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INTA created a stable and flexible data acquisition system that can be used on all their UAV for flight testing and operations.

The System
Acra KAM-500 data acquisition unit (DAU) connected to a variety of sensors. A network switch provides the communication backbone for the DAU interface with the flight control system.

The Results
30% reduction in weight of the data acquisition system

Reduced instrumentation, configuration and programming time by 40%

Fully integrated future proof air-to-ground system

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  1. 1. INTA created a stable and flexibledata acquisition system that canbe used on all their UAV for flighttesting and operations.The SystemAcra KAM-500 data acquisitionunit (DAU) connected to a varietyof sensors. A network switchprovides the communicationbackbone for the DAU interfacewith the flight control system.The Results• 30% reduction in weight of thedata acquisition system• Reduced instrumentation,configuration andprogramming time by 40%• Fully integrated future proofair-to-ground systemAcra KAM-500 DataACQUISITION ONBOARDHADA UAV FAMILYHC-130H
  2. 2. COMMERCIAL OFF-THE-SHELFMODULAR DESIGNThe SystemThe system is unique as it acquires data during both flight testingand operational flights. It comprises• Acra KAM-500 as the main DAU onboard• Solid state recorder to record a PCM data stream from thesensors• Ethernet Switch to link the DAU, Onboard Intelligent HealthMonitor and Flight Control System• Bit synchronizer / Smart Source Selector / Decommutator inthe Ground Control System• GS Works 7 software for real-time playback, analysis & datasharingThe airborne system acquired the following data• Flight Dynamics• Engine Dynamics• Structural conditionsAcra KAM-500 DAU isconnected to the followingmeasurement devices• Pressure, temperature andRPM sensors• Velocity, orientation andgravitational force sensors• A weathervane• A magnetometer• An altimeter radio• Resistance temperaturesensors• Potentiometers• A fuel flow meter
  3. 3. COMPACT &LIGHTWEIGHT“The KAM-500 gives usthe ability to create flexiblePCM streams with video anddata ensuring the right datagets to the ground at the righttime.This combined with itssmall footprint makes it theperfect device for UAVswhere flexibility, reduction insize and weight is crucial.The Results IReduction in data acquisition system weight by 30%The Acra KAM-500’s compact design achieved asmaller, lighter and more cost effective solution thanthe alternative.• The compact size was achieved by integrating thefunctionality of a video encoder, GPS, enginemonitor and power system monitor into a single,light weight modular device• Cabling is significantly reduced in the Ethernetnetworked system• The light weight system was accompanied by alow price without compromising capability orreliability• It also lowered the system design, integration andfunctional risk in the project.“Rafael Gonzalez ArmengodR&D Area Head Flight Test andArmament, INTA
  4. 4. Acra always has an engineeron hand that knows oursystem well, speaks ourlanguage and respondswithout delay. The excellentlevel of support is one of thereasons we keep comingback.“The Results IIReduced instrumentation, configuration andprogramming time by 40%The system has been tried, tested and proven:• INTA can quickly instrument a new or prototypeaircraft• Only need to make platform specific modificationsThe use of an Ethernet networked system• reduces the installation complexity and wiringrequirements• simplifies the integration with other Ethernet devices• creates a clear path for system growthThe decision to purchase COTS equipment from Acrareduced the cost and risk of the project while helpingto accelerate the program.“WORKS ONCEWORKS ALWAYS
  5. 5. HIGH QUALITY DATAFLIGHT AFTER FLIGHTThe Results IIIFuture proof, fully integrated air-to-ground systemThe flexibility of the KAM-500 DAU allows INTA• to find a suitable configuration• alter input/output parameters without requiringsystem modifications• to use the system on multiple platforms with onlyspecific platforms modifications to implement• facilitates simplified integration with onboardnetwork devices utilizing standard openinterfaces and protocolsKAM-500 products have proven their flexibility andreliability in the most demanding of UAV programs.Acra KAM-500Lowers RiskProven on every platform type inall environmental conditionsCOTS hardware with short deliverytimesReduces Cost of OwnershipReduced inventory of spares dueto common product lineLower installation, setup andmaintenance requirementsModular design greatly extendssystem lifetimeFTI by DesignDesigned to minimize the datatransfer time from sensor to screenGuaranteed predictable dataSimultaneous sampling occursacross the complete system
  6. 6. For more information visitwww.cwc-ae.comCurtiss-Wright Controls Avionics & Electronicscwc-ae@curtisswright.com665 North Baldwin Park BoulevardCity of Industry, CA 91746, USAPhone: 626-851-3100Landscape House, Landscape RoadDublin 14, IrelandPhone: +353-1295-1264