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WIAD Boston

Thoughts on what it means to do Information Architecture, and what it means do do it "for good."

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WIAD Boston

  1. 1. Why Information Architecture Christina Wodtke Lecturer, Stanford University
  2. 2. We are in Crisis. What is an appropriate response? Tenshin Reb Anderson, dharma talk at Green Gulch Farm appropriate-response
  3. 3. Trigger Warning Discussion of race, gender, strong language
  4. 4. Information Architecture is dead
  5. 5. Once upon a time there was a girl in San Francisco who painted and waited tables…
  6. 6. I was hired to manage a catalog. I became an IA without knowing.
  7. 7. There is a tsunami of data that is crashing onto the beaches of the civilized world. This is a tidal wave of unrelated, growing data formed in bits and bytes, coming in an unorganized, uncontrolled, incoherent cacophony of foam. ~Richard Saul Wurman in Information Architects
  8. 8. There is a new breed of graphic designers, exhibition designers, illustrators and photographers, whose passion it is to make the complex clear…. ~Richard Saul Wurman in Information Architects
  9. 9. We started an institute because believed IA was a “refuge” from the tsunami
  10. 10. DTDT Organization of information for • Retrieval • Understanding • Use
  11. 11. IA was so forgotten, a taxonomy talk at Interactions was not seen as IA.
  12. 12. The Second Information Tsunami: Small Data
  14. 14. 46,604 PHOTOS JOINED 2004
  17. 17. From Technically Wrong, by Sara Wachter- Boettcher
  18. 18. Algorithms are rulesets designed by people People make mistakes. People can fix mistakes.
  19. 19. “We don’t need IA” Because search
  20. 20. Search fails us, when we look for our most precious processions: our memories. Where are our photos?
  21. 21. Classification Has Consequences
  22. 22. Compartment T
  23. 23. Levi Mousaw
  24. 24. I am Gender-fluid
  25. 25. I started Women Talk Design to prove Women deserved to be on the stage of experts.
  26. 26. But when I raised money for interns to research, I found it was more complicated.
  27. 27. IA is not enough alone. Interaction design is not enough, alone. Online is nto enough, alone. Offline is not enough, alone. We need complete solutions.
  28. 28. Our Job To make it be good
  29. 29. 1. Meaningful and inclusive classification
  30. 30. Trigger Warnings
  31. 31. 2. Models for understanding
  32. 32. From my work on compassionate teams
  33. 33. And compassionate feedback
  34. 34. 3. Interaction Design and Information Architecture for richer understanding
  35. 35. Watch: The best stats you've ever seen | Hans Rosling
  36. 36. 4. Tell your own stories When we are vulnerable, and honest and real, people listen.
  37. 37. There is always an Information Architecture Who is designing it?
  38. 38. Creating Information Architecture is a political act. Whose politics?
  39. 39. Trinity: A Graphic History of the First Atomic Bomb: Jonathan Fetter-Vorm
  40. 40. Don’t boil the ocean.
  41. 41. Small things • Learn Information Architecture (it matters more than ever) • Support journalism. Pay for it. • Question categories. Our mental models aren’t always right. • Learn to draw ideas. You’ll think better. • Be kind every day. Even when it’s hard.
  42. 42. Thank You @cwodtke | CHRISTINA WODTKE