ‘Indian Summer’ wine with ripe and complex fruit Select Late Harvest RieslingConcha y Toro Casillero del Santa Carolina Brut Reserve flavours, set off by clean acidity. (Ontario)Diablo Merlot 2006 (Chile) (Chile) You can sip it or pair with richly- ★★★★ 415901 $24.95★★★★ 427088 $12.95 ★★★★ 94656 $12.95 seasoned poultry. (Vintages Essential)Really delicious and well made, New in the LCBO, this is a zesty Ever-popular, with rich, layeredthis has attractive rich, spicy, sparkler with vibrant fruit flavours SHERRY and luscious flavours, it’s medi-dark fruit and good balance with and a soft mousse. You can’t go um sweet and has a good levelfirm tannins. Pair it with medium- wrong for sipping, pairing with Croft Original Fine Pale Cream of acidity to cut through therare, well-seasoned grilled lamb spicy food, or mixing with orange Sherry (Spain) sweetness. It’s very good withchops. juice. ★★★ 73452 $15.25 rich fruit-based desserts. 5