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Public Square Demo


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What makes PublicSquare special, different from other publishing tools such as blog platforms and CMS's? Community...

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Public Square Demo

  1. 1. PublicSquare Demo Christina Wodtke
  2. 2. Collaborative publishing tool <ul><li>Community is a publishing partner </li></ul><ul><li>Community manages itself </li></ul><ul><li>Workflow is community-based </li></ul><ul><li>CMS=Conversation Management System </li></ul>
  3. 3. Community is a Publishing Partner 1 2 3 A comment can become a story idea with a click of a button. Ideas are also submitted via trackback, magazine “badge” and by simply typing in a form. The story idea is voted on by the audience, and comments are left, making the idea a more viable story. Editors choose when to acept the story into a editoail process After a few rounds with an editor, assisted by PS’s lightweight tools, the story can go live.
  4. 4. Ilya asked a question on April 15 th . By April 18 th , it was a story he wrote, with the advice of the community
  5. 5. Community manages itself But editors still have final say Readers can vote on what comments are good, what are bad and can flag spam and trolls. Flags show up on the dashboard, and the editors can override community opinion, as they see fit.
  6. 6. Reputation Everything you do on the site affects your reputation. Writing a good article, leaving a smart comment, editing stories…
  7. 7. Workflow
  8. 8. That’s not a dashboard
  9. 9. That’s a dashboard
  10. 10. That’s a dashboard Custom status lets you see what shape a story is in Know who’s working, and who’s slacking Know what story ideas readers want to see published See who’s naughty and nice, and who’s a spammer Color coding helps spot what’s late, or about to be
  11. 11. Trust and monitor Very simple permissions are easy to amange Easy to know what’s late, and by how much Easy to see who’s been working on what Know at a glance who’s working and who’s not
  12. 12. Cocreation Editorial is not about who gets permission to touch what, it’s about advice, insight and communication. Messages are at the forefront of the story.
  13. 13. Christina Wodtke, CEO [email_address] 415-577-2550