Sitecore 7 New Features for Users


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An Overview of New Features and Functionality for Users in Sitecore 7

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Sitecore 7 New Features for Users

  1. 1. Sitecore 7 New Features for Users An Overview of New Features and Functionality in Sitecore 7 May 3, 2013 1
  2. 2. Sitecore Enterprise Web CMS • Popular .NET Web Content Management System for mid-to-large organizations • Provides friendly tools for non-technical Content Authors and Marketers • Can be customized and extended to meet almost any conceivable business need 2
  3. 3. Sitecore 7 Can Find Moved Items Sitecore 7 adds support for users moving items • Datasources specify a source of data for renderings • This reduces the renderings required for a site • Sitecore 7 uses IDs instead of Paths for datasources • A path changes, but not the ID, when items move Sitecore 7 has less errors when users move items • Renderings continue to work when users move an item that contains a datasource • Sitecore displays a warning when users try to delete an item that contains a datasource 3
  4. 4. Larger Numbers of Content Items Previous Sitecore versions placed items in a tree • Restrictions set limits on immediate child items to 100 Sitecore 7 has new items called Item Buckets • Lifts restrictions on number of direct children • Can contain tens of millions of child items • Users use a search box to locate and update content • Sitecore does not display children of buckets by default • Users don’t need to organize items in the Content Tree • Users don’t need to remember where items are located 4
  5. 5. Organizing Items in Buckets Sitecore 7 items can be arranged in item buckets • Any parent item can be converted to an item bucket • Users can now manage large numbers of content items • Search boxes have been added to many Sitecore tools • Content Editor Edit Pane • Page Editor Ribbon • Insert Link dialog box • Insert Media dialog box 5
  6. 6. Alternatives for Pick Lists Pick Lists were used on previous Sitecore versions • Sitecore displayed a Treelist or Droplist of items • Users would have to navigate through the list of items Sitecore 7 includes new field types • Users can now perform searches for list items • New fields that provide search contain “Bucket” • Bucket Rich Text • Bucket Tree List, etc. • Previous list types still available 6
  7. 7. Sitecore 7 Quick Actions Quick Actions are links in Search Results pages • Each link activates a command • Each command takes an action on the associated item • Applies to all items that appear in Search Results pages Sitecore 7 Quick Action Definitions • Some Quick Actions are included with Sitecore 7 • Add a Version, Lock for Editing, etc. • Additional Quick Actions can be created for users • Quick Action access can be restricted to specific users 7
  8. 8. Sitecore 7 Search Features Users search content, not just item names • Search through Word, PDF and other documents • Perform complex searches (sorts, dates & wildcards) • Faster search retrievals • Search results can include files and external databases Lucene Search (enhanced in Sitecore 7) • Useful for searching less than 100 million documents Solr Search (new to Sitecore 7) • Useful for searching through billions of documents 8
  9. 9. Sitecore 7 Search Results Boosting • Some results can be displayed more prominently Facets • Search results can be further refined by users Quick Actions • Each Search Results item can display specific actions Bulk Operations • Search Results Page lists all available operations 9
  10. 10. Sitecore 7 Boosting Options Search Results can be boosted six different ways • Field Boosting gives more weight to a particular field • Field Type Boosting gives more weight to a field type • Item Boosting gives more weight to a particular item • Rules-Based Item Boosting sets specific ranking rules • Global Rules-Based Item Boosting defines general rules • Query-Time Boosting uses context for personalization 10
  11. 11. Search Results Bulk Operations Content Authors can apply bulk changes to items • Add Tags • Search and Replace • Copy or Move • Delete Results • Publish Items • Apply Security • More… 11
  12. 12. Custom Search Results Display Sitecore 7 offers multiple views for Search Results • List View • Grid View • Custom Views • Tabs for retrieving saved searches Sitecore 7 allows field values in Search Results • Specific fields of an item can be displayed in the results • Content Authors do not need to click links to see fields 12
  13. 13. Sitecore 7 Content Editor Features Content Tree (left side of Content Editor) • A Search command appears when you right-click items • Search appears directly below Insert command Edit Pane (right side of Content Editor) • Hourglass with a plus (+) icon added to the tab strip • Clicking Hourglass tab is same as clicking Search in Tree • Users can open any number of search tabs • These tabs stay open as users move from item to item 13
  14. 14. Sitecore 7 Support for Media Sitecore 7 Media Library • The content of documents can now be searched • A Download Quick Action exists for media items 14
  15. 15. In Summary • Sitecore 7 has removed all quantity restrictions • Content can now be organized in Item Buckets • Sitecore 7 users use search tools to manage content • The Search Results page is now a primary CMS tool • Field values can appear on the Search Results Page • Search results can be refined with facets • Use Quick Actions to implement commands on items • Use Bulk Operations to apply bulk changes to items 15
  16. 16. Caveat Emptor This slide deck is based on data available at the time • The data came from well-intentioned bloggers • Review your Sitecore 7 needs with your Sitecore partner • Review proposed upgrades with all stakeholders • Implement new versions or Sitecore on a test system first This presentation is intended to be academic • To enhance public knowledge of Sitecore 7 features • To promote a better understanding of Sitecore 7 Author cannot guarantee accuracy or fitness for your site • Author makes no representations or warranties • Author disclaims any liability if you act on this information 16
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  18. 18. The Inside Corner, Inc. • The Inside Corner, Inc. (TIC) is owned by Craig Nelson • TIC is a Sitecore partner & web consultancy • A U.S. point of contact for teams of Sitecore specialists • We create new Sitecore sites & enhance existing ones 18
  19. 19. Primary Developer - Craig Nelson • Sitecore Specialist certified for Sitecore 7 • 10 years of system administration experience • 10 years as a Microsoft Certified Trainer • 5 years of ASP.NET web development experience • 4 years of Sitecore development experience • 3 years as a Sitecore technical instructor • Sitecore architecture & configuration expert • Performance & SEO optimization specialist • Workflow configuration specialist 19
  20. 20. Get Help with your Sitecore Site Follow TIC on LinkedIn • Add TIC to your Circles on Google Plus • Follow TIC on Twitter • Contact Craig Directly • Craig Nelson - Certified 7.0 Developer and Sitecore Partner • cwnelson[at] • Mobile - 707.319.7446 Visit the TIC website • 20
  21. 21. Bibliography • A Peek at Sitecore 7 • Apache Solr website • Sitecore 7: More Search • Sitecore 7: Quick Actions • Sitecore 7: Six Types of Search Boosting • Sitecore 7: Your content authors will love the search improvements 21 Download slide presentation to view URLs
  22. 22. Thank you for taking the time to view this presentation on Sitecore 7 -New Features for Users Please share with others and add a comment if you think it is useful Thanks! May 3, 2013 22