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Time Series Data Relating to UK Businesses

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  1. 1. Small and Medium Sized Enterprises 2000 to 2014 Some Facts and Figures C W Mobbs May 2015
  2. 2. Introduction • For the purposes of this analysis, small and medium sized enterprises are defined as those with less than 250 employees (large enterprises have 250+) • Small enterprises have less than 50 employees; medium ones between 50 and 249 • An enterprise is defined as a profit, non-profit or government organisation Data Source: Department for Business Innovation and Skills ‘Business Population Estimate for the UK and Regions, 2014”, unless otherwise stated.
  3. 3. Growth in Total Businesses The total number of businesses has grown from 3,467,200 to 5,243,100 over the period. This is an increase of 1,775,900, or 51%
  4. 4. Breakdown by Employees (1) This expansion in number of businesses is predominantly in single director/sole proprietorship firms – 1,497,500 to 2,976,200, an increase of 1,478,700 – 99%.
  5. 5. Breakdown by Employees (2) Number of Employees Increase/Decrease All Businesses 1,775,900 0 1,478,700 1-9 130,100 10-49 31,800 50-249 4,700 250-499 0 500 or more -400
  6. 6. Breakdown by Employees (3)
  7. 7. Breakdown by Employees (4) And viewed differently, with year 2000 = index 100
  8. 8. Business Growth - Region (1)
  9. 9. Business Growth - Region (2)
  10. 10. Business Growth – Region (3) • Of the four countries within the UK, England saw the greatest increase in number of new businesses (399,400). However, due to its already large base, the increase was only 10%.Wales, with its much lower base saw an increase of 9%, gaining only 18,200 new businesses. • Scotland only gained 3,500 new businesses, a percentage increase of 1%. • Within the English regions, London saw the greatest rise in businesses (113,500) an increase of 14%.The NorthWest saw the greatest percentage change – up 16% (69,700 new businesses). • The East Midlands only gained 41,300 new businesses, an increase of 2%.
  11. 11. About Innovation for Growth Founded in 2010, Innovation for Growth is a business consultancy firm that specialises in the provision of advice to small and medium sized enterprises.We work with companies from all sectors undertaking: innovation audits, innovation advice and the provision of strategy advice so our clients can maximise their business capabilities and achieve their growth aspirations. We also undertake desktop, business research and analysis, enabling our clients to concentrate on running their business. For more on our services, please see our website: © 2015 Innovation for Growth