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  • Fall forum

    1. 1. GET CONNECTED GET CONNECTED AbilITy Connection Fall Forum November 4th, 2010
    2. 2. GET CONNECTED Agenda • Introductions • Ability Connection Overview • Market Overview and Discussion • Break • Degrees • IT Workforce Research • Q&A 1/29/2015 2
    3. 3. GET CONNECTED AbilITy Connection Overview Fall Forum 2010
    4. 4. GET CONNECTED • Students – Protégées – Students in AbilITy Connection – Consumers – Students under DVR guidance • Mentors – Volunteers in jobs helping students • Information Technology (IT) – Career working with people, data, processes, and computers to manage information and organizations Overview – Terms and Language
    5. 5. GET CONNECTED AbilITy Connection  Mentoring Internships, scholarships and job placement services –facilitating career assistance and guidance  Advocacy Experience and networking opportunities for people with disabilities entering IT  Connections To local employers  Guidance Finding independence and personal satisfaction Mentoring Advocacy ConnectionsGuidance
    6. 6. GET CONNECTED • Ability Connection Mentorship Track • Ability Connection Placement Track AbilITy Connection – Two Tracks Soft Skills Mentorship Job Interview Connections Placement Protégé not in school and looking for employment only Coaching
    7. 7. GET CONNECTED Ideal Profile of a Referral Mentorship Track • Enrolled Student or Strong Desire to Learn – Most protégées working towards technical degree – Career advice also an option • Desire to Build Career in Technology – Technology is everywhere in business – IT is design, creativity and usability • Positive Attitude – AbilITy Connection ready to help – Lowering bar not the goal, helping give people boost when needed is • Time and Focus – Minimum of couple of hours/month available 7
    8. 8. GET CONNECTED Ideal Profile of a Referral Placement Track • Technical Degree Obtained – Open to career guidance – Marketable skills • Desire to Build Career in Technology – Technology is everywhere in business – IT is design, creativity and usability • Positive Attitude – AbilITy Connection ready to help – Lowering bar not the goal, helping give people boost when needed is • Time and Focus – Minimum of couple of hours/month available 8
    9. 9. GET CONNECTED Market Research Fall Forum 2010
    10. 10. GET CONNECTED But Milwaukee is only the 23rd largest city! Milwaukee 13th Hottest IT Employment Market 101/29/2015
    11. 11. GET CONNECTED • Recession is Over • Growth is Here Economy Improving
    12. 12. GET CONNECTED Research from February 2010 Where is the Growth?
    13. 13. GET CONNECTED 15 of Top 38 Hottest IT Jobs Rank Job title 10- year growth 1 Software Architect 34% 7 Database Administrator 20% 17 Information Systems Security Engineer 23% 18 Software Engineering / Development Director 17% 20 Information Technology Manager 17% 21 Telecommunications Network Engineer 53% 24 Network Operations Project Manager 23% Rank Job title 10- year growth 26 Information Technology Business Analyst 20% 28 Information Technology Consultant 17% 30 Test Software Development Engineer 20% 31 Information Technology Network Engineer 23% 33 Information Technology Program Manager 17% 35 Computer and Information Scientist 24% 37 Programmer Analyst 20% 38 Applications Engineer 34% Data from CNN Money
    14. 14. GET CONNECTED Centare Group Survey SE WI Focus Software Development Consulting 38 responses out of 55 employees • Average Salary $90,000 + Benefits • Average Years Experience 9 • Average Age 35 • Most Interesting Degree – Bachelor in Game Design and Development • 2 Developers started with Associate Degrees and Earned Bachelors • Most popular degree – Computer Science followed by Software Engineering 10% 90% Managers, UX and BAs at Centare Associate Bachelor 3% 11% 63% 18% 5% Developers at Centare No Degree Associate Bachelor Masters PHD
    15. 15. GET CONNECTED Feel free to raise your hand at any time to ask the panel a question. This is your time for interaction. Panel Discussion
    16. 16. GET CONNECTED • Degree choices – Associate – Bachelor’s CS, CE, EE, IT/MIS – Math, music, foreign language • Area programs – MATC, WCTC, UWW, UWM, MU, MSOE, UW-Parkside Where to learn?
    17. 17. GET CONNECTED • 43% of CIOs believe current IT skills reasonably matched 2009 needs • Only 37% of CIOs believe current IT staff can meet skill requirements in next 3years 2009 MIT CISR survey IT Workforce Skills Research
    18. 18. GET CONNECTEDIT Workforce Research 2005-2009 Project Planning Process Knowledge Company Knowledge BPR Systems Analysis Industry Knowledge Project Leadership Project Risk Management Systems Design Change Management Skills critical in house Programming Systems Testing Desktop/Helpdesk Systems Design Systems Analysis Voice/DataTelecomm Database Design Continuity/Recovery Operations Server Hosting OS/ Architecture & Standards Project Planning Project Leadership Project Risk Management Systems Analysis User Relationship Management Systems Design Negotiation Industry Knowledge Process Knowledge Project Integration Programming Systems Analysis Systems Testing Systems Design Communication Voice/Data Telecomm Desktop/Helpdesk Architecture & Standards Database Design Skills sourced from 3PPs Skills desired in entry-level hiresSkills desired in mid-level hires
    19. 19. GET CONNECTED IT Administration & Development Christopher Omernik Database Administrator - Microsoft SQL Server Application Developer In the real world…
    20. 20. GET CONNECTED Dynamic Responsibilities • Paged at 3 AM: replication failed on Charlie cluster – You will have tasks that you are not familiar with or don’t understand. No one else will help you at 3 AM, and you are in charge. – You only know the goal – not always the means. • We just bought bank X in city Y. Now you are the lead developer for application abc. But I don’t know language a and never heard of platform z! – You always need to be ready to learn new things in IT. • There was a re-organization. Now you’re part of Katie’s team, and you have a different job title. – Things change. You have to be ready to take on extra tasks at any time. 20
    21. 21. GET CONNECTED – We launched a mainframe training program in 2010 to recruit and train mainframe developers (COBOL, CSS). – Retirement is removing this skill set from the labor force. – Perceived legacy technology not being taught in colleges. – ATMs, check processing, etc. still mostly run on mainframes at large financial companies. – The mainframe is dead! The mainframe lives. – Offers opportunities to transfer from other business lines: i.e. retail banking, back office processing. New Opportunities in Old Technologies
    22. 22. GET CONNECTED Chris’ Tips… • Not everyone is a system admin. Don’t forget about jobs in security, software, project managers, licensing, etc.. • You don’t have to have a degree in IT. I placed trades. • Best tip: the bus starts at the help desk or the PC install area because everyone goes there. Start small, and move up. • Get a good grasp of the basic architecture of a technology, and the internet is your friend. • Remember the mainframe. • It is better to know a little about a lot of things. • Be aware of outsourcing trends. What are the last things they can outsource?
    23. 23. GET CONNECTED Discussion IT Market Jobs and Future Roles and Responsibilities Entry Level
    24. 24. GET CONNECTED THANK YOU For Your Support and Referrals!
    25. 25. GET CONNECTED The Top 50 – Great Pay & Growth Money and PayScale.com rate the top 50 careers with great pay and growth prospects. (10 Year Forecast) Rank Job title Job growth 1 Systems Engineer 45% 5 Information Technology Project Manager16% 8 Computer/Network Security Consultant 27% 10 Sales Director 10% 12 Software Developer 28% 16 Software Product Manager 28% 17 Business Analyst, IT 29% 30 Telecommunications Network Engineer 53% 39 Computer Software Program Manager 28% 40 Applications Systems Analyst 29%