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01 10-12 his ch 3 review pres

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01 10-12 his ch 3 review pres

  1. 1. US HistoryReview – Chapter Three
  2. 2. The War of 1812● Causes – British Impressment – capturing American sailors at sea. – The British also invaded Washington and burned the White House.● The war was between the Americans and the British.● Results: – The Federalist Party opposed war, and thus came to an end. – Industries in the US were encouraged because: ● Our independence was reaffirmed.
  3. 3. Nationalism● Nationalism is extreme, sometimes excessive pride in ones country.● Because of the United States victory in the War of 1812, the countrys Nationalism and confidence increased. – As a result of this, the US entered into treaties which helped it obtain Oregon and Florida.
  4. 4. Monroe Doctrine● Speech to Congress delivered by President James Monroe.● This told Europe not to interfere with the Western Hemisphere (e.g. colonize, take over, etc.)
  5. 5. Indian Removal Act/Trail ofTears/Manifest Destiny● President Jackson supported the Indian Removal Act, which Congress passed in 1830.● Tribes were forced to move West.● The Cherokee refused to move, and it was taken to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court backed the Cherokee – Jackson lost.
  6. 6. Mexican American War● President James Polk wanted to annex Texas (make it part of the US).● At the time, Texas was part of Mexico.● Negotiations failed; US sent troops to Mexico.● The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo gave Texas, New Mexico, California to US.
  7. 7. Mexican American War● Polk told the American people that Mexico had invaded the United States (LIE!!!)
  8. 8. California Gold Rush● Gold was discovered in Sutters Mill and people migrated to California in search of gold and wealth.● People who rushed to California in 1849 became known as 49ers.● The total value of gold mined in California was over $2,000,000,000 by 1857.