Inequality perez ch.2


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Inequality perez ch.2

  1. 1. Gina Pérez - Ch.2Inequality in America Friday, 1/30/12
  2. 2. Overview of Ch. 2What are the main themes of Chapter 2?How do you think this chapter will contribute tothe project of the book overall?
  3. 3. Progress and ModernityWhat do these two terms mean?How are they linked, and what historicalprocesses are they related to?(page 31)
  4. 4. Political Economy of San SebastiánWhat were the local bases for the economy inSan Sebastián?What was the impact of the U.S. invasion of1898 on agricultural production?(pages 33-37)
  5. 5. The Chardón PlanHow did this plan come about? What were itsmajor tenets?What is the "overpopulation" debate about?(pages 37-43)What does Pérez mean by "structure of feeling"and "developmentalist ideology"? (page 43)
  6. 6. Operation BootstrapWhat were the major components and goals ofOperation Bootstrap?What is the significance of the name of thisprogram?What was "the fever"?(pages 44-45)
  7. 7. Gender and ModernizationWhat are the gendered dimensions Pérezpoints to about the following: theoverpopulation debate, the industrialization ofPuerto Ricos economy, and the Institute ofPuerto Rican culture?
  8. 8. Gina Pérez - Ch. 3Inequality in America Wednesday, 2/1/12
  9. 9. Themes for Discussion● Shifting idea of Puerto Rican family● Discourse of gender, family, and labor● Model minority discourse● Chicago vs NYC● Division Street Uprising/Riots● Culture of poverty thesis● Chicago School and assimilation● Young Lords