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Vortex Connect Mobilizing your Current HR System


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Vortex Connect Mobilizing your Current HR System

  1. 1. Mobilizing your Current HR System Can Help Plan, Prevent and Protect your BusinessPresented by:Colleen Wong-SalaVortex Connect Inc.416 203 7787 x
  2. 2. Introduction• Mobile Industry Trends• Why HR is a Strategic Department and Stakeholder for Mobile• Workforce Compliance Issues – Employee Over Time Issues, Collective Bargaining Agreements and Contract Staff• How Mobile WFM Extends Corporate Policies and Helps an Organization Stay Compliant• Address Personnel Data Security for Mobile Devices
  3. 3. New Age Business Trends
  4. 4. HR as the Mobile Leader• HR Understands the Business Vision• HR Understands Employees & Labor Relations• HR Understands Policies and Compliances Regulations Compliance Workforce Management
  5. 5. Workforce Compliance• Compliance with Government Regulations is Increasingly Difficult• Federal, State/Province and Local Regulations – Complex and Contradictory Rules FLSA FMLA California Law and Other State Regulations SOX Work Hour Restrictions Minor Employee Work Hour Restrictions Unionized Employees Contract Employees Employees on International Assignments
  6. 6. Drivers to Mobilize HR• Extend Existing Policies to Reach Everyone Across an Organization• Employees on the Road are Connect with Corporate Policies• Reduce Costs & Increase Revenues
  7. 7. Drivers to Mobilize HR
  8. 8. Mobile for Compliance? Really?• Leverage existing HR processes during onboarding of a new employee – Offer Letters – I9 Forms in the US – Fill Out Tax Forms Federal & Provincial Forms – Benefits Forms – Long Term Incentive Forms• HIPAA, Patriot Act, etc.• Mobile Data Security
  9. 9. Mobile for Compliance? An Example• Leverage an existing WFM system – Scheduling the Right Person @ the Right Time to Do the Right Job – Real Time Information into Employee Time – Complies with Corporate Over Time Rules – Complies with Union Agreements – Reduces Payroll Costs
  10. 10. ROI on Mobile
  11. 11. Growth of Mobile Surpasses PCs Source: IDC Insights 2011, number in millions.
  12. 12. Thank You for Your TimeFind out how you can transform your business and mobilize your processes. Contact: Vortex Connect Inc. Colleen Wong-Sala 416 203 7787 x 257