CWC-AE Airbus Military A400M user story


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Airbus Military reduces risk, cost and time of A400M flight test program with rugged Acra KAM-500 data acquisition units.

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CWC-AE Airbus Military A400M user story

  1. 1. Airbus Military's A400M airlifter is a cost effective, high-speed turboprop aircraft specifically designed to replace ageing C-130 Hercules and C-160 Transall fleets currently in service around the world. The System Airbus Military instruments the A400M with a distributed Ethernet DAS using Acra KAM-500 DAUs, many in remote, high vibration locations The Results • Reduction of wiring by 30% • Simplified concurrent engineering and re-useable instrumentation architecture • A flexible, low risk flight test instrumentation system Airbus Military reduces risk, cost and time of A400M flight test program with rugged Acra KAM-500 DAUs A400M
  2. 2. COMMERCIAL OFF-THE-SHELF MODULAR DESIGN The System The core of the onboard flight test instrumentation is based on an innovative architecture using an Ethernet switched network topology developed for the A380 test program. Though military aircraft do differ in data acquisition requirements, the flexibility of Ethernet makes system variations easy by using a switch backbone. • The installation performs the data acquisition of temperature, voltage and strain measurements • Heavily instrumented test aircraft are fitted with 60 Acra KAM-500 chassis in the engines and wings of the aircraft • A master DAU provides time referencing from GPS for the entire distributed network • The Ethernet DAS outputs IENA (UDP) packets to onboard switches and workstations for real-time analysis Acra KAM-500 Lowers Risk Proven on every platform type in all environmental conditions COTS hardware with short delivery times Reduces Cost of Ownership Reduced inventory of spares due to common product line Lower installation, setup and maintenance requirements Modular design greatly extends system lifetime FTI by Design Designed to minimize the data transfer time from sensor to screen Guaranteed predictable data Simultaneous sampling occurs across the complete system
  3. 3. WORKS ONCE WORKS ALWAYS “There has not been a lost flight or aircraft grounded on the A400M program due to Acra equipment. It has worked flawlessly from the first flight. The Results I Reduction of wiring by 30% Acra’s DAUs can withstand the harshest environments thanks to their MIL-SPEC environmental ruggedness. Their compact, low power design makes them ideal for installing close to the sensors in locations that have limited space such as engine nacelles or wings. • Being close to the sensors reduced cabling by 30% • It also meant there was less noise in the received signal • DAUs being installed outside the cabin freed up space Tests were carried out on the A400M for empty loads, drop cargo and ramp open scenarios. These were easier to set up because Acra’s equipment resided in remote areas as opposed to taking up critical cabin space. Jean-Pascal Caturla FTI Acquisition System Team Leader Airbus SAS
  4. 4. Acra equipment gives good results in spite of the severe environmental operating conditions. The Results II Simplified concurrent engineering and re-useable instrumentation architecture. Re-using the FTI system design from the A380 program simplified the engineering costs for the definition and production of the FTI system. Knowledge gained from the A380 program enabled Airbus to design connections to remote DAUs early on using approximate measurement requirements, thus speeding up the program. The ability to use the same hardware in a high vibration environment without modification and the savings in the cost of training for people already familiar with the system greatly reduces the overall cost. “ HIGH QUALITY DATA FLIGHT AFTER FLIGHT
  5. 5. UNPARALLELED LEVELS OF CUSTOMER SUPPORT The Results III Reduction in overall flight test program time through quick, reliable delivery of new products When the need for a CAN bus monitor was identified Acra developed the KAD/CBM module in 12 months. During the time it took to develop the new module, Acra provided Airbus Military with a temporary system so that the program could start without delay. The confidence that Acra would deliver a working solution in time was instilled by past success with Airbus, the proven modular architecture of the Acra KAM-500, and a track record of delivering 100+ modules.
  6. 6. For more information visit Curtiss-Wright Controls Avionics & Electronics 665 North Baldwin Park Boulevard City of Industry, CA 91746, USA Phone: 626-851-3100 Landscape House, Landscape Road Dublin 14, Ireland Phone: +353-1295-1264