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Airborne Recorders - Curtiss-Wright Controls Avionics & Electronics


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CWC-AE has decades of experience designing and manufacturing a wide range of rugged recorders with products ranging from miniature avionics bus recorders to high speed, high capacity units with customizable interfaces. All our recorders feature solid state media (integrated or removable), tightly integrated replay and analysis software and industry leading technology. Constant R&D ensures they meet the newest standards.

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Airborne Recorders - Curtiss-Wright Controls Avionics & Electronics

  1. 1. AIRBORNERECORDINGproduct guideCrash SurvivableMissionMulti-roleQuick Access
  2. 2. About Curtiss-Wright Controls Avionics & ElectronicsCurtiss-Wright has a long history with its roots dating back research and development to ensure it maintains theto the Wright brothers first flight in 1903 and continues technology leadership required to deliver high performancethis spirit of innovation and advanced engineering, Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) and custom engineeredapplying that expertise to mission critical applications products. CWC-AE’s core capabilities include certifiedin aerospace, naval and land markets. The Curtiss- system and software integration combined with marketWright Controls Avionics & Electronics division (CWC- leading customer support. CWC-AE has over 60 years’AE) designs and manufactures rugged data acquisition, experience supplying recorders and supports a diverserecording and controller sub-system solutions for the range of avionics, maintenance, safety and test recordingaerospace and defense industry. It invests heavily in applications.The CWC-AE AdvantageCWC-AE has decades of experience designing and manufacturing a wide range of rugged recorders with productsranging from miniature avionics bus recorders to high speed, high capacity units with customizable interfaces. All ourrecorders feature solid state media (integrated or removable), tightly integrated replay and analysis software and industryleading technology. Constant R&D ensures they meet the newest standards.CWC-AE’s compact recorders have been designed to be as light as possible by using the latest technologies andtechniques to keep weight to a minimum resulting in, for example, crash protected recorders that weigh less than 7lbs(3.2kg). Our recorders are qualified under MIL-STD and DO-160 environmental standards including additional crashprotection in accordance with EUROCAE ED-112. A compact size and rugged nature mean the chassis can be mounted in cockpits, avionics bays or hard-mounted in any orientation on an airframe, removing the need for bulky equipment racks or anti-vibration mounts. The range of recorders includes dedicated data recorders, video and data acquisition recorders with configurable interface support for sensors, avionics buses, time and position, and built-in test. Highly configurable systems can be built using COTS components or factory configured custom solutions. Long term manufacturing and support ensure ease of obsolescence management. CWC-AEs quick access recorder forms part of the Enhanced Debriefing System at Airbus Military
  3. 3. Airborne recording Solutions hIGH QUALITY PRODUCTSPROVEN HERITAGE TECHNICAL EXCELLENCE FOR EVERY APPLICATION Over 60 years’ experience Compact and lightweight Rugged products that meet or designing and manufacturing exceed relevant application recorders Low cost of ownership standards World-wide dedicated support Custom engineered and COTS Tightly integrated replay and teams product available analysis software Long term manufacturing ensures Industry leading technology and ease of obsolescence management ongoing R&Drecording Applications that CWC-AE supports include Cockpit Voice Recording (CVR) Aircraft Structural Health Monitoring Flight Data Recording (FDR) Aircraft Structural Integrity Programs (ASIP) Flight Data Monitoring (FDM) / Helicopter Operations Health and Usage Monitoring (HUMS) Operational Loads Monitoring (OLM) Flight Operations Quality Assurance (FOQA) Mission Recording Flight Data Acquisition Unit (FDAU) Aircraft Engine Monitoring Flight Test Data RecordingA LONG HISTORY OF INNOVATION IN CRASH PROTECTED RECORDERSIn 1955, Professor William A. Penny and Mr. James A. Giles developed thefirst magnetic Accident Data Recorder. Ever since, their company hasbeen at the forefront of recorder technology, including beingthe first in the world to create combined voice and flight Todaydata recorders and obtain approval for solid 2001state versions. The tradition of innovationhas continued since Penny+Giles 1994became part of CWC-AE. 1988 1986 1970s 1960s 1957 Professor William A. Pennys leading role in developing black box recorders has contributed immensely to the safety of air travel
  4. 4. Extensive experience providing recording solutionsDIFFERENT APPLICATIONS DIFFERENT ENVIRONMENTS Compact avionics bus recorders to Cockpit to high vibration engine mounting high speed mission recorders EMU CVR / FDR HFDM FOQA Video Processor Mission Recorder Bus RecorderDIFFERENT AIRCRAFT TYPES DIFFERENT OPERATIONAL CONDITIONS Rotor Civil Fixed wing Emergency Services Spacecraft Offshore Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Military
  5. 5. WIDE RANGE OF RECORDERS FOR DIVERSE APPLICATIONSCRASH SURVIVABLE MULTI-ROLE Flight Data and Cockpit Voice Recorders Configurable, COTS or bespoke Optional integrated data acquisition, Wide variety of interface, form factors encryption, external modular FDAU and data download options FDAU QAR CVR / FDR Bus Recording OLM Mission RecordingMISSON QUICK ACCESS High capacity multi-role data and video Dedicated data recorders recorders Cockpit or avionics bay Tightly integrated analysis software
  6. 6. CRASH PROTECTED RECORDERSCWC-AE has been manufacturing crash protected recorders weight and operating costs. On-aircraft download issince 1957 and introduced the world’s first combined achieved in less than two minutes. Support is availablecockpit voice / flight data recorder (CVR/FDR) in 1986. on some models for networking directly to a remoteNow we provide the most versatile crash protected operational base for diagnostics and fault reportingrecorders available, in the most compact package. We (via an aircraft Wireless Data Link (WDL) for example).provide solutions for all current and anticipated FAA and There are different base recorder models with optionsEUROCAE requirements. available to facilitate specific needs including Datalink (CPDLC) recording, encryption and additional parameterCWC-AE’s compact units are designed in accordance acquisition to exploit the crash protected recorder for otherwith RTCA/DO-178B and RTCA/DO-254. They may be applications such as Flight Operational Quality Assuranceattached directly to the airframe without the need for bulky (FOQA) and Flight Data Monitoring (FDM) racks or anti-vibration mounts, thus loweringFeatures Extensive experience designing and manufacturing 25 hour FDR units since 1957 Typically 25,000 hours (10,000 hours rotary) MTBF Integrated Data Acquisition option TSO-C123b/124b/C177 approved Encrypted storage option Fast Ethernet data recovery Compact, low mass Integrated visualization and analysis software Attaches directly to airframe Highly configurable FDAU available 4 channels of voice recording for 2 hours (3 narrowband, 1 wideband) Dimensions Product Features Mass* (HxLxW) MPFR Rotor tachometer interface 3.5 x 9.96 x 4.65” 7.0lb 89 x 253 x 118mm 3.2kg EMPFR Data link (CPDLC) recording 3.5 x 10.9 x 4.6” 7.7lb 89 x 277 x 118mm 3.5kg DAFR Multiple sensor interfaces 3.5 x 9.96 x 4.65” 7.5lb 89 x 253 x 118mm 3.3kg CVR-E Data Encryption 3.5 x 9.96 x 4.65” 7.0lb 89 x 253 x 118mm 3.2kg * including underwater locator beacon
  7. 7. software and accessoriesFirst level access to the crash protected recorders can be achieved through the built in web server which gives access tostatus, configuration and data download. Features include Independent CVR & FDR status data and latest BIT result Configurable IP address, subnet mask, FDR data rate (includes POST and continuous test) and interface options Download CVR channels separately, dual redundant Log and configuration files written to each drive within FDR recordings, supplementary flight information the memory for back-up (e.g. rotor tach recording)Flight data applications softwareThe PGS flight data applications software suite comprises report in seconds and delivers exceptional operationalall the necessary editors and tools to simplify every information for fleet management and safety flight data processing. In many programs, such as The system supports all types of aircraft, has an intuitiveFlight Operations and Quality Assurance (FOQA), useful interface and provides a secure database and powerfulinterpretation of the available data requires superior visual analysis. Optional PGS tools are available foranalysis and viewing tools. PGS is a turnkey suite of tools advanced download and replay, automatic databasethat enables rapid and clear interpretation of flight data analysis and reporting, and 3D visualization functionality.and limits exceeded. It provides a complete flight eventhighly configurable fdauCWC-AE manufactures rugged, compact FDAUs with a configurable modular design thatcan be connected to crash protected recorders via a variety of interfaces. The chassiscan be hard-mounted in any orientation on the airframe and have been designed tooperate in harsh environments outside of pressurized compartments. Highly configuredsystems can be built and later modified using off-the-shelf components to further supportairborne data programs through expanded data acquisition and quick access recordercapabilities.CRASH HARDENED RECORDERThe CWC-AE Information Collection and Monitoring System (ICMS) meets forthcomingUS FAA and European EASA requirements for voice, data and video recording on Part135 Helicopters as part of a Flight Operations Quality Assurance (FOQA) / Flight DataMonitoring (FDM) program. The ICMS records the complete parameter set defined inFAA Advisory Circular AC29-2C, plus the additional audio and video inputs specified inFAA TSO-C197 and EUROCAE ED-155. The unit is ultra-compact and features a remoteunit that houses a microphone, a camera and has an integrated quick access equipmentCWC-AE offers equipment to support the crash protected recorder products including a cockpit control unit (test and faultindication, voice erase, headset jack and microphone preamp), a cockpit area microphone, a recorder independentpower supply, crash damage recovery equipment, and a recorder monitoring and download unit.
  8. 8. quick access RECORDERSCWC-AE’s quick access recorders are designed using the latest storage technologies and electronic concepts to providehighly reliable recorders. These lightweight compact units feature simplified setup and management and store datareceived from an avionics bus to a removable drive. The data can be transferred to a standard PC without the need for anyspecialized and expensive download units and viewed using industry standard commercial Windows software packages.Features Compact and lightweight Rugged with MIL-SPEC qualifications COTS storage media Front panel and remote control Simple to configure No specialized hardware required to download data Dimensions Product Media Interface Options Mass (HxLxW) NET/REC/001 CompactFlash® Ethernet (100BaseT) 2.8 x 6.4 x 4.9” 1.5lb 71 x163 x 127mm 0.68kg NET/REC/002 SATA SSD Ethernet (1000BaseT) 2.8 x 6.4 x 4.9” 2.4lb 71 x 163 x 127mm 1.1kg SSR/REC/001 CompactFlash PCM 1.5 x 2.75 x 4.6” 1.06lbs (38 x 70 x 116mm 0.48kg SSQAR_CP PCMCIA ARINC 429/573/717, RS422, discrete 1.50 x 5.75 x 6.42" 1.7lb 38 x 146 x 163mm 0.75kg PQAR PCMCIA ARINC 573 / 717 and ACMS ARINC 404A / 1/2 ATR <15.4lb ARINC 600 / 4 MCU 7kg
  9. 9. MISSION RECORDERSCWC-AE offers extremely powerful, solid state, processing solutions for mission training and debrief applications with asignificant range of aircraft-oriented inputs and outputs. These rugged units are supported by MIL-SPEC qualifications andperform in vibration, extended temperature ranges and other harsh environmental conditions. They are tightly integratedwith REVEAL software that allows data to be reviewed quickly and easily in the field or during later analysis without theneed for third party tools.Features Flexible mission recorder solutions Rugged, low mass and compact Secure data cartridge option Tightly integrated analysis softwarePRODUCT RANGES3DR-S MVDRThe S3DR-S combines secure data handling with comprehensive The MVDR is a multi-channel video data recorder, designedmission recording functions in airborne operations. It features to record up to six channels of video, audio and data on aa powerful Intel® processor, is compact and rugged with MIL- Removable Data Cartridge. MVDR records STANAG 3350BSTD qualifications. Standard interfaces include Gigabit Ethernet video and optionally CVBS and S-Video, allowing individualand ARINC 429 I/O, MIL-STD-1553B, serial, IRIG-B Timecode video channels to be recorded from multiple cameras. The MVDRand digital I/O. Optional secure solid state removable memory is rugged to MIL-STD-810E and is suitable for a wide variety ofmodules include cryptographic functions to erase or declassify challenging operational environments.recorded data. Video compression can be performed using theH.264 encoding standard, and 2 channels of 1080p resolution Distributedvideo can be compressed at a rate of 30 fps, or more channels CWC-AE’s distributed mission recorders are multi chassisat a lesser frame rate. systems that use COTS modularity to build highly customized and scalable solutions. The data acquisition units (DAUs) areS3DR-F+ compact, lightweight and highly rugged. Cockpit mountableThe S3DR-F+ is an ultra-compact, high performance and rugged quick access recorders enable easy access to data while datasolution for data recording and processing. It provides multiple acquisition nodes can be place close to data sources in harshinterfaces, front panel control and monitoring, and removable environments or in avionics bays. Product specifications arememory media. Processing functions are provided by an dependent on system architecture or selected options – contactIntel compatible processor, allowing application specific data sales for further information.gathering. DimensionsProduct Media Video Avionics Buses Other Interfaces Mass (HxLxW) S3DR-S SSD or Secure 2x HD or 4x 2x Ethernet, 4x ARINC 429, Discrete I/O 4.96 x 8.11 x 4.96” 6.6lb SSD cartridge SD* MIL-STD-1553 126 x 206 x 126mm 3kg MVDR SSD cartridge 6x SD with 2x Ethernet, RIG106 PCM, 2x Discrete I/O 4.45 x 5.76 x 7.17” 6.6lb Stereo audio RS422/RS485/RS232, 4x ARINC 113 x 146 x 182mm 3kg 429, 2x MIL-STD-1553 S3DR-F+ PCMCIA 2x SD with 4x Ethernet, 2x IRIG106 PCM, 2x Discrete I/O IRIG 2.25 x 6.36 x 5.75” 3.3lb audio* RS422/RS485/RS232, 4x ARINC B Timecode 57.1 x 161.5 x 146mm 1.5kg 429, 2x MIL-STD-1553 * depends on selected options
  10. 10. Multi-role RecordersCWC-AE provides two families of multi-role recorders – S3DR and SSR-500 – which feature Wide selection of recorders to suit the needs of different applications A variety of interface, form factor and data download options Rugged, compact and lightweight Extensive custom interface support including avionics buses, analog and digital sources, video and audio Tightly integrated management, download and analysis software Custom engineered variants availableMulti-role Applications Aircraft MonitoringCWC-AE’s multi-role recorder range provide the market Aircraft programs utilize data collection and analysiswith highly configurable COTS or custom recorders for a techniques to help ensure availability, reliability and safetywide range of aerospace applications including aircraft of vehicles. Systems used to collect this data typicallystructural, usage and monitoring programs. Capabilities consist of a data acquisition unit, a recorder and aninclude data acquisition and storage to collect sensor, analysis software package. The resultant information canbus and other information and store this for data transfer be used for a number of applications including ensuringto analysis software. CWC-AE provides all the hardware safety, scheduling maintenance, reduced mission aborts,and software tools in a variety of product offerings to meet reducing number of aircraft on ground, simplifying logisticsthe specific needs of an aircraft. For example, products for fleet deployment and to meet specific standardssuch as the S3DR-EMU are optimized to excel in specific such as “Assured Safe Forced Landing Capability” asapplications like engine condition monitoring while the defined in CAT.POL.H.305. Examples of these programsSSR-500 range is highly customizable using COTS modules include Helicopter Flight Data Monitoring (HFDM), Flightto fit a wide variety of general data gathering programs. Operations Quality Assurance (FOQA) and Condition Based Maintenance (CBM).Aircraft Structural ProgramsAircraft structural programs are used to investigate the Engine Monitoringcharacteristics of an aircraft’s structure in its normal Engine Monitoring typically involves collecting and storingoperating environment, typically to establish if their a number of parameters from an aircraft engine and laterin-service life can be extended or to ensure flight safety. analyzing the data to ensure there is no anomalous activityThese programs are especially important when an aircrafts e.g. activity that might indicate an impending failure orrole changes as the stresses and strains encountered in new suggest a component is damaged. Since normal engineoperational environments or flight envelopes may now be operating parameters can be established for typical flightsignificantly different than initially anticipated. Examples envelopes in advance, it is possible to flag ‘exceedanceof these programs include Operational Loads Monitoring events’ like turbine over speed or a turbine hot start. This(OLM), Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) and Aircraft data can also be used in aircraft performance monitoringStructural Integrity Programs (ASIP). programs which provide fleet operators with fuel burn information.
  11. 11. PRODUCT RANGES3DR SSR-500S3DR recorders are available in a variety of form factors The SSR-500 recorders are cockpit mountable units withand with factory configured interfaces. The range includes removable CompactFlash® or SSDs. They use datacockpit mountable units with removable Solid State Drives acquisition modules to cater for diverse application(SSDs) and hard mountable units with high speed data requirements with highly configurable setups. Aperiodicdownload interfaces. Features of the S3DR range includes data is recorded only when there is activity on an asynchronous bus resulting in efficient file storage. Lightweight and compact Additional features of the SSR-500 range includes Wide interface support including multichannel voice, Proven, extensive range of data acquisition modules video, analog, digital and bus inputs Integrated audio and Ethernet recording Optional higher sample rate when programmable Built-in GPS receiver exceedances occur Ethernet output for real-time data monitoring Dedicated export and analysis software Product Media Module Slots Dimensions (HxLxW) Mass S3DR-C PCMCIA SSD - 1.1 x 4.92 x 3.35” 1.1lb 28mm x 125 x 85mm 0.5kg S3DR-C+ PCMCIA SSD - 1.57 x 4.92 x 3.35” 1.32lb 40 x 125 x 85mm 0.6kg S3DR-CE PCMCIA SSD - 2.6 x 4.92 x 3.35” 1.87lb 65 x 125 x 85mm 0.85kg S3DR-EMU Internal - 1.51 x 4.75 x 6.95” < 0.9lb 38.4 x 120.6 x 176.5mm 0.41kg SSR/CHS/001 CompactFlash 4 3.34 x 5.67 x 4.9” 4.25lb 85 x 144 x 127mm 1.9kg^ SSR/CHS/002 SSD cartridge 4 4.45 x 6.39 x 4.9” 4.46lb 113 x 162.4 x 127mm 2.03kg^ ^ fully populated and containing mediaREVEAL SoftwareREVEAL runs under Microsoft Windows on a standardPC and is can be used to extract, interpret, visualizeand analyze data captured by CWC-AE’s multi-role andmission recorders. The flexible intuitive user interface andcomprehensive user manual enables REVEAL to supporta wide range of users from air crew to data analysisspecialists and numerous applications around the world.
  12. 12. Curtiss-Wright Controls Avionics & Electronicswww.cwc-ae.com1 Airfield Road 665 North Baldwin Park BoulevardChristchurch City of IndustryDorset, BH23 3TH CA 91746UK USAPhone: +44-1202-481-771 Phone: 626-851-3100This publication provides basic technical details and it is intended for general information only. Specifications are subject to change withoutnotice. For further information, please contact the sales department. ©2013 Curtiss-Wright Controls P10-0113