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C mossholder microtalk presentation_final


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Published in: Education, Business
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C mossholder microtalk presentation_final

  1. 1. Chad Mossholder Composer / Sound Designer
  2. 2. Commercial Work & Personal Art practice The importance of maintaining a personal art practice while working in a commercial environment.
  3. 3. Quick Background • Studied Music & Photography at Kent State University • Started work in Games as a sound designer/ composer in 2000 • Received Master’s of Arts in Television, Film and New Media Production from San Diego State University
  4. 4. Commercial Work
  5. 5. Working in the commercial world • Being creative everyday • Telling story, enhancing mood & reinforcing themes through music and sound design • Working with tools & people • Fun and rewarding work • [ Video Example from DC Universe ]
  6. 6. Clip from DC Universe Online
  7. 7. Personal Art Practice
  8. 8. My paths for personal output: Experimental music releases & performance Audio/Visual Art Installations Experimental Film Soundtracks
  9. 9. composer | sound artist • Freedom of personal expression / Freedom to experiment • Working with others and learning from collaborations • Artistic Prestige (Showing works at The Tate Modern, The Louvre, Museum of The Moving Image...) • Resident artist @ Center for Creative Arts. • Additional income. • [ Audio Example ]
  10. 10. Each world informs the other
  11. 11. www.cwmossholder.comext Txt Chad Mossholder Composer | Sound Designer