How to Select a CMS


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Short overview of how to select a content management system

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How to Select a CMS

  1. 1. How to Select a Content Management System Introductory Overview to Help You Attain CMS Success April 16, 2013 1
  2. 2. What is a CMS? Content Management System (CMS) • Software that helps present content on web sites • Non-technical users can add, edit & remove content Web Content Management System (WCMS) • CMS Authors use web pages to add & edit content Enterprise Content Management System (ECMS) • Displays content and documents tied to processes • Supports distributed unstructured information • Ability to integrate with SFDC or other systems 2
  3. 3. Do You Need a CMS? CMS advantages over static HTML • Content can be managed by non-technical users • Content Authors do not need to know markup • Content updates and publishing are quicker • Content display remains consistent across a site • Management of content is structured • Multiple levels of content access can be set up • Workflow guards against invalid content on site • Reformatting content for mobile devices is easier • Helps to improve Search Engine Optimization 3
  4. 4. Challenges to Selecting a CMS CMS selection can be difficult… • Quantity of available CMS products is huge • Select a Type - open source vs. proprietary • Select a Server - Apache vs. Windows • Select a Platform - Java vs. PHP vs. ASP.NET • Select a Methodology – product manuals vs. demos 4
  5. 5. Organizational Requirements CMS Features • Interface is easy to use for non-technical users • Content management is easy to accomplish • Interface can be customized to reflect business CMS Compatibility • Integration with existing IT infrastructure • In-house staff are familiar with base platform CMS Costs • Initial licensing costs are within budget • Maintenance and support costs are affordable 5
  6. 6. CMS Vendor Selection Vendor Differentiators • Stability, growth and financial strength • Reviews and references • Ongoing support Product Differentiators • Ability to meet your business requirements • Ability to scale to meet your future requirements • Useful workflow, marketing and other features • Pricing and maintenance costs 6
  7. 7. Open Source Benefits & Risks Open Source CMS Benefits • Ability to customize CMS to your specific needs • Supported by a dedicated community of developers • Free or low-cost initial licensing fees Open Source CMS Risks • May not have all the features of a commercial CMS • Significant development costs to maintain • In-house technical expertise may be required • Technical documentation may be lacking 7
  8. 8. Commercial Benefits & Risks Commercial CMS Benefits • Robust suite of features provided by CMS • Supported by a Help Desk or Support Portal • Lower development costs to maintain Commercial CMS Risks • Higher initial costs due to licensing fees • Significant initial development costs • Information Architecture design and planning are critical to ensure success with complex CMSes 8
  9. 9. Selecting a CMS Vendor Eight Steps to Select a CMS Vendor 1. Document your organizational requirements first 2. Use a requirements-focused selection process 3. Involve both content and tech teams in the process 4. Do your own research to identify potential sources 5. Review and rate each vendor independently 6. Focus on the key selection criteria in your RFP 7. Evaluate vendor responses and create a short list 8. Use a final round to pick the best vendor for you 9
  10. 10. The Benefits of CMS Usability • Site development and deployment is quicker • Training requirements are lessened • Resistance to CMS adoption is reduced • Content can be updated in a timely manner • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is reduced • Lower maintenance costs due to fewer mistakes • Lower operational and management costs • Content on published site is more up-to-date 10
  11. 11. In Summary • There are a number of factors to consider when selecting a Content Management System (CMS) • Start by documenting your organizational needs • Use a requirements-focused selection process • Involve both content and tech teams in the process • Pick a CMS that meets your business requirements • Pick a CMS that is easy to use 11
  12. 12. Caveat Emptor There are many ways to select Content Management Systems • Skilled developers can provide other solutions • Review your CMS needs with your agency This presentation is intended to be academic • To enhance public knowledge of CMS selection issues • To promote a better understanding of CMS selection Author cannot guarantee accuracy or fitness for your site • Author makes no representations or warranties • Author disclaims any liability if you act on this information 12
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  15. 15. Primary Developer - Craig Nelson • Sitecore Specialist certified for Sitecore 7 • 10 years of system administration experience • 10 years as a Microsoft Certified Trainer • 5 years of ASP.NET web development experience • 4 years of Sitecore development experience • 3 years as a Sitecore technical instructor • Sitecore architecture & configuration expert • Performance & SEO optimization specialist • Workflow configuration specialist 15
  16. 16. Get Help with your Sitecore Site Follow TIC on LinkedIn • Add TIC to your Circles on Google Plus • Follow TIC on Twitter • Contact Craig Directly • Craig Nelson - Certified 7.0 Developer and Sitecore Partner • cwnelson[at] • Mobile - 707.319.7446 Visit the TIC website • 16
  17. 17. Bibliography • Choosing a CMS • Choosing a Vendor: Six Steps to Find the Best Supplier • Requirements-focused CMS selection • The importance of CMS usability 17 Download slide presentation to view URLs
  18. 18. Thank you for taking the time to view this presentation on How to Select a Content Management System Please share with others and add a comment if you think it is useful Thanks! April 16, 2013 18