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Emmy's Organics PR Plans

  1. 1. Public Relations Activities and Future RecommendationsDecember 7, 2012Ithaca College PR Lab Team: Christina Belli, Rachael Hartford, Paige Hoffmann,Alexis Marando, Harris Meyers, Anissa Richmond, Zoee Silber, Colleen Wormsley
  2. 2. Emmy’s OrganicsFinal Activity Report
  3. 3. Emmy’s Organics Final Activity Report ContactChristina Belli Alexis Marando Zoee Silbercbelli1@ithaca.edu alexismarando@gmail.com zasilber@gmail.comRachael Hartford Harris Meyers Colleen WormsleyAccount Supervisor hmeyers25@gmail.com cwormsley@gmail.comrmhartford@gmail.com Anissa RichmondPaige Hoffmann richmond.anissa@gmail.comphoffmann013@gmail.com
  4. 4. Emmy’s Organics Final Activity Report Table of ContentsExecutive Summary 5Part 1: Media Relations 6 Press/Media List 7 Pitch Letters 32 Healthy Vegan/Gluten-Free Benefits Pitch 34 Women’s and Parenting Pitch 35 The Ellen DeGeneres Show Pitch 36 Halloween Campaign 37 Pitch letter 38 Promotion Graphic 39 Press Kit Enhancement Suggestions 40Part 2: Social Media 41 Halloween Campaign Strategy and Executions 42 General Social Media Property Enhancement Suggestions 46 YouTube 46 Instagram 48 Other Recommendations 49 “Pin It To Win It” Pinterest Contest 52Part 3: Promotional Materials 53 T-shirt Designs 54 Consumer Product Ideas 56Part 4: Additional Creative Execution Ideas 57 Event with Parakeet Feet 58 Guerilla Marketing 59Part 5: Future Recommendations 60 Cause Marketing 61 Partnering Tactics 62 Brand Ambassadors 63 Measurement and Evaluation 64 Page 4
  5. 5. Emmy’s Organics Final Activity Report Executive SummaryIt has been a pleasure working for Emmy’s Organics over the course of thesemester. For many of us, this has been our first time working with a grassrootsorganization like Emmy’s Organics, and we are grateful to have had theopportunity to aid in furthering Samantha and Ian’s dreams of expanding the brandand its reach.From September to early December during the Fall 2012 semester, our team’s workhas followed the tasks outlined in the action plan provided to Emmy’s Organics. Ourpublic relations plan includes many crucial components, including improved mediarelations tactics, such as media lists, pitch letters, press kit suggestions and theHalloween “mommy-blog” campaign, in addition to various social media campaigns,enhanced promotional materials and guerilla marketing ideas. Moreover, we alsohave included useful future recommendations so that Emmy’s Organics cancontinue to develop its public relations activities beyond the scope of this project.Two of our primary objectives were to increase Emmy’s Organics media outreachby researching relevant press contacts across the United States and compilingthem into a comprehensive media list, and increasing the company’s all-aroundsocial media presence. By drafting pitch letters, developing contests on socialmedia sites, such as Pinterest, and brainstorming suggestions for social mediacontent, we hope to have created a more cohesive brand image for Emmy’sOrganics. We are confident that this complete Emmy’s Organics folderencompasses the company’s virtues and spirit. We have discovered that Emmy’sOrganics is more than just an organic, raw food company; it’s a lifestyle choice.We would like to thank Samantha and Ian for allowing us to have the opportunity towork so closely with your company. Through our work on behalf of Emmy’sOrganics, we have learned a lot. As we part ways, we leave you with our creativework and future recommendations in this binder, hoping that we have taught yousomething, too.We send you best wishes for continued success! Page 5
  6. 6. Emmy’s Organics Final Activity Report Part 1: Media RelationsEmmy’s Organics has received some favorable press coverage in the local Ithacaarea and generated some regional press clips as well. The company also receiveda significant amount of media attention after being awarded a small business grantfrom the Obama Administration in 2008. Since then the owners, Samantha and Ian,have worked to expand their business and improve their media coverage. To helpthem with these efforts, our team compiled a comprehensive press list to help meetthese media relations goals.The press list includes the major geographical areas in which Emmy’s Organicsis physically offered on the shelves in stores, as well as those regions it wishes toexpand to, particularly on the West Coast. This media list was then used to sendtargeted pitch letters to inspire media coverage on Emmy’s Organics products.Pitch letters were sent to outlets around the country with both regional and nationalmarkets. This media list was also used to target mom blogs for the Halloweencampaign, which this group helped Emmy’s Organics run.Finally, after completing these media relations tasks, we provided additionalsuggestions on enhancing Emmy’s Organics press kit. All of these aforementioneddocuments and suggested media relations enhancements have been included inthe following section.Included in this section: - Extensive Press/Media List - Media Outlet Pitch Letters - Vegan/Gluten-Free Health Benefits Pitch - Women’s and Parenting Pitch - Ellen DeGeneres Show Pitch- Halloween Campaign - Strategy and images used to inspire coverage and complement the pitch letters sent to mom blogs - Mom Blog Pitch (Halloween campaign letter to moms)- Press Kit Enhancement Suggestions Page 6
  7. 7. Emmy’s Organics Final Activity Report Media Relations: Press/Media ListThe goal for developing an Emmy’s Organics press list was to establish acomprehensive document that could be used for both present and future mediarelations efforts and press outreach. By developing this, Emmy’s Organics will nowhave a solid foundation with which to start its media outreach and press coverage.This extensive list includes everything from national television networks to regionaland local newspapers, as well as special-interest magazines. Page 7
  8. 8. Emmy’s Organics Final Activity ReportMedia Relations: Press/Media List Page 8
  9. 9. Emmy’s Organics Final Activity ReportMedia Relations: Press/Media List Page 9
  10. 10. Emmy’s Organics Final Activity ReportMedia Relations: Press/Media List Page 10
  11. 11. Emmy’s Organics Final Activity ReportMedia Relations: Press/Media List Page 11
  12. 12. Emmy’s Organics Final Activity ReportMedia Relations: Press/Media List Page 12
  13. 13. Emmy’s Organics Final Activity ReportMedia Relations: Press/Media List Page 13
  14. 14. Emmy’s Organics Final Activity ReportMedia Relations: Press/Media List Page 14
  15. 15. Emmy’s Organics Final Activity ReportMedia Relations: Press/Media List Page 15
  16. 16. Emmy’s Organics Final Activity ReportMedia Relations: Press/Media List Page 16
  17. 17. Emmy’s Organics Final Activity ReportMedia Relations: Press/Media List Page 17
  18. 18. Emmy’s Organics Final Activity ReportMedia Relations: Press/Media List Page 18
  19. 19. Emmy’s Organics Final Activity ReportMedia Relations: Press/Media List Page 19
  20. 20. Emmy’s Organics Final Activity ReportMedia Relations: Press/Media List Page 20
  21. 21. Emmy’s Organics Final Activity ReportMedia Relations: Press/Media List Page 21
  22. 22. Emmy’s Organics Final Activity ReportMedia Relations: Press/Media List Page 22
  23. 23. Emmy’s Organics Final Activity ReportMedia Relations: Press/Media List Page 23
  24. 24. Emmy’s Organics Final Activity ReportMedia Relations: Press/Media List Page 24
  25. 25. Emmy’s Organics Final Activity ReportMedia Relations: Press/Media List Page 25
  26. 26. Emmy’s Organics Final Activity ReportMedia Relations: Press/Media List Page 26
  27. 27. Emmy’s Organics Final Activity ReportMedia Relations: Press/Media List Page 27
  28. 28. Emmy’s Organics Final Activity ReportMedia Relations: Press/Media List Page 28
  29. 29. Emmy’s Organics Final Activity ReportMedia Relations: Press/Media List Page 29
  30. 30. Emmy’s Organics Final Activity ReportMedia Relations: Press/Media List Page 30
  31. 31. Emmy’s Organics Final Activity ReportMedia Relations: Press/Media List Page 31
  32. 32. Emmy’s Organics Final Activity Report Media Relations: Media Outlet Pitch LettersThe following pitch letters were created to generate buzz about Emmy’s Organicsproducts. Each has a different slant and story angle to tailor it specifically to thekinds of media outlets we decided were worth reaching out to.These are the following pitch letters and the rationale for their individual storyangles:- Healthy Vegan/Gluten-Free Benefits Pitch This pitch was created for media outlets and blogs particularly concerned with vegan and gluten-free diets and advocating for the benefits of these healthy lifestyles.- Women’s and Parenting Pitch This pitch was created for media outlets that are particularly focused on women and parenting. The pitch focuses on Emmy’s Organics being healthy options for families, as well as Samantha Abrams’ entrepreneurial efforts as a female who started her own business.- Ellen DeGeneres Show Pitch This pitch letter focuses on the benefits of being a vegan, as well as Samantha’s entrepreneurship in Ithaca. Since Ellen is a vegan and has built her business from the ground up, we really believe she will be able to relate to Samantha’s story and that her loyal viewers would enjoy seeing someone like Samantha featured on the show. Page 32
  33. 33. Emmy’s Organics Final Activity Report Media Relations: Media Outlet Pitch LettersStatus of pitch letters:The highlighted media outlets in the press lists were selected as samples and werecompiled into a list that was sent to Samantha. They were selected because of theirdiverse audiences and reach; we thought they would provide a good place to startto monitor our results. Rather than just sending out a mass of emails that were notpersonalized, we wanted to try out the Vegan/Gluten-Free and Women’s andParenting pitches on these few select outlets to test out success first.As of December 10, the list had been sent to Samantha and was still pendingapproval. While we would be happy to send these out even after the December 10deadline, for the purposes of this activity report, the pitches were suggested butnever officially sent out. Upon receiving approval from Samantha, we would behappy to see this last media relations step through.In terms of the Ellen pitch, it was determined by the team and the client thatEmmy’s Organics would be sending the pitch letter to The Ellen DeGeneres Show.The package would include this letter, the Emmy’s Organics press kit and severalEmmy’s Organics product samples. Our team provided the contact information toEmmy’s Organics in the press list seen earlier in this document. Page 33
  34. 34. Emmy’s Organics Final Activity Report Media Relations: Healthy Vegan/ Gluten-Free Benefits PitchSubject: Emmy’s Organics: Vegan/Gluten-Free TreatsHow rare is it to find a snack that is not only vegan, but also gluten free, and delicious? Emmy’sOrganics was founded to create just that: a healthy, vegan, gluten free and tasty snack that is not onlyenjoyable to eat, but for our bodies to experience an all-natural way of consuming food.Samantha Abrams, 26, and Ian Gaffney 29, are the co-founders of Emmy’s Organics. As self-proclaimed “health nuts,” their clean-eating cuisine ideals are reflected in their products. Emmy’sOrganics macaroons are made with natural ingredients including agave, almonds, buckwheat, cacao,cashews, coconut, goji berries and more. As an all-natural lifestyle company, Emmy’s Organics isclearly distinguishable from the rest with its strong commitment to clean, simple eating as well as flavorand even its environmental footprint. The results are not just in health, but in sustainability as well.Maintaining a gluten-free diet can often be a challenging task to uphold. Eliminating wheat, rye andbarley from one’s diet is undoubtedly one of the healthiest ways of eating, but this diet removes avariety of different food groups and meals, and strictly blocks out any room for an enticing, sweet snack.Emmy’s Organics delicious macaroons solve all of this. The ingredients that go into Emmy’s productsare chosen very carefully, and gluten is not allowed in the production areas of the facilities to avoidcontamination. Ian has been gluten free for over 12 years.But why is a gluten-free diet becoming increasingly important? Gluten allergies and celiac diseaseshould not be taken lightly. Too much gluten will cause a disruption in one’s digestive system, along withmultiple symptoms, which may include chronic fatigue, neurological disorders, nausea, skin rashes,depression, nutrient deficiencies, anemia and more. This may feel “normal” to some people becausethey have grown used to it. An approach that might alter this behavior would be to try and go gluten freefor a week and feel the tremendous positive effects it has on one’s body.We encourage you to visit the Emmy’s Organics website to learn more on how a gluten-free and/orvegan approach to eating can benefit one’s own health concerns. Emmy’s Organics is committed toyou, the consumer, having it all. The quality, creativity and sustainability of the products offered bringstogether a complete package of a healthy eating lifestyle, which can change one’s eating habits for thebest.I will follow up with you in the next few days to see if you are interested in the story. Meanwhile, pleasefeel free to reach me at 845-863-3578 or by email at rmhartford@gmail.com. Thank you for your timeand consideration. Page 34
  35. 35. Emmy’s Organics Final Activity Report Media Relations: Women’s & Parenting PitchSubject: Emmy’s Organics: Healthy and DeliciousNow more than ever, women are on the hunt for healthy food options for both themselves and theirfamilies. With health as the main focus, taste can be put on the back burner, and sometimes vice versa.Emmy’s Organics, an entrepreneurial effort by a fun and dedicated young couple, is here to remind youthat healthy can always also mean tasty. Emmy’s Organics is changing the world of snacks anddesserts, guaranteeing that women and their family will feel both healthy and satisfied while taking abite.Samantha Abrams, 26, and Ian Gaffney, 29, the co-founders and master creators, are currently on theradar with several of their treats. All Emmy’s Organics products are gluten-free, vegan, and overseen bythemselves with a very small cooking crew. To highlight a few popular items: - Macaroons: Emmy’s Organics’ most popular and widespread snack, come in seven flavors, including dark cacao, coconut vanilla, chai spice and mint chip. - Granola: Emmy’s Organics’ granola is the perfect combination of sprouted nuts, seeds, sweet fruits and spices. It is wonderful as a hearty breakfast, yogurt topping or an on-the-go snack. - Chocolate sauce: If there is one thing a mother always needs in the home, it is chocolate sauce. Whether used for ice cream, milk, fruit or other creations Emmy’s Organics chocolate sauce is a high-demand item with a luscious taste. Plus, it is made from antioxidant-rich raw cacao and it is refined sugar free, keeping you and your kids healthy.Though all vary in ingredients and taste, the constant for all Emmy’s Organics tasty treats is health. Ianand Samantha are dedicated to supplying health-conscious women and families with delicious optionsabout which no one should feel guilty. The company is gaining momentum and the two are crafting new,fun snacks to introduce to the market.We truly believe that your readers would be very interested in learning about new, fun snack options forthemselves and their families. We invite you to learn more about Emmy’s Organics by visitinghttp://emmysorganics.com/. We can arrange for you to interview the founders by phone or even tour thecompany in Ithaca, New York.I will follow up with you in the next few days to see if you are interested in the story. Meanwhile, pleasefeel free to reach me at 845-863-3578 or by email at rmhartford@gmail.com. Thank you for your timeand consideration. Page 35
  36. 36. Emmy’s Organics Final Activity Report Media Relations: The Ellen DeGeneres Show PitchSubject: Emmy’s Organics: Vegan EntrepreneursEllen DeGeneres of all people knows what it means to stand out from the crowd and stand up for what youbelieve in. Ellen is an activist, vegan and entrepreneur. She sounds a lot like Samantha Abrams, co-founderof Emmy’s Organics. Samantha is a passionate young woman and entrepreneur. Her company, Emmy’sOrganics, is based in Ithaca, New York, and produces all raw, vegan, gluten-free and non-GMO snacks anddesserts.Samantha Abrams, 26-year-old graduate of Ithaca College, built Emmy’s from the ground up with her life andbusiness partner, Ian Gaffney. The self proclaimed “health nuts” decided to make their dream a reality aftermonths of experimenting with their healthy and nutritious treat creations. They initially started in Ian’smother’s kitchen and moved to bigger facilities when their business began to grow. Samantha lovedseeing how much of an impact they could make on both customers and the entire Ithaca area by creatingthese yummy vegan, gluten-free and tasty treats that are not only enjoyable to eat, but healthy too.Emmy’s Organics sells their products throughout the US but recognizes the benefits of a local economy.Their interaction and support with local businesses and organizations as well as their creation of jobs showstheir values in strengthening local economy. Emmy’s Organics macaroons, its most well-known product, aremade with all-natural ingredients including agave, almonds, buckwheat, cacao, cashews, coconut, gojiberries and more. As promoters of clean eating, Emmy’s Organics stands out from other products byemphasizing the value of vegan and gluten-free lifestyles.Emmy’s Organics has received national acknowledgments for its entrepreneurship and efforts torevolutionize the healthy food industry. This past April, Samantha and Ian were recognized by the Obamaadministration for their campaign on Indiegogo.com, an online crowdfunding platform. Samantha waspersonally invited to the White House to join President Obama as he signed the Jumpstart Our BusinessStartups (JOBS) Act. This would not have been possible without their hard work, commitment to creating thebest possible product for their customers and their determination to make their dreams come true. On anygiven day, Samantha and Ian can be seen juggling a plethora of tasks, from new product development andbookkeeping to marketing.We believe viewers of “The Ellen Show” would enjoy hearing about this creative entrepreneur and vegan; it’san inspirational story that shows how one can bring an idea to life – and make a living from it. The famousEmmy’s Organics macaroon samples are enclosed in this package, as well as its press kit. Ellen issomething of an idol to Samantha, and she believes it would be a dream to be on “The Ellen Show.”I will follow up with you in the next few days to see if you are interested in the story. Meanwhile, please feelfree to reach me at 845-863-3578 or by email at rmhartford@gmail.com. Thank you for your time andconsideration. Page 36
  37. 37. Emmy’s Organics Final Activity Report Media Relations: Halloween CampaignTo kick off the Emmy’s Organics media relations efforts, we put together a Halloweenholiday campaign. The goal was to generate press coverage with identified “mombloggers” who had exhibited influence in the blogging community in the areas of healthand children-related topics.A graphic for the Emmy’s Organics website was developed as well as a pitch letter topersuade these moms to write about and review Emmy’s Organics macaroons on theirsites. The following are included in this document:- Mom Blog Halloween Campaign Pitch This letter was sent to a series of “mom bloggers” included on the press list who were deemed influencers among the intended health-conscious mom target market. This was sent out during the Emmy’s Organics Halloween campaign and was used to encourage these moms to try the product and review it in hopes that it would encourage other moms to consider health options for the Halloween holiday.- The graphic was developed with the combined efforts of our team and the Emmy’s Organics marketing director This graphic was used on the website to promote the campaign.Reflections:This campaign generated some interest but was mainly implemented starting in lateOctober. We all learned that this was very short notice and has the potential to be verysuccessful in the future, pending it is started much earlier in the calendar year. The teamreceived two emails, from the mom blogs entitled “Hello Giggles” and “Your Vegan Mom.”They sounded very interested, so they were passed along to Samantha at Emmy’sOrganics so that they could be sent their free samples. Unfortunately, no coverageseemed to result from this, as it was very late in the season.We also learned that is a better idea to have the initial email and subsequent responsescome from one person. Having team members send the initial emails and havingSamantha follow-up with the blogs might have caused either confusion or thoughts thatthe campaign was disorganized. However, overall we felt it was a great idea and, ifimplemented earlier next year, could result in some great future press coverage forEmmy’s Organics. Page 37
  38. 38. Emmy’s Organics Final Activity Report Media Relations: Halloween Campaign Mom Blog Pitch LetterSubject: Halloween Treats Don’t Have to be ScaryHalloween is often a favorite holiday for kids. But for parents, the contents inside thecandy bag can be a little scary! With a standard candy bar having over 200 calories—mostof which coming from artificial sugars and fat—it can be unsettling to think about all of thejunk your little ones are consuming.Here at Emmy’s Organics, we understand the importance of promoting health andwellness starting at a young age. Our macaroons can be a perfect alternative to thesame-old sugar-filled candy that your kids receive year after year. Emmy’s Organicsmacaroons are vegan, certified non-GMO and gluten free guiltless sweets that have thecandy taste kids will love, but the ingredients that you can feel good about. Our macaroonsare made with raw agave, a low glycemic sweetener that will prevent that post-candycrash.Instead of serving your little monsters, ghosts and goblins chocolate bars and otherartificial candies packed with processed sugar on Halloween, why not give them ourmacaroons? They make great treats for your youngsters and great party favors duringHalloween festivities.We’ve created special Halloween combo packs of our macaroons in two different flavors,Choco Orange and Dark Cacao. Complete with festive orange and brown packaging,these mini treats are perfect for Halloween! They will be sold online exclusively on theEmmy’s Organics website. For just $16.95, you will receive six packs of Emmy’smacaroons, three packages of Dark Cacao and three of Choco Orange. For $32.95, youcan receive the twelve-piece combo pack.We encourage you to visit our website and check out our limited time only Halloweenmacaroons combo pack! If you are interested receiving a free sample pack, we would loveto provide you with one and have you review our macaroons. We would love to have youreview our product on your blog, as we feel your viewers and followers would really enjoyour product and value your opinion on Emmy’s macaroons. If you are interested in this,please contact me at rmhartford@gmail.com. Thanks so much and have a great day!Healthy Halloween! Page 38
  39. 39. Emmy’s Organics Final Activity Report Media Relations: Halloween Campaign Promotion GraphicThis graphic was used on the website to promote the Halloween sales campaignthat was targeted to influencer mom blogs. This was also used on social media topromote the sale. Page 39
  40. 40. Emmy’s Organics Final Activity Report Media Relations: Press Kit Enhancement SuggestionsPart of what makes Emmy’s Organics so special is that the company has unique roots and aheartwarming, entrepreneurial story behind it. This is effectively communicated in the currentpress kit. The Emmy’s Organics press kit is not a typical press kit, and while it shows thecompany has a distinctive character, it could be made a little more formal.Making the press kit more formal and traditional would help Emmy’s Organics in its mediarelations efforts. If journalists wanted to write or produce a story on Emmy’s Organics, they mayappreciate finding out more detail and necessary information supplied in a more traditional presskit. While reviewing the existing press kit was not originally on our action plan, the team believesthat the following suggestions for press kit enhancements will allow Emmy”s Organics to get moreout of its media relations and have a press kit that provides necessary and substantial informationfor story generation.Press Kit Enhancement Suggestions:- An important section in any press kit is a product review to draw attention to critic/user reaction. A page with critic reviews of different popular Emmy’s Organic products would also benefit the product review section. - The press kit has an appealing design and a lot of interesting background information, but it also could include notable press mentions, such as excerpts from actual media coverage in print and electronic outlets. - Media coverage involving expansion should also be included in the press kit. Because Emmy’s is a growing company, expansion is inevitable; it is important to include any media coverage of specific expansion plans as well as coverage across diverse regional markets.- A new FAQ section toward the end would also prove to be beneficial for the press kit. Given that Emmy’s Organics is so focused on its vegan, organic lifestyles and values, the company should be prepared to answer several questions about ingredients and other product specifics. This is a section that will clear up any confusion, educate the reader, help any journalist who might be on a time crunch and need quick information, and benefit the company overall.- Sales figures are generally not relevant to press, unless they are business reporters.- The addition of more content on the diversity of products available would be helpful to showcase your product lines.- Copies of relevant press releases should definitely be included, along with information on any community involvement, service or professional missions that Ian or Samantha have undertaken.- More information on current or future endeavors would be beneficial, since Emmy’s Organics is a newer company that might not have as much historical information just yet. Page 40
  41. 41. Emmy’s Organics Final Activity Report Part 2: Social MediaIn the preliminary stages of this project, this team met with Samantha to assess herneeds as a client. During this consultation, she expressed that Emmy’s Organicswas in need of general help when it came to social media, creative campaign ideasand cross-property integration. To meet these needs, we made several suggestionsthroughout the semester regarding general strategy and integration across allareas.In the following section, you will find all of the general social media enhancementswe have made throughout the semester as well as the creative executions puttogether in the suggested contests and campaigns. You will also find the very firstproject we did for Samantha this semester, the Halloween Campaign. To comple-ment our media relations efforts, we prepared and presented to the client severalsocial media strategies and tactics and recommended posts.Included in this section:- Halloween Campaign Strategy and Suggestions- General Social Media Property Enhancement Recommendations - YouTube - Instagram - Other Recommendations- Emmy’s “Pin It To Win It” Pinterest Contest - Explanation and promotion graphic Page 41
  42. 42. Emmy’s Organics Final Activity Report Social Media: Halloween Campaign Strategy & ExecutionsObjectives: - To promote and inform the target audience about Emmy’s Organics Halloween macaroon combo packages and entice purchase - Our secondary objective is to put Emmy’s Organics in the minds of health- conscious moms that macaroons are a delicious, sweet and healthy snacks for their childrenSlogan: “Halloween doesn’t have to be scary”Facebook Halloween Campaign Posts:- Candy and sweets and confections, oh my! As Halloween approaches, are you frightened by the tricks and treats your kids will want to gorge on for the holiday? Don’t fret! Halloween candy is okay in moderation, but for the rest of the season, treat your little monsters and ghouls to Emmy’s Organics Halloween Macaroon combo pack.- Are you ready for the sugar rush of Halloween? We’re working on a Halloween combo pack to bring healthy back into the holiday. Check it out! (Add link to product page)- Check out these hauntingly healthy Halloween combo packs from Emmy’s Organics! Perfect for the little monster in your life!- Searching for a candy alternative this Halloween? Indulge in Emmy’s Organics Halloween combo snack packs—choose a healthy choice for your kiddies.- Don’t be scared to be gluten-free this Halloween! Check out our gluten-free and delicious macaroons for your kids this year.- Our Halloween Macaroon combo pack is perfect for your little ghosts and goblins this year! Follow us on Pinterest (link) for some of our favorite healthy Halloween recipes.- Did you know that the glycemic index in agave nectar is significantly lower than that of processed white sugar? #chooseEmmys macaroons this Halloween, for the healthiest treats around.- Did you know that the average trick-or-treater will consume 3 cups of sugar and 4,800 calories this Halloween? Stay healthy with our Halloween Macaroon combo pack!- Halloween doesn’t have to be scary! Our Halloween Macaroon combo pack is delicious enough to satisfy the most frightening little monsters. Page 42
  43. 43. Emmy’s Organics Final Activity Report Social Media: Halloween Campaign Strategy & ExecutionsTwitter General Strategy:- Link to Facebook posts- Use targeted hashtags throughout the campaign- Link to the websites product page when applicable140-Character Posts:- We’ve got the Halloween spirit! Check out our special Halloween Macaroon combo pack for the little monsters in your life #EmmysHalloween- Halloween doesn’t have to be scary! Try our Halloween Macaroon combo pack for your kiddies. #healthyhalloween- What’s your favorite healthy Halloween snack? Tweet #EmmysHalloween and share your recipes with us!- No gluten this Halloween? No problem! #chooseEmmys Halloween Macaroon combo pack for a worry-free holiday- Join #EmmysHalloween this year, and indulge in our Halloween Macaroon combo pack! All the flavor of Halloween, none of the guilt.- Focused on candy management for your little ones this Halloween? #chooseEmmys Halloween Macaroon combo packs and avoid the sugar rush.- Add #healthyhalloween spirit to your trick or treat bag this year! Our Halloween Macaroon combo pack is delicious and nutritious.- It’s all tricks and no treats with #EmmysHalloween this holiday! Check out our healthy Halloween Macaroon combo pack (link to website).- The spookiest part of Halloween isn’t the costumes, it’s the candy! Stay healthy with our Halloween Macaroon snack pack #chooseEmmys.Hashtag Ideas:- #healthyhalloween - #halloween2012- #hallovegan- #EmmysHalloween Page 43
  44. 44. Emmy’s Organics Final Activity Report Social Media: Halloween Campaign Strategy & ExecutionsThe following photos were posted by Emmy’s Organics on the Facebook page as aresult of the campaign executions and hashtag ideas our team suggested. Theywere also uploaded to Instagram and Twitter. Page 44
  45. 45. Emmy’s Organics Final Activity Report Social Media: Halloween Campaign Strategy & ExecutionsPinterest:Pinning and Boards: - Healthy Halloween board - Fill with healthy recipes - Tag pictures of Halloween snack packs - Create vegan/recipes for healthy moms that focus on a Halloween themeInstagram:Photo Sharing: - Use solely as a means to show behind the scenes content - Connect to either Facebook or Twitter, don’t post the same picture on both social media networks (alternate between the two) - Take pictures of the production of the combo packs, the staff on the job and content that seems exclusiveTimeline for Halloween Campaign Social Media Postings:(General Suggestion: Post on a bi-weekly basis) - October 1: Facebook & Twitter (establishing the combo pack) - October 3: Pinterest boards launch, Twitter (Launch the Pinterest boards, promote it on FB and Twitter as well) - October 8: Facebook & Twitter (hashtag promotion and possible coupon code, tweet about the production of the bags w/photos) - October 10: Facebook & Twitter (hashtag promotion and possible coupon code) - October 15: Twitter (focus on health benefits) - October 17: Twitter (focus on health benefits) - October 22: Twitter (focus on health benefits) - October 24: Facebook & Twitter (show images of the combo pack) - October 29: Facebook (show images of the combo pack) - October 31: Facebook & Twitter—Have a happy & healthy Halloween, love Emmy’s Page 45
  46. 46. Emmy’s Organics Final Activity Report Social Media: General Social Media Enhancement SuggestionsYouTube Recommendations:Goals:- Use YouTube as a way to connect with the audience that cares about the vegan/healthy lifestyle, and wants to know more about Samantha and Ian’s story.- Try to create content that is Emmy’s Organics specific, but also content that demonstrates Emmy’s Organics and its founders as vegan/health experts, with an informative focus.General Property Improvement Suggestions:- Change background weekly to a different Emmy’s Organics product or promotion (macaroons, granola, etc.)- Change avatar to logo rather than Samantha and Ian- Add more uniform style to videos - Start all off with shortened granola still-life about Emmy’s Organics as a brand - Voice over to go along with visual intro- Track likes and “shareability” to measure success over pre-determined time period- Add a different vlog (video blog) theme each week- Make sure to post to all social media (for full integration)Specific YouTube Post Ideas:- Special announcements (Halloween special-esque)- Mentions on blogs/ appearances on TV shows, etc.- Promotional announcements (New T-shirts etc.)- Comings and goings of trade shows attended by Samantha and Ian, as well as other staff- Behind the scenes, meet the owners, meet the staff (broken up by team)Behind-the-scenes Videos:- The kinds of viewers that Emmy’s Organics wants to attract are those who are health-conscious and lead similar lifestyles to the ones Samantha and Ian have. People appreciate feeling as if they are a part of the brand and, therefore, tend to enjoy behind-the-scenes style videos.- Here are some suggestions for behind-the-scenes videos Emmy’s Organics might consider trying: - The making of the famous Emmy’s Organics macaroons - Items in trail mix and how they can help you lead a healthier lifestyle - What makes the chocolate sauce so irresistible (and healthy, too!) Page 46
  47. 47. Emmy’s Organics Final Activity Report Social Media: General Social Media Enhancement SuggestionsRecipe Videos:- These recipe videos have the potential to be big for Emmy’s Organics. People love cooking tips and the fact that Emmy’s Organics is very health-oriented is also an advantage, as people are constantly looking for new ideas to eat and cook in a healthier way.- Here are some recipe suggestions for future videos: - How to use granola for different, easy recipes to try at home - Different ideas for chocolate sauce - Zucchini pasta - Vegan cookies/brownies - Vegan smoothies/beverages - Sugar substitutes (the difference between them, pros/cons) - Snacks for moms that keep kids healthyThe following is a sample script that was developed by this team to highlight the possibilities ofa potential Emmy’s Organics recipe video that can be posted on YouTube.SAMPLE SCRIPTBegin with still-life intro.Voice over still-life intro:“Hi, I’m NAME, and I’m the TITLE of Emmy’s Organics. We are an organic food companybased in Ithaca, N.Y., We are dedicated to providing food and ingredients that are not onlyhealthy, but yummy too! All of our products are gluten-free making all of our products vegan-friendly!”Format of each Recipe Video:- Intro with still-life and voiceover- Brief introduction of who is doing recipe (Samantha, Ian, etc.)- Introduction of food that is being made- Ingredients needed for snack/dish- Make food- Brief listed recap, step-by- step instructions- Conclusion with varied still-life that ends on Emmy’s Organics logo Page 47
  48. 48. Emmy’s Organics Final Activity Report Social Media: General Social Media Enhancement SuggestionsInstagram Recommendations:General Property Improvement Suggestions:- Use Instagram to promote the idea that Emmy’s Organics is more than just a brand; it’s a small way of living that contributes to something much bigger. Emmy’s Organics can be synonymous with all kinds of sustainable, holistic lifestyle choices.- Most popular Instagram posts to date have been pictures that show ingredients and/or cooking process: there should be more of these, rather than just pictures of products.- While macaroons are Emmy’s Organics most popular product, they’re not all you have to offer! Show pictures of more commonly used products, such as granola and chocolate sauce, and demonstrate more practical uses for them.- Create a more cohesive social media message by Instagramming key Pinterest and YouTube posts.Specific Instagram Post/Hashtag Ideas:- #EmmysLittleThings / @EmmysOrganics - Show that Emmy’s is a brand that promotes wellness, sustainability and empowerment in all aspects of life. Instead of posting only pictures of products, consider posting a few times a week pictures of reusable shopping bags, for example, that display “little things” that you do to make yourself and your environment more sustainable. - Encourage a two-way dialogue by asking your followers to show you some of their own “little things” by Instagramming pictures @EmmysOrganics with the hashtag #EmmysLittleThings.- Use the app Picstitch to show the ingredients and the preparation process of Emmy’s Organics products. - Picstitch allows you to create photo collages that can post as a single photo on Instagram. This could add a unique dimension to your posts; for example, you can create one post that shows the ingredients, another on you preparing the ingredients and another on the final product. This could aid in promoting an organic, grassroots image for Emmy’s Organics. - The app could also be used to create images from screenshots of any YouTube videos that you create. If you make a video that shares a new recipe, you can take key screenshots and post the photo on Instagram with a link to the video.- Post images of your own products that demonstrate how well they go with other products, and en courage followers to show you how they’re using your products. - For instance, post a photo of your chocolate sauce and mini macaroons on top of frozen yogurt, or dipping fresh fruit into the chocolate sauce. - Create dialogue by asking followers to show you pictures of fun ways they’re using your product. For example, are they your using granola to make granola bars? Tell them to tag @EmmysOrganics and show you! Page 48
  49. 49. Emmy’s Organics Final Activity Report Social Media: General Social Media Enhancement SuggestionsOther Social Media Recommendations:The following are additional social media contests and campaign ideas that were developed after theaction plan and social media suggestion goals had been completed. The team believes that theseideas could prove beneficial to Emmy’s Organics in the future to further engage its targetaudience and increase its online presence.The following are the team’s ideas for additional contests as well as general ways to improve socialmedia and, therefore, the Emmy’s Organics online presence.General Tactics:- Each contest will need to be promoted on all of Emmy’s Organics’ social media accounts in order to get maximum participation from followers. The contests will also be used to gain more followers inorder to increase sales. - This will help maximize the impact and the number of impressions made.- Campaign strategies can also be used as a way to show appreciation, and thank customers for being part of the Emmy’s Organics journey.- Contact the email listeserv and inform them about upcoming sales, like the Halloween snack packs, and special news via the Emmy’s Newsletter.- Potentially create coupon codes for special campaigns like Halloween to be disseminated via Facebook (and use it as a means for measuring success).Follow and Retweet to Win:- The simple contest of “follow and retweet to win” will boost Emmy’s Organics Twitter presence. Consumers will be asked to follow the official Emmy’s Organics’ official Twitter page and retweet a specific tweet in order to win a prize. - Prizes can include: T-Shirts, Macaroons, Trail Mix, Emmy’s Organics Tote Bag- Sample Tweets: - Follow @EmmysOrganics and retweet this tweet to be entered to win an official #EmmysOrganics T-Shirt! - Love @EmmysOrganics Macaroons? Retweet this tweet and follow us in order to be entered to win a bag of them! #EmmysOrganics #yum - If you love organic foods, follow @EmmysOrganics and retweet this tweet in order to win a free official #EmmysOrganics tote bag to carry all of your goodies! - Looking for a quick, healthy, vegan snack? Retweet this tweet and follow @EmmysOrganics in order to be entered to win a free bag of Emmy’s trail mix! Page 49
  50. 50. Emmy’s Organics Final Activity Report Social Media: General Social Media Enhancement SuggestionsShout Out on Instagram:- Consumers will be asked to take a picture of themselves and their favorite Emmy’s Organics product. Users will be asked to tag Emmy’s Organics in order to be entered into the sweepstakes.- They will have to upload the photo to Instagram and will be encouraged to cross-promote it on their Twitter as well.- This will need to be promoted on both Twitter and Facebook to gain followers on all forms of social media.- The contest will run for weeks and a winner will be chosen at random. As for their prize, they will receive their choice of flavor of macaroons.- Sample Tweets: - Follow @EmmysOrganics on Instagram and give us a shoutout with you and your fave treat for a chance to win an Official Emmy’s T-shirt! - Like Organic goodies? Follow @EmmysOrganics on Instagram and give us a shout out with your favorite treat to win some for free!- Sample Facebook Posts: - Who doesn’t love free food?! Emmy’s Organics is holding an Instagram Contest. Give us a shoutout with your favorite vegan treat for your chance to win a bag of your favorite vegan goodies from Emmy’s! - Emmy’s Organics is holding an Instagram contest and all you have to do to enter to win is give us a shoutout and follow on Instagram!Twitter Hashtag Contest:- Consumers will be asked to answer a question using the hashtag #GiveMeMyEmmys in order to win. The best response will receive his or her Emmy’s Organics product of choice or an official Emmy’s T-Shirt.- Question/engagement options include but are not limited to: - Tweet your favorite macaroon flavor and why you love it - Tweet your favorite Emmy’s product and how you use itEmmy’s Flavor Trail Campaign Ideas:- Uncover the story behind each macaroon (and possibly granola) flavor.- Personify all of the macaroon flavors, and use them to promote the blog and the brand.- Introduce or reintroduce one flavor each week- Start the contest after “What’s your flavor contest”- Depending on the week, offer different discounts corresponding with the flavor- Weekly Social Media Takeover: change the messaging on all channels to focus on that flavor Page 50
  51. 51. Emmy’s Organics Final Activity Report Social Media: General Social Media Enhancement SuggestionsFinal Social Media Suggestions:- Uncover the story behind each macaroon (and possibly granola) flavor.- Stay consistent on the messaging on all channels. - Try not to directly duplicate the messages being sent out (i.e. post things either on Facebook or on Twitter).- Be honest and trustworthy in everything you do.- Think of each tweet as a mini story… you want to make the people click!- Pinterest is a foodie’s friend, so Emmy’s Organics could have a much bigger presence here.- Think about adding a testimonials page to the website, including the amazing feedback you’ve received from Emmy’s Organics users on Facebook and Twitter.- Try and change the Facebook cover photo on a weekly basis, it will attract more people to the brand. People love keeping updated!- Use Instagram for behind-the-scenes content of macaroons and other goodies being made.- Promote other products in addition to macaroons on social media, like granola, chocolate sauce, sprouted sunnies, etc.- Utilize Hootsuite.com to track social media presence.- Create more contests for social media such as a “Caption Contest” on Facebook in order to continue consumer interaction with the Emmy’s Organics brand.- Use the “question” feature (also known as the polling option) on Facebook in order to get feedback from fans on different topics and promotion ideas. Page 51
  52. 52. Emmy’s Organics Final Activity Report Social Media: “Pin It To Win It” Pinterest ChallengeGoal:Give Emmy’s Organics fans the opportunity to createa new macaroon flavor. This is an opportunity to showappreciation of current customers and attract newcustomers.Slogan: “What’s your flavor?”To Enter:1) Follow Emmy’s Organics on Pinterest2) Re-pin this contest announcement3) Create an “Emmy’s Organics Macaroons” board4) Pin 2 + ingredients for your macaroon creation5) Use the hashtag #emmyscreation for each pin so we can find you!Grand Prize: Macaroon sampler package and yourmacaroon recipe developed!Pinterest Contest Recommendations:- Include a description of the business in the “information” section- Track campaign on “Pinerly” (site that allows you to look at Pinterest metrics and measure campaign success) - Create a board that links users to video - Create a board with vegan/organic recipes and tips- Ability to start your own vegan following this way - Be sure to include the link to your website on pins - Link to other channels with #emmyscreation Page 52
  53. 53. Emmy’s Organics Final Activity Report Part 3: Promotional MaterialsEmmy’s Organics indicated that it was interested in improving its promotional itemsearly in the semester. Upon visiting with Samantha and assessing her needs,we learned that Emmy’s Organics was primarily concerned with T-shirt designs.Throughout this semester, we worked on mock-ups of potential T-shirt designs and,with Samantha’s help and approval, came to a decision on the T-shirt design thatwould be most consistent with the goal of increasing Emmy’s Organics’ brandrecognition.The following pages include the initial mock-ups as well as the final T-shirt designand color scheme decisions. While Emmy’s Organics has made it clear thecompany will not be pursuing this in the short term as a business transaction, it willbe able to use these further down the road when it decides to have shirts made forpromotional purposes.Although this was not initially on our action plan, the team came up with additionalconsumer product and merchandise ideas. These suggestions are consistent withthe branding on the T-shirts and included in the subsequent pages.Included in this section:- Emmy’s Organics T-Shirt Ideas - Design Mock-ups - Final Design- Consumer Product and Merchandise Ideas Page 53
  54. 54. Emmy’s Organics Final Activity Report Promotional Materials: T-Shirt DesignsInitially, this team was exploring a more artistic design that would emulate the ingredients andnatural products that go into the making of Emmy’s Organics products. However, upon muchdeliberation and mock-up designing, we changed course and explored more graphic-orientedoptions.We did this because the Emmy’s Organics rebranding that happened a couple of years agoleft the company with a more modern logo. We wanted to stay consistent with the Emmy’sOrganics’ leaf motif and promote further brand recognition, consistency and integration.These mock-ups were brought to Samantha and Ian for client review and evaluation: Page 54
  55. 55. Emmy’s Organics Final Activity Report Promotional Materials: T-Shirt DesignsIn the end, Emmy’s Organics decided on the logo on the upper far right, with the signatureEmmy’s Organics leaf, for brand recognition purposes.We then had to choose color schemes that would not detract but rather complement the logoand design. These are the shirt colors that were ultimately chosen by the team and suggestedto the clients. We hope Emmy’s Organics will be able to utilize these T-shirt ideas in the futurewhen the company decides to order more promotional products. Page 55
  56. 56. Emmy’s Organics Final Activity Report Promotional Materials: Consumer Products and MerchandiseIn addition to creating T-shirt designs, we put together a list of suggested consumermerchandise and products that Emmy’s Organics could also use for sales andpromotions purposes. They are as follows. Eco-Friendly Water Bottles will help to promote Emmy’s Organics in addition to its commitment to sustainability. Pens/pencils made from recycled materials will be good takeaway items at trade shows and they also help promote Emmy’s commitment to sustainability. Magnets can also be a popular take away for trade shows – and they are also easy to carry home. People will put them on their refrigerators so when they’re hungry they’ll be reminded of Emmy’s Organics. Bumper Stickers can also be a good take away at trade shows – and are also easy to bring home.Baby Onesies can be appealing to mothers, one of Emmy’s Organics targetmarkets. These can be a great way for those with small children to show their lovefor Emmy’s Organics! Page 56
  57. 57. Emmy’s Organics Final Activity Report Part 4: Additional Creative ExecutionsAs stated a couple of other times throughout this document, this group completedthe action plan goals ahead of schedule. This allowed us to allocate time todeveloping extra projects and preparing additional Emmy’s Organics suggestionsand creative executions than originally planned. Many of these materials includedsocial media campaign recommendations and consumer product ideas.However, it also allowed us to further develop potential marketing strategies forEmmy’s Organics and provide future recommendations. In this section, weelaborate upon guerilla marketing tactics that could help further stimulate buzzaround Emmy’s Organics, as well as an event sponsorship with a neighboringbusiness in Ithaca that generated much press and positive attention for Emmy’sOrganics.Included in this section:- Sponsorship of the Parakeet Feet Event- Guerilla Marketing Tactics and Ideas Page 57
  58. 58. Emmy’s Organics Final Activity Report Additional Creative Executions: Sponsorship of Parakeet Feet EvenParakeet Feet is a local business in Ithaca thatspecializes in fitting children with shoes to ensurelong-term foot health. These moms are particularlyaffluent and are very concerned with theirchildren’s overall health. This falls right in theEmmy’s Organics target demographic.To take advantage of a Parakeet Feet Halloweenevent at its boutique in Cayuga Heights, wearranged for Emmy’s Organics to sponsor theevent by donating several packages of minimacaroons. This gave children and their mothersthe opportunity to taste test these healthy,delicious snacks throughout the course of theevent. This got the product great attention amongparents who clearly care about their children’shealth and wellbeing. As a result of these efforts, Emmy’s Organics received free, additional publicity as a result of its sponsorship. Emmy’s Organics was promoted in the radio spot advertising the Parakeet Feet event on Tuesday, October 30, and received social media call-outs on Facebook. One of the event attendees taste testing some delicious Emmy’s Organics mini macaroons. Page 58
  59. 59. Emmy’s Organics Final Activity Report Additional Creative Executions: Guerilla Marketing Tactics & IdeasFood products often succeed when they are sold together. It brings more attentionto brands that have the same general focus. It is especially advantageous whentwo original organic companies come together to create a promotion that directlygenerates sales. For example, the leading organic bottled beverage brand, HonestTea, will often link up with the popular natural foods snack, Pirate’s Booty, to createa desirable and affordable combined deal for retail store consumers to purchase.A 12 pack of Honest Tea along with a multi flavor pack of pirate’s booty for a greatprice would fly off the shelves at Fairway.Additionally, Emmy’s Organics has already been useful in conducting in-storedemos. One way that the brand could be more effective would be to demo in storesthat don’t already carry the product. This is not only free for the store itself, but itgives the store an incentive to carry the product in the future. It also brings revenuedirectly from the consumer to the brand.Emmy’s Organics should demo more frequently in the big box stores, such asCostco, in order to gain an appeal from a wider demographic. Costco frequentlyallows companies to promote and sample products in stores before purchasinglarge quantities. Additionally, it would be beneficial to provide samples and conductdemonstrations in local stores like Wegmans and GreenStar Natural Foods Market,where Emmy’s Organics products are sold.The geographical area in which Emmy’s Organics would be able to thrive the mostis Ithaca, the birthplace of the company and its products. Therefore, it would bebeneficial for Emmy’s Organics to have a strong presence in local events aroundthe town that attract a large audience, such as Grassroots Music Festival,Chilifest and Applefest. Sampling, giveaways and other promotions, such as giftcards, will be a great guerilla marketing tactic that the company will be able toexpand its brand awareness from. Page 59
  60. 60. Emmy’s Organics Final Activity Report Part 5: Future RecommendationsThe following section will discuss the ideas we came up with, but did not have thetime to fully execute in just part of one semester. Our future recommendations forEmmy’s Organics includes participating in more cause marketing opportunities,partnering with other brands to further promote the product and utilizing brandambassadors.We have also included a section on potential measurement and evaluation toolsthat would prove to be very helpful in assessing Emmy’s Organics’ progress inattaining sales and interaction for the future.Included in this section:- Cause Marketing- Partnering Tactics- Brand Ambassadors- Measurement and Evaluation Page 60
  61. 61. Emmy’s Organics Final Activity Report Future Recommendations: Cause MarketingSince Emmy’s Organics is committed to providing healthy, sustainable products, thecompany has a great opportunity to connect with nonprofits and other socially consciousbrands.Suggested Nonprofit Partnerships:Below is a list of local and national nonprofit organizations that focus on sustainability orhealthy food.- Sustainable Tompkins Sustainable Tompkins is a citizen-based coalition working toward a more sustainable regional community. It advocates a systems approach to build the infrastructure and social capacity for more sustainable ways of living and working. http://sustainabletompkins.org.- Greenstar Community Projects To initiate and support community projects that promote cooperatives, healthful living, local self-reliance, self-sufficiency and community, ecological stewardship and social justice, and that do so in ways which seek to honor and enhance the socio-economic diversity of the projects and those intended to benefit from them. http://www.greenstarcommunityprojects.org.- Slow Food USA Slow Food USA advocates for food and farming policy that is good for the public, good for the planet, and good for farmers and workers. http://www.slowfoodusa.org.Suggested Cause Marketing Tactics:- Limited-Time Offer Macaroon Flavor Create a new flavor of macaroons that will be available for a limited time. Donate a certain percentage from the sale of that macaroon flavor to a nonprofit of your choice. Ask the nonprofit to cross-promote the deal through its website, social media channels, email listserv, etc.- Facebook “Like” Donation Work with a nonprofit organization to increase Facebook likes. Choose one day and donate $1 per Facebook like on that day to the nonprofit. Work with the nonprofit to cross-promote the donation on its communication channels. Page 61
  62. 62. Emmy’s Organics Final Activity Report Future Recommendations: Partnering TacticsEmmy’s Organics could directly profit off of a partnership with another organicfoods brand, so both brands would gain attention and revenue together.Food products often succeed when they are sold together. It brings more attentionto brands that have the same general focus. It is especially advantageous whentwo original organic companies come together to create a promotion that directlygenerates sales.For example, the leading organic bottled beverage brand, Honest Tea, will often linkup with popular natural foods snacks like Pirate’s Booty, to create a desirable andaffordable combined deal for retail store consumers to purchase. A twelve pack ofHonest Tea along with a multi-flavor pack of Pirate’s Booty for a great price wouldfly off the shelves at Fairway. Emmy’s Organics could directly profit off of apartnership with another organic foods brand so both brands would gain attentionand revenue together. Page 62
  63. 63. Emmy’s Organics Final Activity Report Future Recommendations: Brand AmbassadorsIn the past few years, companies have been taking advantage of opportunitiesmade available by hiring brand ambassadors. Brand ambassadors promote a brandby embodying the company’s image with appearance, demeanor, ethics andvalues. Ambassadors must thoroughly understand both the company and therepresented products.A good example of a successful brand ambassador/campus representativeprogram is from the company Donni Charm, a fashion and accessories company.Donni Charm effectively utilizes its campus representatives by finding responsible,passionate college students to carryout campus events promoting the brand. Ifdone correctly, campus representatives/brand ambassadors will play an integralpart in the success of the brand’s team.Emmy’s Organics will benefit by having brand ambassadors because it will giveyour company allies inside the two largest markets in the area, Cornell Universityand Ithaca College. Brand ambassadors will organize on-campus tabling, wherehe/she will provide samples to the student body. Ideally, brand ambassadors willbe able to spread the Emmy’s Organics message from the inside-out. This is alsoa great opportunity for primary research and customer service, as the ambassadorwill interact directly with consumers.Moreover, the presence of campus ambassadors will create a two-way dialogueabout Emmy’s between students. The more students who are aware of the brand,the greater chance your name will spread via word-of-mouth. Peer opinions andrecommendations can be very powerful. This format could be tested at Cornell andIC, and then be expanded to other universities in different parts of the U.S. Page 63
  64. 64. Emmy’s Organics Final Activity Report Future Recommendations: Measurement and EvaluationOne of the key areas of any public relations plan is measurement and evaluation. This is how wewill ensure that the recommendations and ideas that we have given can be properly analyzedto ensure to success. Within each individual aspect of the campaign, we have set smaller goalsfor how we hope to achieve our overall objective of increasing the brand awareness of Emmy’sOrganics and reaching out to targeted media outlets. Ultimately, try and quantify the metricsavailable for the business, so that you can see what campaigns are successful and which onesaren’t.Media Coverage:Continue to keep track of any press coverage from any newspapers, magazines, blogs, andTV and radio programs in which Emmy’s Organics is mentioned. Make sure to add these pressmentions digitally to the Emmy’s website, so that you stay relevant. You can use the media listwe created to stay on top of all of the coverage the business is receiving. You can regularlysearch on Google News or Google to see if media outlets are running stories. You also canconsider paid media monitoring services, particularly during major media relations outreach.Cision, for example, is a popular resource used by PR staff for monitoring media coverage, aswell as preparing media lists using an online database. Log onto http://us.cision.com/media-monitoring/media-monitoring-overview.asp.Website:Look into using tools like Google Analytics to see who is frequenting your site. By typing in keywords like “macaroons,” “vegan” and “emmy’s organics,” you can track how relevant the siteis. There is also a huge opportunity to integrate SEO or search engine optimizations strategiesthrough Google Webmaster Tools to see where the traffic to the site is coming from. The moreoften the site is updated, the more relevant it will become to Google, so look into finding ways toconsistently add or change content on the site.Social Media:Emmy’s Organics is an extremely social-oriented business and it has been rewarding to see thefollowing you have on all of your platforms. Search through Facebook, Twitter and Instagramdaily to see who is talking about you. Try implementing tools like HootSuite to better plan yourmessaging. HootSuite acts as a dashboard where you can analyze your social media traffic overtime. Try and isolate each of the tactics that you implement, so that you can truly see their effect.For instance, start the Pinterest contest at a completely separate time from Instagram Shout Outcontest, so you can see if followers and participation increase or decrease over time. Page 64