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Cassidian’s Barracuda technology demonstrator UAV flight tests advanced technologies in realistic conditions 

The System
Two Acra KAM-500 data acquisition units (DAUs), equipped with COTS modules used to monitor various avionics buses and analog sensors, in a master slave configuration 

The Results
Successful completion of a UAV technology demonstrator flight test campaign

Development of a flexible, low-cost DAS tightly integrated with in-house systems

Reliable accurate data delivered on time to the onboard and ground flight test systems

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CWC-AE Cassidian Barracuda User Story

  1. 1. Cassidian’s Barracuda technologydemonstrator UAV flight testsadvanced technologies in realisticconditionsThe SystemTwo Acra KAM-500 data acquisitionunits (DAUs), equipped with COTSmodules used to monitor variousavionics buses and analog sensors,in a master slave configurationThe Results• Successful completion of a UAVtechnology demonstrator flighttest campaign• Development of a flexible, low-cost DAS tightly integrated within-house systems• Reliable accurate data deliveredon time to the onboard andground flight test systemsCASSIDIAN INSTRUMENTSTECHNOLOGY DEMONSTRATORWITH Acra KAM-500BARRACUDA
  2. 2. COMMERCIAL OFF-THE-SHELFMODULAR DESIGNThe SystemTo test the aircraft’s sense and avoid capabilities,auto taxi systems and automatic target recognitionsystem, the Barracuda was instrumented with twoAcra KAM-500 DAUs in a master slave configuration.• Standard off-the-shelf modules to monitor avionics bussesand analog sensors• Standard switch panel ensured an easy way to switchsensor inputs into the system• Easy upgrade path - 13 user slot DAU provided spare slotsto add modules in the future without having to modify thesystemThe data acquisition system output a PCM stream displayedon the monitor and recorded on a stand-alone recorder aswell as transmitted to the Flight Test Ground Station. It also hasan Ethernet output used on the ground for hardware in theloop tests.Acra KAM-500Lowers RiskProven on every platform type inall environmental conditionsCOTS hardware with short deliverytimesReduces Cost of OwnershipReduced inventory of spares dueto common product lineLower installation, setup andmaintenance requirementsModular design greatly extendssystem lifetimeFTI by DesignDesigned to minimize the datatransfer time from sensor to screenGuaranteed predictable dataSimultaneous sampling occursacross the complete system
  3. 3. WORKS ONCEWORKS ALWAYS“The Acra KAM-500’s modulararchitecture providesCassidian with an easy andinexpensive way to upgradethe data acquisition systemthrough the use of openmodule slots.The Results ISuccessful completion of a UAV technologydemonstrator flight test campaign.By choosing Acra as their FTI supplier, Cassidian wasable to complete the flight test campaign withminimal down time.• The flexibility of the Acra KAM-500 enabledreconfiguration on the fly• The fast response of the support team kept theprogram on trackThe Barracuda is a UAV test bed for technologiesand procedures to be used in UAVs of the future. Theresults of the flight trails will help define the future ofEuropean UAV development.“Heiko KörtzelFlight Test InstrumentationCassidian
  4. 4. Short, reliable deliverydates and top notchcustomer support that’salways quick to respond toissues are among some ofthe reasons why wecontinue to choose Acraas our FTI supplier.“The Results IIDevelopment of a flexible, low-cost DAS tightlyintegrated with in-house systems.• Flight test DAS created with COTS hardware• Easy upgrade path; only add a new module tothe chassis for new data requirements• Able to adapt to the different testing needs• KSM-500 easily interfaced with Cassidian’sdatabaseThe flexibility of the KAM-500 to adapt to differenttesting needs was one of the primary reasonsCassidian choose Acra to supply their FTIequipment.“HIGH QUALITY DATAFLIGHT AFTER FLIGHT
  5. 5. HIGH QUALITY DATAFLIGHT AFTER FLIGHTThe Results IIIReliable accurate data delivered on time to theonboard and ground flight test systemsKAM-500 was the longest running system on theaircraft• proving long time survivability and reliability• “works once, works always”• completeness of flight test campaign withminimal down timeThis combined with the high performanceachieved using an all-digital backplane meansreliable accurate data is delivered on time tothe Barracuda’s onboard and groundsegments.
  6. 6. For more information visitwww.cwc-ae.comCurtiss-Wright Controls Avionics & Electronicscwc-ae@curtisswright.com665 North Baldwin Park BoulevardCity of Industry, CA 91746, USAPhone: 626-851-3100Landscape House, Landscape RoadDublin 14, IrelandPhone: +353-1295-1264