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Stingray - Riverbed Technology


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Raja Srinivasan's presentation from .

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Stingray - Riverbed Technology

  1. 1. 1 Stingray January 2012 Director of Cloud Solutions, Stingray Business Unit© 2012 Riverbed Technology
  2. 2. 2 Market Opportunity §  Forrester’s "Sizing the Cloud” "Sizing  the  Cloud",  Forrester,  2011   $300.00     •  Rapid growth in both public & private market sizes $250.00     Projected  Spending  (in  Billions)   •  SaaS by itself expanding from $200.00     $81.70     $21.2B in 2011 to $92.8B by 2016 $150.00     $100.00     §  GigaOm survey, June 2011 $159.30     $50.00     •  69% will adopt hybrid cloud $15.20     $25.50     models $0.00     2011   2020   Private  Cloud   Year   §  ESG’s "Data Protection Market Trends” Public  Cloud   •  Cloud storage to increase nearly 4x from 2010 to 2012 •  Off-site tape is expected to decrease by one-third© 2012 Riverbed Technology
  3. 3. 3 Stingray Traffic Manager – By The Numbers 90,000   Typical  number  of   Amazon  virtual   machines  created   per  day  in  2011  © 2012 Riverbed Technology
  4. 4. 4 Stingray Traffic Manager – In the Cloud >1,000   Number  of  SHngray/ Zeus  customers   currently  deployed   in  various  clouds  © 2012 Riverbed Technology
  5. 5. 5 What does Stingray do? SHngray  provides   visibility  and  control   SHngray  Traffic   Manager   OpDmize  Infrastructure  –   ...  to  improve  performance,     and  increase  capacity     Web  and  ApplicaHon     OpDmize  Content–   Servers   ...  to  improve  response  Hme   and  enhance  brand  value     DifferenDate  and  PrioriDze  –     ...  to  give  users  the  level   of  experience  they  require     Inspect  and  Secure  –    © 2012 Riverbed Technology  ...  to  block  aSackers  
  6. 6. 6 Powerful tools, amazing visibility 1. $path = http.getpath(); 2. if( string.startswith( $path, "/products" ) ){ 3. http.redirect( "/services.html" ); 4. } Customer  evaluaHons  and  developer  licenses:   hSp://­‐and-­‐evaluate.php  © 2012 Riverbed Technology
  7. 7. 7 Why Customers buy Stingray ü More  Revenue   “Riverbed  helped  us  provide  a  superior  user   experience  with  faster  page  loading  8mes,  and   transac8ons  are  now  completed  more  quickly.”     ü More  Flexibility   “Riverbed  was  cri8cal  in  our  migra8on  to  a  virtual   infrastructure  because  its  solu8on  is  completely   so@ware-­‐based  and  has  maximum  portability.”   ü More  Cost  Savings   “Virtualiza8on  has  created  enormous  benefits,  with  huge   savings  on  capital  investment  and  opera8ng  costs,  energy,     and  administra8ve  8me.”     the  SDngray  ADC  product  family  from  Riverbed  Introducing  © 2012 Riverbed Technology
  8. 8. 8 Stingray: More Revenue Without  S)ngray   With  S)ngray   MicrosoM:    Measurement   Original   ApDmized   AcceleraDon   3x  faster  page  views    First  view   8.007  sec   2.963  sec   2.7x  Repeat  view   1.672  sec   0.406  sec   4.11x    Start  Render   2.461  sec   0.923  sec   2.6x   SeeTickets:     Ease  of  development  Data  Traffic   690  KB   394  KB   43%  Reduced       BriDsh  Telecom:     3x  faster  product  development   Reasons  for  success:     Web  Content  opHmizaHon   x3   CustomizaHon  with  Traffic  Script   Performance  in  virtual/cloud  © 2012 Riverbed Technology
  9. 9. 9 Stingray: More Cost Savings Gilt  Groupe:     Reduced  servers  by  50%   Traffic  up  by  x3     Mozilla:     50%  faster  response  Hme     Half   x2   Half   RapaRoni:     4x  faster  response  Hme   Reasons  for  Success:     Performance,  Cost,  Efficiency   Ease  of  use   Powerful  tools  © 2012 Riverbed Technology
  10. 10. 10 Amazon Elastic Load Balancer -- Capabilities §  Balance load between servers in one or more availability zones §  Support TCP applications on ports 25, 80, 443, and 1024-65535 only §  Maintain basic session persistence of HTTP/HTTPS applications (using cookies) §  Terminate, off-load, and re-establish SSL §  Monitor the health of instance availability and latency §  Scale up and down as necessary to support varying load levels (ELB is an abstracted service) §  Be configured via a graphical UI or programmable API §  Balance IPv4 and IPv6 traffic© 2012 Riverbed Technology
  11. 11. 11 What ELB cannot do §  Balance loads across multiple geographic regions §  Maintain advanced session persistence of non-HTTP/HTTPS applications §  Monitor the health of application availability or latency §  Make routing decisions based on content §  Modify incoming and outgoing request/response traffic §  Support TCP traffic on ports outside its allowed range §  Be configured to drain an instance to prepare it for removal §  Add GZip/deflate compression to applications that don’t already do this themselves §  Cache web content §  Perform any kind of traffic prioritization, bandwidth shaping, or rate limiting to instances §  Add additional security to instances beyond the basic EC2 security groups •  Meeting PCI/DSS compliance© 2012 Riverbed Technology
  12. 12. 12 Cloud Auto Provisioning § Spin up on demand •  Simple integration into the cloud provisioning portal § Flexible Metering •  Data Transfer – Hourly – Bandwidth § Flexible Billing 1 ©  Zeus  Technology  2009    |    © 2012 Riverbed Technology 2   ConfidenHal  
  13. 13. 13 Subscription for Cloud Service Providers   §  Cloud  Service  Provider  benefit   •  A  usage-­‐based  revenue  model;  no  up-­‐front  costs   •  No  stock  control  or  depreciaHon   •  Soeware  runs  on  industry-­‐standard  1u  Intel  or  AMD  servers   •  Immediate  roll-­‐out  at  customer’s  request   •  License  what  you  need  -­‐  products  can  be  upgraded  on  demand   •  AddiHonal  revenue  opportuniHes  based  on  services   »  Management  Services   »  Professional  services  for  Traffic  Script/Java  code     1 ©  Zeus  Technology  2009    |    © 2012 Riverbed Technology 3   ConfidenHal  
  14. 14. 14 Virtual/Cloud  performance   Customer: SeeTickets Powerful  scripHng   Project:     Traffic  Manager   ApplicaHon  Firewall       Metrics:     1m  page  views/day   Caching  &  rate  mgt   ScripHng  using  Eclipse   See Tickets is one of the largest ticket sellers in Europe. With over 34 million online   unit sales per year, the IT team at See Tickets was becoming increasingly aware   that its website struggled to cope with huge and sudden spikes in web traffic. With 85 percent of ticket sales made online, and 1m page views per day, See Tickets Reasons  for   knows how important it is for its customers to access its website all day, every day. Success:  Virtual   Performance   “Since the rapid deployment of Riverbed Stingray Traffic Manager, our site performs Ease  of  development   with 100 percent uptime. Riverbed has helped us provide a far superior user Powerful  scripHng   experience with faster page loading times, and transactions are now completed Development  license   more quickly.” - Rob Wilmshurst, CEO, See Tickets© 2012 Riverbed Technology
  15. 15. 15 ApplicaHon  development   Customer: British Telecom and  performance   Project:     100+  Traffic  Managers   Long-­‐term  relaHonship   15  million  users   100  million  hits/day   10  million  pages/day   100k  transacHons/day   1  million  searches/day     “When BT recently introduced a new customer search service, its Reasons  for   delivery and deployment was achieved in less than one month by success:  Flexibility   using Traffic Manager as an application delivery control engine. This Virtual  Performance   type of change would normally take over three months to deliver.” Ease  of  use   Simon Howe, Online Platform Director, BT Powerful  scripHng  © 2012 Riverbed Technology
  16. 16. 16 Who are the usual competitors…?© 2012 Riverbed Technology
  17. 17. 17 Why Riverbed Stingray Traffic Manager? ü Designed from the ground up for virtualization and clouds ü Best in class price-performance ü Powerful management and visibility tools ü Redefine acceleration capability of ADCs with Aptimizer ü Gain more application control with TrafficScript ü Mature enough to run critical apps in hybrid clouds ü End-to-End Application Performance & Management© 2012 Riverbed Technology
  18. 18. 18 Protocols supported by Stingray §  HTTP §  SSL (POP3S) §  FTP §  SSL (LDAPS) §  IMAPv2 §  UDP - Streaming §  IMAPv3 §  UDP §  IMAPv4 §  DNS (UDP) §  POP3 §  DNS (TCP) §  SMTP §  SIP (UDP) §  LDAP §  SIP (TCP) §  Telnet §  RTSP §  SSL §  Generic server first §  SSL (HTTPS) §  Generic client first §  SSL (IMAPS) §  Generic streaming© 2012 Riverbed Technology