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Technically Engaged: Using Social Media to Engage the Public


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Tips, techniques and strategies for social media success including ways to save time and how to align your social strategy with your business objectives.

Presented to the annual TransComm 2013 national conference.

Published in: Business, Technology
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Technically Engaged: Using Social Media to Engage the Public

  1. 1. Technically Engaged: Using Social Media to Engage the Public Presented to TransComm 2013 September 25, 2013 Chad Wiebesick, Director of Social Media for Michigan Economic Development Corporation
  2. 2. The Secret to Facebook Success • Facebook incentivizes great content by showing posts to more fans. Pages with poor engagement get seen by fewer people. @Wiebesick #Transcomm2013
  3. 3. How Are Brands Measuring ROI? • Top way businesses measure social media ROI is the number of followers @Wiebesick #Transcomm2013
  4. 4. New York State Has The Largest Number of Facebook Fans • • • Yet, only 0.9% of their fans are talking about the page. The most popular age group are 13-17 year old teenagers. Most of their fans live in New York City. @Wiebesick #Transcomm2013
  5. 5. State of Florida Has Far Fewer Fans, But More Engaged • • Average age of fans are 35-54, a demographic more likely to have budget to travel. Most fans live in out-of-state, a more lucrative traveler. @Wiebesick #Transcomm2013
  6. 6. Another Reason Not to Focus on Number of Fans @Wiebesick #Transcomm2013
  7. 7. Align Your Social Strategy With Your Business Objectives • Pure Michigan is majestic, mythic and magical – a place with abundant natural beauty and authentic destinations. @Wiebesick #Transcomm2013
  8. 8. Tip 1: Identify The Most Engaging Type of Content • See what type of content gets the highest reach and engagement Pure Michigan Talent Connect Status updates reach the most fans Michigan Shifting Gears Photos reach the most fans @Wiebesick #Transcomm2013
  9. 9. Tip 2: Determine When Your Fans Are Online • Learn the best times to post when your fans are online Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs – 8 pm Michigan Veterans’ Services Division – 9 pm @Wiebesick #Transcomm2013
  10. 10. Use Facebook’s Scheduler to Save Time • Think about timing and consider posting different hours of the day. Maybe you are a morning person, but your audience is not. Consider testing different hours of the day, including the weekend. * Post consistently at least 2-3 times/day @Wiebesick #Transcomm2013
  11. 11. Tip 3: Use an Editorial Calendar @Wiebesick #Transcomm2013
  12. 12. Example: Visual Imagery • With 3,700 fans at the time, this infographic was shared and seen by over 400,000 people on Facebook. @Wiebesick #Transcomm2013
  13. 13. Summary 1. 2. 3. 4. Measure your success by engagement, not number of fans. Use Facebook Insights to determine the best time of day and type of content to post. Use Facebook Scheduler to save time. Use a content calendar to align your social strategy with your business objectives. @Wiebesick #Transcomm2013
  14. 14. Thank You Chad Wiebesick Twitter: @wiebesick @Wiebesick #Transcomm2013