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Parking Presentation

  1. 1. FSU Parking Study Group E:Daniel Adler || Mitchell Angus || JonathanJones || Erik Turley || Courtney Williams
  2. 2. Topics to be Covered Who We Are / Mission Background Information / Question Student Opinions / Statistics Observations / Statistics Conclusion / Analysis
  3. 3. Who We Are/Our Mission We are the Florida State University Parking Division We make sure that the parking facilities and transportation services are adhering to the overall mission of the university We wanted to find the answer to a question we are asked often: Is there a problem parking on FSU’s Main Campus?
  4. 4. Basic Background Information According to a recent survey, 92% of all Florida State University students attending the main campus drive to campus. Although are 11,252 parking spaces located on FSU’s main campus, there are 29,710 parking permits given out every year. 1,871 students who live on FSU’s main campus have parking permits.  These students only make up for 6% of the total permits given out each year.  However, since there cars are most likely on campus at all times they take up almost 17% of the parking spots.
  5. 5. Cars Students Allowing all No designated students to park parking lot for students living Too many on campus permits Students living onOvernight Takes too campus with parking long to parking permits park Park cars in Looking for same areas parking at the Problem over night same time with Parking Most classes Not enough room at FSU’s scheduled in the to build more lots middle of the day Main Not enough FSU overpopulated Campus with studentsMany day spaces classes Teachers Too many unwilling to teach at night students parking Few Night on Classes campus Class Parking Times Spaces
  6. 6. Student Opinions / StatisticsOpinions During the Opinions After the FirstFirst Week of Classes Week 44% of students said  Students said that that parking was okay parking got worse 29% said that it was after Drop/Add bad  39% said that parking 6% percent said that it was just ‘okay’ was just horrible  34% said that parking was bad  6% said that parking was horrible.
  7. 7. Students Overall Views on Parking 85% of FSU students found parking on the main campus unsatisfactory. 60% of students hate parking.  When asked if they would be in favor of expanding parking:  89% were in favor  92% of those in favor felt that FSU needed more parking spots.
  8. 8. Amount of Time it Takes To Park Of the students we  Due to a lack of asked, over half of parking spots, them said it takes students are late to more than 10 class: minutes to park  28% are rarely late  39% said it takes  20% are 10-20 minutes occasionally late  34% said it takes  14% are frequently 20-30 minutes late  15% said it take 30 or more minutes
  9. 9. Observation: How Many People Are Looking for a Parking Space? Average Number of Cars Seeking Parking Spaces 160Avg # of Cars Seeking Parking Spaces 140 120 100 80 Woodward 60 Traditions UCB Lot 40 20 0 Time of the Day
  10. 10. Observation: Woodward Garage Average Number of Open Parking Spots in Woodward Garage 70Average Number of Parking Spots 60 50 Monday 40 Tuesday 30 Wednesday Thursday 20 Friday 10 0 6am-8am 9am-11am 12pm-2pm 3pm-5pm 6pm-8pm Time of the Day
  11. 11. Observation: Traditions Garage Average Number of Open Parking Spots in Traditions Garage 25Average Number of Parking Spots 20 15 Monday Tuesday Wednesday 10 Thursday Friday 5 0 6am-8am 9am-11am 12pm-2pm 3pm-5pm 6pm-8pm Time of the Day
  12. 12. Observation: University Center B Lot Average Number of Open Parking Spots in University Center B Lot 140Average Number of Parking Spots 120 100 Monday 80 Tuesday 60 Wednesday Thursday 40 Friday 20 0 6am-8am 9am-11am 12pm-2pm 3pm-5pm 6pm-8pm Time of the Day
  13. 13. Observation: How Long Does it Take to Find a Parking Space? Average Number of Cars Seeking Parking Spaces 19:12Avg Amount of Time to Find Parking (min) 16:48 14:24 12:00 9:36 Woodward 7:12 Traditions UCB Lot 4:48 2:24 0:00 Time of the Day
  14. 14. In Conclusion, There are not enough parking spots for each FSU student with a parking permit. Students aren’t too happy with the parking situation; 85% say parking is unsatisfactory. Most students say that it takes longer than 10 minutes to find parking; sometimes causing them to be late to class. The Traditions Garage is usually the most crowded, while the University Center B parking lot is the least crowded. Parking is the worst in all areas between the hours of 9:00am and 2:00pm.
  15. 15. So, IS Parking Really A Problem?  Our answer is YES!  As FSU continues to grow as a prestigious university, more and more students will be admitted, potentially causing the problem to intensify.  We, the FSU Parking Division, believe that it is important to address the issues so that the missions of the Florida State University and the Parking Division can be supported.  In the near future, the FSU Parking Division will have to make decisions about adding parking spaces, the distribution of parking permits and on-campus parking procedures.
  16. 16. Any Questions?