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Published in: Business, Technology
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  1. 1. What have you learnt about technologiesfrom the process of constructing this product?
  2. 2. • iMovie I have learnt how to use iMovie by uploading and editing videos such as my preliminary exercise, my film opening, and various other small projects.• I uploaded my footage from my camera directly to iMovie and learnt how to cut clips to the size and section that I want, and to cut out all of the unnecessary footage. I also learnt how to add effects such as sound, adding subtitles, and changing contrast and brightness to give the desired effect for my film opening. I altered the saturation of the video to make it seem more dream-like. I saw that you could add audio effects but chose not add any. I found it easy to use and a good basic piece of editing software.
  3. 3. Camera/tripod/microph one• I learnt how to use the tripod, using the extendable legs to fit the terrain I was filming on, making the legs longer/shorter to make my shots even.• I learnt how to use the microphone, holding it in the right place so I picked up as little background sounds as possible. I also learnt that it is a microphone which needs to be pointed at the person who is talking to pick up the best sound quality (directional microphone).• I learnt how to use the camera. I learnt how to put a tape in the right way, after nearly breaking a camera by putting it in the wrong way. I learnt how to wind it back to the beginning and then film on it. I learnt how to stop and start filming and how to use the camera and a firewire to upload my footage.
  4. 4. Blog• I learnt how to add posts, as well as link them to different pictures and videos. Also, how to link it to different websites in order to show my evaluation and research.• I used various websites for my evaluation such as: WIX, prezi and glogster.• I also filmed and editing a video with a simple story in order to create another answer.
  5. 5. Mac• I have never used a Mac before this, so i pretty much learnt it all from scratch. I learnt how to log onto the particular sites such as edublogs.• I also learnt how to copy and paste texts and photos, which i found to b quick and easy to do.• I leant how to move certain things i needed for my blog to my desktop, in order to make it easier to access quickly.