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OpenText ApplicationXtender -the basics


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This deck goes through the Information conundrum and how ApplicationXtender is positioned to provide the technical platform for organizations to start moving from paper to a digital future

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OpenText ApplicationXtender -the basics

  1. 1. The information conundrum How Content Services makes information out of documents
  2. 2. OpenText Confidential. ©2017 All Rights Reserved. 2 Who am I-Product Marketing Manager Dr. Christopher Wynder Formerly: Director of Client Services- ThinkDox [Laserfiche VAR]. -Managed strategic partnerships, Marketing, Implementation and Support teams. Senior Consulting Analyst- Info-Tech Research Group. -Managed the Information management practice including vendor comparisons (ECM, WCM, Archiving, Productivity suites), implementation strategy and information governance. -Also served as Healthcare/Pharma SME. Canadian Research Chair- Neurodevelopment Genetics and Stem Cells. -I led a group that studied drug discovery for Brain cancer. -Collaborated and consulted with Physicians and hospitals to aid in clinical research programs.
  3. 3. Agenda
  4. 4. OpenText Confidential. ©2017 All Rights Reserved. 4 Awash in a sea of information
  5. 5. OpenText Confidential. ©2017 All Rights Reserved. 5 You can spend all of your time trolling for information
  6. 6. OpenText Confidential. ©2017 All Rights Reserved. 6 Wasting time sorting through PDFs with the same filename Scooping up “schools” of file types and sorting for the valuable ones is time consuming. It is the primary cause of inefficiency for both external communication as well as internal processes
  7. 7. OpenText Confidential. ©2017 All Rights Reserved. 7 • Information management is complicated • Businesses need a platform that can scale and be part of several processes- both customer facing AND employee facing Content is only valuable as part of the bigger picture ApplicationXtender provides the tools to move away from file type classification to process based organization of content Business of all kinds struggle with managing content
  8. 8. OpenText Confidential. ©2017 All Rights Reserved. 8 Why not organize content based on process?
  9. 9. OpenText Confidential. ©2017 All Rights Reserved. 9 That way your fishing expedition nets all of the information you need to get work done
  10. 10. OpenText Confidential. ©2017 All Rights Reserved. 10 PDF Capture Organize Route Report Use where-ever Physical documents need some basic metadata Email records need to be attached to contracts Historical files need some level of searchability to ensure work is not duplicated Documents should be group by task not file type Time sensitive documents should be made available ASAP How, when and who uses content is key to long term value Work is no longer bound by a desk The quality of the user experience should be the same on all devices Content needs structure to be useful information
  11. 11. OpenText Confidential. ©2017 All Rights Reserved. 11 Matching the service platform to the information management strategy
  12. 12. OpenText Confidential. ©2017 All Rights Reserved. 12 Todays organizations need content services reduce searching for information 8 am 10 am Noon 2 pm 5 pm 8 pm How repeatable is their day? Most user’s spend their time doing similar but not identical tasks These Barely Repeatable Processes (BRPs) form the core activities of any job role When there is a difference between work tasks and the automated process, users will break policies and procedures Content services makes it easy for users to go back to their work to find the documents based on the process they are working on - not the filename or time that they uploaded the document. How many different applications are they using How many different content sources do workers need to do their job
  13. 13. OpenText Confidential. ©2017 All Rights Reserved. 13 PDF AX Capture Package ApplicationXtender AX Connector AX Workflow manager AX Reports Management ApplicationXtender provides Capture to Display management of Content Organize Find Display Process documents Increase efficiency Information sources AX Secure documents by saving directly to AX Captiva Classify, Prepare, Connect to process PDF reports saved directly into AX automatically Search from LOB apps
  14. 14. OpenText Confidential. ©2017 All Rights Reserved. 14 Easy navigation through all of your “Apps” Name of App. Is configurable to ensure that users easily can get work done. List of all “Apps” for that person (and only those Apps Easily work with documents within an App with a clean interface.
  15. 15. OpenText Confidential. ©2017 All Rights Reserved. 15 Capture OpenText ApplicationXtender Capture Package module Key features: • Easy installation, configuration, and operation — Rapidly deploy ApplicationXtender Capture Package to address document imaging requirements. • Full-featured batch-scan and index — Perform all major batch-scan and index functions including input, import, index, and output processing. • Multiple workstations — Simultaneously index information from one batch on multiple workstations to quickly import scanned images. Bring documents under control without investing in new tools • Validate content and metadata at the source • UI optimized for distributed Office Workers with a guided experience • Out-of-the-box create and add tags to full-text PDFs & export to CMIS-compatible backend OpenText LEAP SNAP OpenText Captiva • Automate document recognition to easily integrate documents AX processes • Extend capture to mobile devices for in-app capture • Integrate capture into any service via RESTful services Extend seamlessly
  16. 16. OpenText Confidential. ©2017 All Rights Reserved. 16 Organize the process not the documents In a process based world people are more productive when their process is repeatable and you don’t need to remember the file name. The searches can be re-run over time so that if new documents are added by a colleague you can find them as part of the same process. -when they need the document not when it was added “I just wish the program could remember my search so I don’t have to look for all of the documents again”
  17. 17. OpenText Confidential. ©2017 All Rights Reserved. 17 PDF Organize Report Increase the usefulness of documents through organization and accessibility OpenText ApplicationXtender Key features: • Simplified administration and remote management. • Improved performance, extensibility, and scalability. • Enhanced security allows for single-sign-on across business applications. OpenText ApplicationXtender Reports Management module: Key features • Automatic report indexing — Process, index, and store reports within ApplicationXtender as they are produced. • Advanced print streams support — Preserve advanced formatting with support for AFP, Metacode, PCL, and PDF print streams as well as traditional formats such as ASCII and EBCDIC. • High-fidelity electronic display — Display electronic reports in same format as print versions, improving customer service. • System monitoring — Audit system use and performance and confirm job completion. • Long-term report archiving — Provide long-term retention of report information. OpenText ApplicationXtender Full Text Search module Key features: • Precise search results — Combine keyword and full-text searches to quickly return precise search results. • Advanced search functions — Perform advanced search functions i.e. “fuzzy logic” without complex search syntax. • Support for hundreds of file formats — Search more than 200 file formats out of the box. • Role-based information access — Ensure appropriate access to information through role-based user access.
  18. 18. OpenText Confidential. ©2017 All Rights Reserved. 18 Get back to where they left off easily in the next session
  19. 19. OpenText Confidential. ©2017 All Rights Reserved. 19 Use where-ever Enable mobile workers through secure access to information View documents on the full desktop client or the web browser based client ApplicationXtender provides complete information lifecycle management Key features: New User Interface based on clean look to focus users on their tasks and documents. Context-driven navigation and a new document viewer bring a rich experience to nearly any HTML5-compliant browser without plug-ins. REST Services provide a highly efficient and resource-centric API for developing fast and efficient content solutions geared toward web, mobile, and other platforms. REST services provide a framework to extend AX into your day-to-day processes easily providing custom built applications for your business. OpenText ApplicationXtender Public access module OpenText ApplicationXtender Key features: Extends information access to non-licenced user/partners to read-only access
  20. 20. OpenText Confidential. ©2017 All Rights Reserved. 20 Out-of-the-box Mobile access Key features: New User Interface based on clean look to focus users on their tasks and documents. Context-driven navigation and a new document viewer bring a rich experience to nearly any HTML5-compliant browser without plug-ins. Mobile accessible takes advantage of touch features common to tablets
  21. 21. OpenText Confidential. ©2017 All Rights Reserved. 21 Provide the flexibility to find documents that may have multiple uses Documents often come in based on a specific process; Accounts Payable, Quotes, Service Referrals, information request. In order to complete the request you often need to search across Apps to ensure that no matter who initially owned the document- it can be found. Of course this depends on your access rights.
  22. 22. OpenText Confidential. ©2017 All Rights Reserved. 22 Route Bring information to users to increase process efficiency OpenText ApplicationXtender Workflow manager module Key features: • Workflow console — Manage, integrate, and categorize manual and automated processes from a central dashboard. • Process and forms designers — Model new processes and forms with easy-to-use, web-based editors. • Insightful workflow analytics — Optimize processes with powerful tools such as real time alerts, 3D drill-down graphs, and process statistics. • Robust process reporting — Establish key performance indicators and business activity thresholds to monitor processes and measure productivity. OpenText ApplicationXtender Connector module Key features: • Low-code integrations into key products such as Microsoft Office products as well as HTML/XML based thin client applications. • In-App access to AX content in Line of Business applications using any web or typed search term for searching for documents related to key processes.
  23. 23. OpenText Confidential. ©2017 All Rights Reserved. 23 ApplicationXtender Module-by-module breakdown
  24. 24. OpenText Confidential. ©2017 All Rights Reserved. 24 ApplicationXtender ApplicationXtender core package covers the basic document needs for any IT shop Organize Find Display ApplicationXtender 8 Core Package includes:  MS Office  Software Retention Manager  Image Capture  Rest Services  Web Services  SDK and Web Services Document Kit Compatible Database types: SQL, Oracle, MySQL Used for storing information Windows Client (s) Used for management and access to content
  25. 25. OpenText Confidential. ©2017 All Rights Reserved. 25 ApplicationXtender Full Text Search(core add-on) • AX Full Text search add-on helps organizations easily discover information by locating key content • AX automatically extracts key concepts from the content and highlights key words to locate important information efficiently • Advanced search methods to search unstructured data • Supports wide variety of documents – COLD, OCR images, HTML, XML, PDF, Microsoft Office, etc.
  26. 26. OpenText Confidential. ©2017 All Rights Reserved. 26 ApplicationXtender WFM makes managing documents easier through BP automation AX Workflow manager Process documents Increase efficiency BPM Process designer Forms designer
  27. 27. OpenText Confidential. ©2017 All Rights Reserved. 27 ApplicationXtender Workflow Manager: Easy design for any kind of automated process • Drag-’n’-drop-based modeling environment for power users • Optimized to design complex workflows • Wizard-based user interface ensures simplicity • Lots of standard activities available out-of-the-box • BPMN-based modeling environment • Visio-like interface for ease of use • Import Visio BPMN models • Web-based • Automatically generates forms for AX applications • Simple to initiate workflows • Provides XML support • Controls include: • Text Input • Boolean input • Drop down • Date picker • Grid • Panel • Tabs BPM Process designer Forms designer
  28. 28. OpenText Confidential. ©2017 All Rights Reserved. 28 ApplicationXtender WFM provides tools for simplified management of processes AX Workflow manager Process documents Increase efficiency Management console provides not only process overviews but security mapping for BPM resources Task lists provide reminders for users via standard messaging tools SMS Process analytics help identify areas to help improve your efficiency
  29. 29. OpenText Confidential. ©2017 All Rights Reserved. 29 • Originate as print stream output from a line of business application, such as AP, AR, HR, CRM, ERP, etc • Layout of the data on a page is fixed, known, repeatable, and generally appears in large volumes • Supports typical formats, including:  ASCII  EBCDIC  PDF (Text Searchable) • Advanced Print Streams  HP PCL  IBM AFP  Xerox Metacode (DJDE) ApplicationXtender Reports Management: Overview
  30. 30. OpenText Confidential. ©2017 All Rights Reserved. 30 AX Reports Management Extract value of AX data by expanding information access PDF reports saved directly into AX automatically System-Generated Files • Repurpose report output as an information asset • Reduce total cost of ownership through archive consolidation • Minimize risk and promote compliance
  31. 31. OpenText Confidential. ©2017 All Rights Reserved. 31 Use an ECM platform that works with how your brain works Weak recall Filename = Using ApplicationXtender as the single storage point automatically makes files easier to find through meeting the location aspect. Weak recall Description = ApplicationXtender’s process focus and full text search mean that users can use access to business or personal descriptors for information Strong recall= The human brain needs two references: Description and location Network file servers do a poor job of giving descriptions [filename description] ApplicationXtender is purpose built to support your processes out of the box. The platform can adapt to the business processes that you already have- rather than changing how you manage your business to fit into the system.
  32. 32. OpenText Confidential. ©2017 All Rights Reserved. 32 Thank you Want to learn more about what is next for ApplicationXtender: