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The Art of Visual Storytelling: Spark #Instagreatness on Instagram


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How to build your brand on Instagram, identify influencers, and grow your followers.

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The Art of Visual Storytelling: Spark #Instagreatness on Instagram

  1. 1. The Art of Visual Storytelling: Spark #Instagreatness on Instagram Presented to: Pure Michigan Governor’s Conference on Tourism Detroit, Michigan Prepared by: Chad Wiebesick Director of social media & interactive marketing Twitter: @Wiebesick April 15, 2013@Wiebesick #PMGC13
  2. 2. Connecting the Community • Multi-faceted social media program on 8 networks, including: – Facebook (500,000 fans) is where the community meets – Twitter (50,000 followers) keeps the community informed – Blog (1,400 visits/day) celebrates Michigan’s treasures • Award-winning social media presence – 2012 Mercury Award from U.S. Travel Association for “Best Use of Social Media” among all state tourism campaigns – 2012 PR Daily Awards finalist for “Best Facebook Page” – Named best state tourism social media presence 10 out of the last 16 quarters by Think Social Media; no other state achieved this ranking more than five times@Wiebesick # PMGC13
  3. 3. Instagram: Visual Storytelling • Launched July 2012 • 23,000 total fans • Over 150,000 photos have been tagged #PureMichigan • 500 photos added each day tagged #PureMichigan@Wiebesick # PMGC13
  4. 4. What is Instagram? • Social network for taking photographs and posting them from your phone • Launched in 2010 and acquired by Facebook last year for a staggering $1 billion • 13 employees at time of acquisition • It’s a rapidly growing social channel tailor made for the tourism industry: – 90 million monthly users (versus Flickr with 87 million) – 40 million photos posted daily • Tip: Secure your vanity URL before a cyber squatter gets it.@Wiebesick # PMGC13
  5. 5. Instagram: How We Use It • Make fans the heroes: Feature fan-submitted photos and credit them • Curating a fine art gallery of majestic Pure Michigan photos that inspire travel • Be social: leave comments and “like” photos Global reach Images inspire travel Featured photographers proudly share their photos with friends,@Wiebesick # PMGC13 driving more exposure
  6. 6. Align Your Social Strategy To Your Business Objectives • Pure Michigan is majestic, mythic and magical – a place with abundant natural beauty and authentic destinations. • We have thousands of photographers sending us hundreds of photos a day as they travel and sightsee across Michigan@Wiebesick # PMGC13
  7. 7. Gain Fans: Cross Promote Instagram Pinterest Twitter Google+ Blog Facebook@Wiebesick # PMGC13
  8. 8. Find Influencers @TonyDetroit = 310,000 followers and following 258 people. He is among the top 2% most influential people on Instagram.@Wiebesick # PMGC13
  9. 9. Engage Influencers • Select an influencer to serve as an Instagram Guest Photographer at popular events • Sprint Cup NASCAR race August 21, 2011 • 75 million NASCAR fans nationally@Wiebesick # PMGC13
  10. 10. Instagram Guest Photographer • Within 20 minutes of posting on Instagram, @TonyDetroit’s@Wiebesick # PMGC13 photos appear on the Popular Photo Page
  11. 11. Instagram Guest Photographer • Promotion – Pure Michigan team will post a photo on Instagram explaining that the account has been handed to the specific user • Hand-Off of the Account – The guest will be given a new password. Pure Michigan will monitor the guest’s usage of the account. • Sharing – Pure Michigan will share these photos on other social networks at their discretion. • Wrap Up – Pure Michigan will post a photo thanking the guest. A new password will be set.@Wiebesick # PMGC13
  12. 12. Requirements • Please do: – Minimum posts per day: 3 – Maximum posts per day: 10 – Location to be noted in tag or caption. – Name of photographer to be noted in caption (e.g. Contributed by guest photographer @username). • Please do not: – Post photos of explicit content or any activity that could be deemed illegal – Any item(s) that do not represent the Pure Michigan brand – Comment to fans or answer questions on behalf of Pure Michigan@Wiebesick # PMGC13
  13. 13. Thank You • Chad Wiebesick • • Twitter: @wiebesick • • • (517) 335-1083@Wiebesick # PMGC13